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  1. Which one of the following pest is correctly matched with its effect on crop?
    A. Stalk borer - sucks sap from plant leaves
    B. Weaver bird - eat the grains of stored produce
    C. Cutworms - attack seedlings
    D. Aphids-make holes in the stems of growing crops
  2. The diagram below shows circulation of blood around the human body.
    Which blood vessels carry dark red blood?
    A. M and P
    B. N and O
    C. O and P
    D. M and N
  3. Which of the following livestock parasites can one control by spraying?
    A. Round worm and Lung worms
    B. Mites and tape worms
    C. Mites and round worms
    D. Fleas and Mites
  4. The part of a bean seed that make an embryo are
    A. Cotyledon and radical
    B. Seed leaf and Plumule
    C. Plumule and Radical
    D. Testa and Plumnule
  5. Which statement below is NOT true about maize plant flower
    A. The flower has feathery stigma
    B. The flower produces powdery pollen grains
    C. The flower is scented
    D. The flower produces large amount of pollen grains
  6. Which one of the following pair has only insulators?
    A. Wood and pin
    B. Rubber and glass
    C. Carbon rod and graphite
    D. Nail and Pin
  7. A maize seed can germinate in the absence of
    A. Water and air
    B. Warmth and water
    C. Air and warmth
    D. Soil and light
  8. Which one of the following is not an adaptation of plants growing in wet areas? Presence of
    A. Succulent stems
    B. Floating flowers
    C. broad leaves
    D. Thin cuticle
  9. When making compost manure which material is used to introduce decomposers to the heap?
    A. Maize stalk
    B. Ash
    C. Kitchen refuses
    D. Top soil
  10. Which of the following weather instrument is used to measure two aspects of weather?
    A. Wind vane
    B. Air thermometer
    C. Wind sock
    D. Liquid thermometer
  11. Standard four pupils carried out an experiment on sinking and floating as shown in the diagram
    From the experiment, pupils concluded ___ affects floating and sinking
    A. Shape
    B. Material
    C. Weight
    D. Size
  12. The component of air that green plants use to make their own food is also used in
    A. Germination
    B. Breathing
    C. Making plant proteins
    D. Putting out fire
  13. Which pair of vaccines is administered to a baby at the age of 9 months?
    A. DPT and oral polio
    B. BCG and DPT
    C. Anti-measles and yellow fever vaccine
    D. Oral polio and anti-measles
  14. Which one of the following weather condition is ideal for washing clothes?
    A. Calm and sunny
    B. Cloudy and windy
    C. Windy and sunny
    D. Rainy and windy
  15. Which one the following shows a pair of levers that belong to the same group?
    A. Wheelbarrow and spade
    B. Crow bar and claw hammer
    C. Spade and claw hammer
    D. Wheelbarrow and craw bar
  16. The final and the second stage of HIV and AIDS infection are respectively
    A. Full blown and Asymptomatic
    B. Full blown and window
    C. Incubation and Asymptomatic
    D. Symptomatic and Incubation
  17. Which pair of planets can one see easily while on earth?
    A. Jupiter and Venus
    B. Saturn and Jupiter
    C. Mercury and Saturn
    D. Venus and Mercury
  18. Which of the following substances can change their state when temperature is increased?
    A. Gas and Liquid
    B. Solid and Liquid
    C. Gas and solid
    D. Liquid and vapour
  19. Storage of undigested food in the human body occurs in the
    A. Colon
    B. lleum
    C Anus
    D. Rectum
  20. Standard 5 pupils carried out investigation on capillarity in different soils. Which of the following materials was not a control variable?
    A. Amount of water
    B. Size of tubes
    C. Amount of soil
    D. Amount of cotton wool
  21. In the table below which parasite is not matched with the organ in which it is found? 
        Parasite                Organ
    A. Liver fluke            Lungs
    B. Tapeworm            Liver
    C. Lung worm          Small intestine
    D. Round worm        Liver
  22. Which one of the following shows processes involved when separating a mixture of sand and salt?
    A. Filtering, dissolving and evaporation
    B. Dissolving, filtering and evaporation
    C. Filtering, evaporation and dissolving
    D. dissolving, evaporation and filtering
  23. The female reproductive organs involved during ovulation are
    A. Ovary and uterus
    B. Oviduct and uterus
    C. Uterus and cervix
    D. Ovary and oviduct
  24. Standard 4 pupils carried out an activity shown below.
    From the activity they concluded that soil contains
    A. Humus
    B. Moisture
    C. Air
    D. Animals
  25. Which one of the following does not contain chemical energy?
    A. Food
    B. Dry cell
    C. Cooking gas
    D. Dynamo
  26. Which pair of machines below makes work easier by increasing the effort distance?
    A. Ladder and stair case
    B. Flag post and winch
    C. Wheelbarrow and claw hammer
    D. Staircase and flag post
  27. Which of the following shows substances that have neither definite shape nor definite volume?
    A Dust and smoke
    B. Spirit and water
    C. Smoke and vapour
    D. ice and water
  28. The following are ways of conserving energy.
    Which one does not?
    A. Using a solar panel to light the house
    B. Using a wind mill to generate electricity
    C. Using a traditional jiko for cooking
    D. Using biogas for cooking
  29. Which property of light makes a coin in a glass of water appear raised
    A. Reflection
    B. Refraction
    C. Dispersion
    D. Absorption
  30. Which one of the following is NOT observed in a patient suffering from bilharzia?
    A. Presence of blood in urine
    B. itching of the bowels
    C. Skin rash
    D. Violent diarrhea
  31. Which one of the following animals concentrates is a rich source of calcium?
    A. Bone meal
    B. Sunflower seeds
    C. Molasses
    D. Cotton seeds
  32. A method of food preservation that dehydrates microorganisms making food to last longer is
    A. Salting
    B. Smoking
    C. Freezing
    D. Use of honey
  33. The diagram below shows a beak of a certain bird
    Which pair of bird have the type of beak shown in the diagram?
    A. Vulture and Hawk
    B. Duck and Flamingo
    C. Chicken and weaverbird
    D. Sunbird and Humming bird
  34. Food rich in calcium prevents one of the following, which one is it?
    А. Аnaemia
    B. Rickets
    C. Kwashiorkor
    D. Marasmus
  35. Which pair of liquids below will form a uniform mixture when poured in a glass container?
    A. Milk and spirit
    B. Water and kerosene
    C. Spirit and diesel
    D. Cooking oil and petrol
  36. Which one of the following is most likely to damage the ozone layer?
    A. Industrial waste gases
    B. Tobacco smoking
    C. Aerosol spray
    D. Smoke from burning tires
  37. Which one of the following has materials that can allow magnetism to pass through them?
    A. Paper, glass and wood
    B. Plastic, steel ruler, paper
    C. Nail, glass, razor blade
    D. Steel spoon, nail, pin
  38. The diagram bellow shows a set-up carried out by standard 8 pupils.
    Which one of the following shows the correct energy changes that occur in the set-up when the circuit is completed?
    A Electrical → heat → chemical → light
    B. Chemical → electrical → light → heat
    C. Chemical → electrical → heat → light
    D. Electrical → chemical → heat → light
  39. Which one of the following pairs of feeds is a rich source of energy to the body?
    A. Ripe bananas and carrots
    B. Groundnuts and green bananas
    C. Eggs and meat
    D. Bread and cabbage
  40. Which one of the following is not a way of managing domestic waste to prevent soil pollution?
    A. Re-using waste materials
    B. Using local authority
    C. Converting waste into compost manure
    D. Recycling waste materials
  41. Friction can be increased by one of the following activities. Which one is it?
    A. Applying adhesives between surfaces
    B. Placing roller between the surfaces.
    C. Making surfaces smooth
    D. Smearing oil between surfaces.
  42. The following are effects of abusing mandrax, which one is NOT?
    A. Memory loss
    B. Staggering
    C. Drowsiness
    D. Breathing problems
  43. Which statement below is NOT correct about a fish and a toad?
    A. Both have external fertilization
    B. Both are cold blooded
    C. Both have scales
    D. Both lay eggs
  44. In the diagram, below which processes need a decrease in temperature to occur?
    A. M and N
    B. O and P
    C. M and P
    D. N and O
  45. The chart shows how class five pupils classified plants.
    Which two characteristics did the pupils use to classify the plants above?
    A. Flowering and non flowering plants
    B. Green and non flowering plants
    C. Flowering and non green plants
    D. Green and non green plants
  46. Below are signs and symptoms of a certain communicable disease
    (i) Prolonged coughing
    (ii) Pale, thin and weak body
    (iii) Fever
    Which practice below cannot help in preventing the disease described above?
    A. Observing high standards of cleanliness
    B. Clearing bushes around the house.
    C. Avoiding exposure to a lot of dust
    D. Living in well ventilated rooms.
  47. Which one is NOT an effect of HIV and AIDS on the family?
    A. Sadness
    B. Loss of income
    C. Lack of parental care
    D. Low self esteem
  48. During a science lesson, standard six pupils carried the following materials
    (i) A plane mirror
    (ii) Aluminium foil
    (iii) Source of light
    (iv) Pieces of paper of different colours
    Using the above materials, the pupils were to investigate
    A. How light travels
    B. Reflection of light
    C. Dispersion of light
    D. Refraction of light
  49. A push or a pull on a body is
    A. Mass
    B. Volume
    C. Density
    D. Force
  50. Which one of the following does not describe a recreational use of water?
    A. Boat racing
    B. Skating
    C. Swimming
    D. Surfing




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