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Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 1-15. For each blank space choose the BEST answer from the choices given

The evening __1__ on tediously and all the men went back __2__ their new house where they__3__ a big fire. We sat __4__ it and shared in roasting the meat of the antelope we __5__ early that morning. It was __ 6__ a pleasant evening and holding a meaty rib across my lips __7__ I must blow it __8__ a reed pipe, I leaned against the door frame and __9__ out into the darkness. The star above __10__ unusually bright and __11__ clearly trace the milky way, as it arched like a gigantic bow
across the distant forested peaks far above me. __12__the forest __13__ the wild, at other times, a jackal called, a hyena __14__. A fox barked and I was afraid, just as I __15__ been during many nights back home as I waited for others to return home.

In questions 16 to 18 choose the best alternative

  1. It was not until five o’clock,
    A. and the game ended.
    B. when the game ended.
    C. that the game ended.
    D. than the game ended.
  2. Some people prefer walking.
    A. than driving
    B. to driving.
    C. not driving.
    D. besides driving.
  3. The athlete is too slow
    A. to win the race.
    B. for winning the race.
    C. he can't win the race.
    D. that he can't win the race.

Choose the most suitable choice to complete question 19-20

  1. My parents __ our water bill every month.
    A. pays
    B. pay
    C. are paying
    D. payed
  2. Mother left ___ sugar cane for us.
    A. any
    B. some
    C. those
    D. these

Choose the correct question tag.

  1. You need to see a doctor,
    A. needn't you
    B. didn't you
    C. don't you
    D. aren't you
  2. Come here,
    A. can't you
    B. shouldn't you
    C. aren't you
    D. will you

For questions 23 to 25 select the alternative that best completes the sentences

  1. After yesterday's performance they should be
    A. ashamed for themselves.
    B. ashamed with themselves.
    C. ashamed at themselves.
    D. ashamed of themselves.
  2. She has a _____ bag.
    A. small beautiful expensive
    B. beautiful small expensive
    C. small expensive beautiful
    D. beautiful expensive small
  3. The girls decided to put -off the trip.
    A. Stop.
    B. Postpone.
    C. Delay
    D. Cancel

Read the following passage and then answer questions 26 - 38

A long time ago a one-eyed lion who was thought to be the oldest of the animals, prophesied that there was going to be a serious drought in the jungle. He advised other animal to fill their silos with food in preparation. He said only the hardworking would survive the prolonged drought. On hearing the news, the hyena laughed dismissing it as a silly joke. Other animals heeded the advice. Both the young and old went about looking for food. Some built more than one silo to store enough food. And for sure signs of drought began to show within no time. It got
scorching hot, rivers dried, trees were bare with no leaves.

Among all the animals the one who suffered most was the lazy hyena. He had ignored the advice and now it was his time to feel the effects. There was hardly a morsel to eat. An elderly elephant, who was as old as the one-eyed lion, brought even worse news. The news stated that those who had exhausted their food had better migrate to other areas since that was the worst drought he had seen in a hundred years. "You know, I have survived several droughts but this one is the mother of all and we are not sure when it will end, he said.

The hyena cried in desperation but what was he to do. He had earlier on chosen to watch as others toiled. One day as he was walking in the forest he decided to rest under a tree as he thought what to do next. Then he looked up and saw a huge chunk of meat hanging from a branch. The meat belonged to the crow. The foolish hyena laughed so loudly thinking his problems had come to an end. "Oh, How lucky I am," he sang. Sooner or later he realized he could hardly get hold of the chunk of meat. He tried to jump and hop with no success. Then he started crying on realizing how hard it was to get food. He got too weak and could not walk any more. He died under the tree. Other animals had something to eat even as the drought came to an end. Poor hyena! laziness is a killer disease!

  1. Which of the following words can best replace hardworking as underlined in the first paragraph?
    A. busy
    B. industrious
    C. active.
    D. insolent
  2. From the first paragraph we learn that
    A. the lion was one of the oldest animals
    B. the hyena was as industrious as the other animals
    C. the animals dismissed the prophesy as a silly joke
    D. signs of drought began to show immediately
  3. ....."Other animals heeded the advice...." This suggests that
    A. all the animals except hyena stored enough food
    B. the animals did not take the lion's advice seriously
    C. all animals stored enough food
    D. only hyena stored enough food
  4. Which of the following was not a sign of drought?
    A. scorching sun.
    B. dry rivers
    C. lush vegetation
    D. no leaves on trees
  5. It is true to say that
    A. the hyena and the elephant had lived for a hundred years
    B. the lion was wise and responsible
    C. all animals built more than one silo
    D. the lion and the elephant had lived for more than a hundred years
  6. What is the meaning of the word exhausted according to the passage?
    A. worn out
    B. feeling very tired
    C. completely used or finished
    D. talk about a subject until there is nothing else to talk about
  7. "There was hardly a morsel to eat." This means that
    A. there was little food left
    B. there was some food left
    C. there was a little food left
    D. there was no food at all
  8. Which one of the following can best describe the hyena?
    A. foolish, indolent, desperate, rude
    B. foolish, desperate, hardworking, rude
    C. industrious, exhausted, clever, desperate
    D. desperate, foolish, rude, hardworking
  9. According to the second paragraph…_
    A. all animals had exhausted their food
    B. the drought was likely to continue for a long time
    C. the elephant had survived the drought several times
    D. the elephant had lived for more than a hundred years
  10. The word 'this' underlined in the second paragraph refers to
    A. the one-eyed lion
    B. the mother of all
    C. the drought
    D. the lazy hyena
  11. The hyena according to the last paragraph:
    A. managed to eat the chunk of meat
    B. finally had something to eat
    C. the hyena was so desperate for food that he cried
    D. the hyena was foolish but industrious
  12. Which of the following sentences is true according to the passage?
    A. the animals exhausted their food before the drought ended
    B. the chunk of meat belonged to the lion
    C. some animals had died during the drought
    D. the elephant was as old as the one-eyed lion
  13. Which proverb summarises the story?
    A. patience pays
    B. make hay while the sun shines
    C. a drowning man will clutch at a straw
    D. a fool and his money are soon parted.

Read the following passage and then answer questions 39-50

When some people cut down trees they often do not stop to think what harm they are doing to themselves and others. Just think for a moment how the world would look like without trees. It would be an empty, ugly place. But trees are not valued for beauty only. Through them we are able to get enough oxygen. Human beings cannot live without oxygen. We breath out a lot of carbon dioxide all the time. Carbon dioxide is harmful to human beings. This is when trees come in to help us. It is through them that we are able to get enough oxygen. Their
leaves purify the air around us by taking in carbon dioxide and giving us oxygen.

Rain is very important to all forms of life on earth. Without trees, there would be much less rain for us. The roots of trees pull water from deep down the ground and send it into the air through the leaves. This is the moisture that then collects together until there are enough rain clouds.

On a hot day people love to shelter under trees. At a time like that the trees give some welcome shade from the sun. Trees also protect the soil from the harmful effects of heavy rain and the hot sun. 

When leaves from trees fall to the ground, they provide a protective cover to the soil. When they rot, they become humus which makes the soil rich. Trees offer shelter to many birds and animals like monkeys, squirrels and lizards. And if there were no trees, giraffes and elephants would have nothing to eat.

Some of the commonest products we get from trees is paper and timber. The uses of timber are numerous. We can immediately think of house construction and furniture. We also use wood for fencing and for electricity and telephone poles. Furthermore, there are many people who depend on firewood and charcoal for cooking and for
warming themselves. As for paper, one need not look far to see its importance in our lives.

Unfortunately, although trees and forests are so important, human beings have continued to cut them down. No wonder forests are becoming fewer and fewer. The result is that the land is left bare and ugly. The soil is unprotected from the strong rays of the sun and the moisture is lost. Soil erosion too increases because the ground is bare. If this goes on for a long time the land could easily become a desert.

To stop this, we should do a number of things. First we should stop cutting down trees carelessly. Second, we should try and prevent forest fires. Finally, we should actively plant trees instead of simply just talking about the importance of trees.

  1. When people cut down trees
    A. they often do not realize the harm they could be causing.
    B. they do it in order to harm themselves and others.
    C. they show that they do not love trees.
    D. they show that they enjoy.
  2. The air we breath needs to be purified because
    A. a lot of carbon dioxide is produced all the time.
    B. there are many industries and vehicles
    C. the air is polluted because of overpopulation.
    D. there is a lot of moisture in the air.
  3. The roots of trees help to bring rain by
    A. spreading water in the air.
    B. sending water from the soil through the leaves.
    C. getting water from the surface and spreading it all around.
    D. keeping the leaves green.
  4. The phrase,' trees give some welcome shade' means
    A. the shade is waiting for you only.
    B. the shade is invited by trees.
    C. the shade is something you are happy to get.
    D. the shade invites you to shelter under the tree
  5. Why are the fallen leaves importance?
    A. They are like a carpet.
    B. They enrich the soil.
    C. They are beautiful cover for the ground
    D. They give room for new leaves to grow.
  6. Which of the following list contains the three things that trees provide to wild animals?
    A. Shade, humus, rain.
    B. Shade, oxygen, rain.
    C. Shade, home, food.
    D. Shade, soil, oxygen.
  7. ‘The uses of timber are numerous.' This means the uses are
    A. uncountable.
    B. very many.
    C. countless.
    D. too many.
  8. The passage suggests that the people who use firewood and charcoal?
    A. Greatly enjoy using them
    B. Use them for the fun of it.
    C. Do not like any other types of fuel.
    D. Do not have any other type of fuel.
  9. Although forests and trees are important
    A. human beings have continued reducing them.
    B. human beings enjoy cutting them down.
    C. human beings have no mercy.
    D. human beings think they are important.
  10. In the passage, land that is without trees is described as
    A. empty and ugly.
    B. hot and dusty.
    C. hot and dry.
    D. windy and dusty.
  11. According to the writer, people should
    A. stop talking about importance of trees.
    B. make deliberate efforts to plant trees.
    C. not light a fire in the forest.
    D. never cut down trees.
  12. According to the last sentence, the writer
    A. discourages us from talking about trees.
    B. says trees will be safer if there are no forest fires.
    C. encourages people to plant trees.
    D. says we should not talk about the trees we have already cut.


Write an interesting story beginning with the sentence given. Make your story as interesting as possible.

The long awaited day had at last arrived. We…………………………………………………………………




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