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kamae area

Study the map of Kamae area and use it to answer questions 1-7

  1. What is the direction of the cattle dip in Lepe ward from Loki Hill?
    A. South East
    B. South West
    C. North West
    D. North East
  2. The length of the tarmac road from Diro market to the junction in Diko town is approximately
    A. 8.5 km
    B. 9 km
    C. 10 m
    D. 8 km
  3. In Kamae, what evidence in the map shows that there is unreliable rainfall?
    A. Population distribution
    B. Existence of a quarry
    C. Presence of scrub vegetation
    D. Presence of hills
  4. Kamae area can be administered by
    A. Member of Parliament (MP)
    B. Governor
    C. Member of County Assembly (MCA)
    D. County Commissioner
  5. Which type of soil is likely to be found in Diro area?
    A. Sandy soils
    B. Clay soils
    C. Volcanic soils
    D. Alluvial soils
  6. According to the map, what is likely to be the main economic activity carried out in Lepe area?
    A. Crop farming
    B. Mining
    C. Trade
    D. Tourism
  7. How can you describe the settlement found in Kamae area?
    A. It is evenly distributed
    B. It is highly populated
    C. It is sparsely distributed
    D. It has medium population density
  8. The diagram below shows the structure of a type of mountain
    volcanic mountain
    It is known as the
    A. residual mountains
    B. fold mountains
    C. volcanic mountains
    D. block mountains
  9. Which one of the following statements is true about the interaction between the Luhya and the Luo during the pre-colonial period?
    A. There were intermarriages between the two communities
    B. The Luhya learned the skill of iron smelting from Luo
    C. The Luhya learn the skill of crop farming from Luo
    D. The luo borrowed the practice of circumcision from Luhya
  10. Which of the following physical regions in Kenya is correctly matched with its climatic conditions?
    A Nyika plateau - Hot and wet
    B. Coastal plain - Cool and dry
    C. Highland region - Cool and wet
    D. Lake region - Hot and dry
  11. The most common problem facing dams in our continent is
    A. frequent flooding
    B. collection of silt in the dams
    C. floating vegetation
    D. concentration of settlement around dams
  12. Which one of the following statements best explains why there are few natural harbours along the coast of Africa?
    A. The coastline is made up of soft rock
    B. There are mangrove forests along the coast
    C. The land along the coast is flat
    D. The coast line is regular
  13. Which one of the following is an economic use of the soil?
    A. Decorating the body
    B. Preparing traps
    C. Administering oaths
    D. making of ceramics
  14. Below are three communities in East Africa:
    (i) Borana
    (ii) Somali
    (iii) Rendile
    Which of the following statements about the communities is true?
    A. They are the last communities to settle in East Africa
    B. They migrated from the central African region
    C. They migrated into Eastern Africa from North East
    D. They first settled around Lake Turkana
  15. What is the time in Harare longitude 30oE when it is 10.00 a.m in Accra on longitude 0o?
    A. 6.00 am
    B. 2.00 pm
    C. 8.00 am
    D. 12.00 noon
  16. Fossils of a creature known as Zinjanthropus were found at three of the following sites. Which one is the odd one out?
    A. Olduvai Gorge
    B. Lake Natron
    C. Kariandusi
    D. Omo River Valley
  17. Which one of the following is a characteristic of the population of Germany?
    A. There is a high birth rate
    B. There is a high death rate
    C. The majority of the population consist of old people
    D. Most people live in rural areas
  18. Three of the following are positive factors which have contributed to population growth. Which one is not?
    A. Presence of small families
    B. Improved diet.
    C. Improved medical care
    D. Natural increase due to high birth rate
  19. Which one of the following Kenyan communities belong to the same language group?
    A. Kisii, Iteso, Akamba
    B. Samburu, Pokomo, Tugen
    C. Somali, Embu, Turkana
    D. Luhya, Meru, Taita
  20. Three of the following are true about traditional African education in Kenya. Which one is NOT?
    A. The youths were taught to be responsible members in future
    B. The youth were taught how to read and write
    C. Learning took place throughout a person's life
    D Girls were taught by their grandmothers
  21. Below are crops that were grown in Kenya during the colonial period:
    (i) Cotton
    (ii) Sugarcane
    (iii) Coffee
    (iv) Tea
    (v) Pyrethrum
    Which one of the combinations of crops were grown mainly by European settlers?
    A. (i), (iii), (iv)
    B. (i), (iv), (v)
    C. (ii), (iii), (iv)
    D. (ii), (iv), (v)
  22. In the Kenyan current system of Education, who is in charge of supervision of curriculum at the county level?
    A. District Education Officer
    B. County Commissioner
    C. County Director of Education
    D. Cabinet Secretary
  23. Which one of the following rivers in Kenya is correctly matched with the irrigation scheme to which it supplies water?
    A. River Thuchi – Kutilu
    B. River Thiba - Mwea Tebere
    C. River Turkwell – Perkerra
    D. River Yala – Ahero
  24. In Kenya, lack of title deeds has been seen as a great disaster in settlement schemes. How can it be solved?
    A. Urging the government to issue the title deeds
    B. Asking assistant chiefs to distribute them.
    C. Organizing street protests to force the government to issue the documents
    D. Asking the member of parliament to issue the title deeds
  25. Which one of the following is the main problem facing the tourist industry in Kenya?
    A. Lack of hotels for accommodation
    B Insecurity
    C. Pollution of wildlife habitats by tourists
    D. Poor trained tour guides

    Use the information below to answer questions 26 and 27
    (i) His mother was enslaved by a local chief
    (ii) He suddenly rose to power
    (iii) He died in 1902
    (iv) He was forced by the French to sign the Treaty of Bissandugu of 1877
    (v) He established his empire around the upper course of River Niger

  26. The personality described above was
    A. Lobengula
    B. Lewanika
    C. Mkwawa
    D. Samouri Toure
  27. Where did the personality named above establish his capital?
    A. Guinea
    B. Bissandugu
    C. Timbuktu
    D. Oghomosho
  28. The good effect of colonialism was that
    A. Europeans took land from Africans
    B. Colonial powers upset traditional African political system
    C. Colonial units became nations of former smaller states
    D. African petition would lead to break up of ethnic groups
  29. The following factors in the modern Kenya promotes national unity. Which one does not?
    A. Corruption in the public service
    B. Constitution
    C. The Presidency
    D. Fairness in the distribution of resources
  30. Which of the following consists of the right membership of the Senate in the Kenyan Constitution?
    A. 47 elected members, 16 women members who are nominated
    B. 47 elected members, 16 nominated women, 2 youth representative, 2 representatives of the people with disabilities and the speaker
    C. The president, Speaker, 47 elected members
    D. The cabinet, the speaker, elected members
  31. The following are factors that affect population growth. Which factor does not lead to slow population growth?
    A. Early marriages
    B. High cost of living
    C. Late marriages

    Study the map below and use it to answer questions
    Africa map set 1
  32.  What do we call the physical feature marked X on the map?
    A. Tibet mountains
    B. Ahaggar mountains
    C. Fouta Djallon
    D. Ethiopian highlands
  33. The wind that blows in the area marked Y is
    A. the Harmattan
    B. the South West Monsoon
    C. the North-West Monsoon
    D. the westerlies
  34. The river marked Z is less valuable for irrigation. The reason being
    A. it is the longest river in South Africa
    B. it rises in the area of high rainfall
    C. it has a lot of crocodiles
    D. its volume of water is low
  35. Which of the following is true about the ocean current marked P?
    A. It causes high rainfall in the coastal areas
    B. It affects the availability of planktons
    C. It raises temperature in the coastal areas
    D. It moves all the way to South Africa
  36. Which of the following communities in Eastern Africa was ruled by kings during the precolonial period?
    A. The Wanyamwezi
    B. The Baganda
    C. The Ameru
    D. The Oromo
  37. Three of the following cities in Africa are also major ports. Which one is not a port?
    A. Ougadougou
    B. Asmara
    C. Durban
    D. Accra
  38. Three of the following are results of the Maji Maji Rebellion. Which one was not? It resulted in
    A. loss of lives in Southern Tanganyika
    B. destruction of property of the local people
    C. division of Tanganyika among different European powers
    D. establishment of strict German control of some areas
  39. The best way of solving many of the problems facing Africa is by
    A. training Africans in foreign countries
    B. encouraging Airicans to live in urban areas
    C. bringing in foreign experts to help local people
    D. educating people to become aware of the problems affecting them
  40. The following are functions of local authorities in Kenya. Which one is NOT?
    A. Provision of recreation facilities
    B. Passing by-laws
    C. Maintain law and order in towns
    D. Provision of education
  41. Which of the following is NOT true about Jua Kali industries?
    A. They mainly operate in the open air
    B. They don't require alot of capital
    C. They use imported raw materials
    D. They are mainly run by individual artisans
  42. Mountains Kenya, Ahaggar, Tibesti share similarities. They are mountains
    A. fold
    B. residual
    C. block
    D. volcanic
  43. In the Kenyan Constitution, the number of members of parliament required to carry out an amendment of the constitution is
    A. Three quarters
    B. Sixty six
    C. All MPS
    D. Two thirds
  44. The diagram below shows a type of lake. 
    oxbow lake
    Which two processes mainly lead to the formation of the lake marked P?
    A. Weathering and deposition
    B. Evaporation and deposition
    C. Erosion and weathering
    D. Erosion and deposition
  45. Which of the following communities was ruled by a council of elders in the precolonial period?
    A. Ameru
    B. Khoikhoi
    C. Wanga
    D. Baganda
  46. One reason why African countries formed the African Union (AU) was to
    A. pre-draw the boundaries of member states
    B. bring greater economic co-operation in the continent
    C. assist in the elections of leaders
    D. fight crime in the continent
  47. Who is the Permanent head and Accounting Officer of the parliament?
    A. Clerk to the National Assembly
    B. Clerk to the town council
    C. Speaker of the National Assembly
    D. The Sergeant-at-Arms of the National Assembly
  48. Which one of the following activities did the prosperity of Old Ghana most depend on?
    A. Taxing foreigners
    B. Gold mining
    C. Fishing
    D. Nomadic herding

    Use the figure below to answer questions 49-51:
  49. The above diagram presents a mountain in Africa. Which process led to its formation?
    A. Volcanicity
    B. Folding
    C. Glaciation
    D. Faulting
  50. The arrows marked A in the diagram above show
    A. the direction of wind
    B. the line of weakness
    C. movement of glacier
    D. the windward side
  51. The feature marked B in the diagram above show
    A. crater lake
    B. estuary
    C. dyke
    D. corrie lake
  52. Waweru was driving along the super highway and saw the traffic sign below. 
    no right turn
    What does it mean to the drivers?
    A. Overtaking is forbidden
    B. Parking is forbidden
    C. No left turn
    D. No right turn
  53. Which one of the following would be the most effective way of reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS?
    A. Encouraging men to marry only one wife
    B. Putting rapists to jail for a long time
    C. Encouraging people to change their behavior
    D. Encouraging the youth to marry early
  54. The main reason as to why petroleum products are transported by pipeline in Kenya is to
    A. protect petroleum from catching fire
    B. create more employment opportunities
    C. reduce loss of petrol through theft
    D. reduce destruction of roads by tankers
  55. The following are problems facing water ways. Which one is NOT?
    A. Lack of capital to establish and control shipping lines
    B. Presence of waterfalls and rapids
    C. Capsizing of boats
    D. High maintenance costs and theft of cables
  56. Which one of the following methods of solving disputes does not involve an outsider?
    A. Conciliation
    B. Mediation
    C. Negotiation
    D. Arbitration
  57. Which one of the following was not a traditional method of observing weather?
    A. Observing the sky
    B. Behaviour of some animals
    C. Migration of some birds
    D. Use of Stevenson Screen
  58. Three of the following are effects of rural-urban migration in Kenya. Which one is NOT?
    A. Increase in crime rate
    B. Growth of slums
    C. Inadequate labour for agriculture
    D. Adequate social amenities in the urban areas
  59. In Kenya, labour disputes between the employees and employers are heard by th
    A. Supreme Court
    B. Industrial Court
    C. High Court
    D. Court of Appeal
  60. Three of the following are functions of agricultural co-operatives. Which one is NOT?
    A. Market farmers produce
    B. Negotiating for fair prices
    C. Keeping correct records for members
    D. Discouraging members on investments


  61. On the creation process, God created the dome on the ___ day
    A. second
    B. first
    C. third
    D. fourth
  62. Which one of the following is NOT a promise that God gave to David?
    A. You shall be succeeded by your son
    B. Your house and kingdom shall endure for ever
    C. You shall built a house for me
    D. My love will never depart from your son
  63. To whom did God say, "You must have many children so that your descendants will live all over the earth”?
    A. David
    B. Noah
    C. Isaac
    D. Abraham
  64. During the sealing of the Sinai Covenant, Moses built an alter and set up twelve stones to represent the
    A. twelve disciples of Jesus
    B. twelve miracles of God in Egypt
    C. twelve tribes of Israel
    D. twelve left overs baskets of loaves
  65. The following acts demonstrated David and Jonathan's great love for each other except
    A. Jonathan saving David from his father Saul
    B. David marrying Jonathan's sister
    C. David bringing Jonathan's sons to live in the palace
    D. Jonathan and David taking an oath of friendship
  66. What did God give King Solomon to enable him rule his people with justice?
    A. Wisdom, wealth and honour
    B. Health, wisdom and honour
    C. Honour, wealth and children
    D. Honour health and children
  67. One of the following books of the Bible is not a prophetic book. Which one is it?
    A. Daniel
    B. Nehemiah
    C. Malachi
    D. Hosea
  68. Which one of the following is a TRUE comparison between African religious practices and Christianity?
    A. Respect for life – Abortion
    B. Sacrificial meal – Eucharist
    C. Rebirth rituals – Wedding
    D. Reconciliation – Baptism
  69. Which is the tenth miracle performed by Moses in Egypt before the children of Israel would be let to go by Pharaoh?
    A. Frogs everywhere in Egypt
    B. Filling the earth with locusts
    C. Boils that turned into open sores
    D. Killing of firstborns
  70. The following refers to a person in the Bible;
    (i) He was the son of Uri
    (ii) God chose him through Moses
    (iii) He hailed from the tribe of Judah
    (iv) He was talented in all artistic works
    Which person is described above?
    A. Oholiab
    B. David
    C. Bezalel
    D. Jehu
  71. When the Israelite soldiers shouted "Sword for the Lord and Gideon." (Judges 7:18) the Medianites
    A. continued fighting harder
    B. ran away confused
    C. slept more peacefully
    D. broke their cups and pans that produced a loud noise
  72. Which one of the following is a good quality of an employee?
    A. Loyalty
    B. Ambitious
    C. Irresponsible
    D. Pride
  73. Which of the following parables teaches Christians about the kingdom of God. The parable of
    A. the Rich Fool
    B. the Prodigal Son
    C. the Mustard Seed
    D. the Rich man and Lazarus
  74. According to James 1:27, what does God consider to be pure and genuine religion?
    A. Going to church and keeping the Sabbath holy
    B. Taking care of orphans and widows
    C. Helping the aged
    D. Visiting the prisoners
  75. The following are factors that were considered when choosing the seven deacons. Which one is not?
    A. Must be full of the Holy Spirit
    B. Must have wisdom
    C. Must be a believer
    D. Must be rich
  76. Both Biblical and traditional African stories of creation teaches that
    A. people came from the sky
    B. people should respect and take care of God's creation
    C. God created man and woman
    D. God created man after creating other things
  77. The following were duties of the twelve disciples of Jesus except
    A. guarding Jesus in his work
    B. working out miracles
    C. curing diseases
    D. casting out demons
  78. When Ruth followed her mother-in-law to Bethlehem, it showed that she was
    A. patient
    B. honest
    C. loyal
    D. faithful
  79. In Christianity, faith is best known by their
    A. religion
    B. church
    C. education
    D. actions
  80. These statements are found in the Lord's prayer.
    Which one mainly teaches about God being a protector?
    A. Lead us not into temptations
    B. Forgive us our trespasses
    C. Give us this day our daily bread
    D. May your kingdom come on earth
  81. Who among the following was both a prophet and a judge in Israel?
    A. Deborah
    B. Gideon
    C. Samuel
    D. Moses
  82. The temptations of Jesus in the desert teaches Christians that they should
    A. do the will of God
    B. run away from trials
    C. look for food when hungry
    D. Seek earthly riches
  83. One of the following events took place on the day of Pentecost. Which one?
    A. The rock split
    B. Jesus ascended to heaven
    C. People spoke in different languages
    D. The Holy Spirit came down in form of a dove
  84. What advice did John the Baptist give the soldiers who went to be baptized by him?
    A. Do not collect more than is legal
    B. Do not take money from anyone by force
    C. Whoever has food must share with his neighbor
    D. Whoever has two shirts must give one to the poor
  85. According to the prophecy of Isaiah read by Jesus in the synagogue in Nazareth, the Messiah was supposed to
    A. conquer the Romans
    B. unite the Jews
    C. set the captives free
    D. establish a wealthy kingdom
  86. "Silver and gold we have none but we give you what we have. In the name of Jesus Christ rise up and walk. These words were said by
    A. James and John
    B. Peter and James
    C. John and Peter
    D. Peter and Andrew
  87. Which of the following best defines homosexuality?
    A. Sex between unmarried people
    B. Sex with another man's wife
    C. Sex with a relative
    D. Sex between man and man
  88. The main reason why we should obey the authorities according to Romans 13:1-5 is
    A. authority is from God
    B. man cannot do without authority
    C. authority is the most powerful element
    D. all who authorizes are friendly
  89. King Ahab took Naboth's vineyard and made it his own. Which of the ten commandments did he break?
    A. Do not commit adultery
    B. Do not covet
    C. Do not steal
    D. Respect your father and mother
  90. Three of the following activities were performed by early missionaries in Kenya, Which one was not?
    A. They taught Africans how to read and write
    B. Treated the sick and cured many tropical diseases
    C. They taught Africans hygiene, cookery and sawing
    D. They taught African Warriors  how to use modern weapons such as guns




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