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  1. Study the diagram below. 
    Which vessel shows the venacava
    A. (i)
    B. (ii)
    C. (iii)
    D. (iv)
  2. Which one of the following components of air is not correctly matched with its use?
        Component of air                    Use
    A. Nitrogen                                   Used by plants to make proteins
    B. Carbon dioxide                          Manufacture of soft drinks
    C. Inert gases                               In electric bulbs
    D. Oxygen                                     Manufacture of plant food
  3. The following diagram shows reproductin in human beings. 
    Which one is not a function of the part marked M?
    A. Protects the foetus from shock
    B. Allows free movement of the foetus
    C. Facilitates food transfer
    D. Prevents accidental injuries
  4. Which one of the following is NOT a proper hygiene practice that can prevent water borne diseases?
    A. Washing hands before handling foods
    B. Covering food and water for drinking
    C. Taking domestic animals to the river to drink water
    D. Washing fruits and vegetables before eating
  5. Which one of the following human activities does NOT cause soil erosion?
    A. Mining
    B. Over cropping
    C. Applying mulches
    D. Deforestation
  6. The diagram below represents a set-up that was used to demonstrate a certain property of matter. 
    The property demonstrated was
    A. Air occupies space
    B. Water exerts pressure
    C. Air has mass
    D. Water occupies space
  7. The first step in obtaining sugar from a mixture of sugar solution and pieces of copper wire is
    A. Filtering
    B. Winnowing
    C. Using a magnet
    D. Evaporating to dryness
  8. Which one of the following is not a recreational use of water?
    A. Water skiing
    B. Boat racing
    C. Irrigation
    D. Swimming
  9. Which one of the following pairs of parasites can be controlled by spraying?
    A. Liver flukes and tsetse flies
    B. Ticks and fleas
    C. Fleas and liver flukes
    D. Ticks and tape worms
  10. Three of the following are advantages of using manure. Which one is NOT?
    A. Encourages the growth of micro-organisms.
    B. The manure is cheap to make
    C. The manure changes soil chemical composition
    D. Manure release the nutrients into the soil slowly
  11. Which of the following is a major component of the environment?
    A. Tables
    B. Light
    C. Vehicles
    D. Water
  12. Class four pupils carried out the experiment below on soil. 
    Which layer contains very fine particles?
    A. X
    B. W
    C. V
    D. Z
  13. Which of the following groups of foods is made of foods which can loose flavour and colour when preserved in freezers?
    A. Pork, bacon, veal
    B. Maize, bananas, apples
    C. Tomatoes, pears, avocados
    D. Maize, pork, bacon
  14. Which of the following crops is not attacked by the maize stalk borer?
    A. Sugarcane
    B. Millet
    C. Wheat
    D. Beans
  15. Green succulent stems is an adaptation of some xerophytes. Which of the following is not an importance of this adaptation?
    A. Storage of water
    B. Photosynthesis
    C. Storage of food
    D. Protecting them from animals that feed on them
  16. Study the classification of plants in the chart below.
    Which plant was not classified correctly?
    A. Toadstool
    B. Mould
    C. Fern
    D. Mushroom
  17. The standard six pupils of a certain school drew the flower as shown below. 
    A group of the part marked M is called
    A. Calyx
    B. Petals
    C. Stamen
    D. Corolla
  18. Std 5 pupils conducted an experiment.
    They covered some leaves with a black opaque nylon bag the leaves started changing colour, what conclusion did they make?
    A. Transpiration did not take place
    B. Breathing did not take place
    C. There was no photosynthesis taking place
    D. The storage of food was affected
  19. Which one of the following pairs of birds have their beaks adapted to the same type of feeding?
    A. Chicken and duck
    B. Sunbird and chicken
    C. Eagle and hawk
    D. Hawk and duck
  20. Which of the following is not an example of rotational grazing?
    A. Strip grazing
    B. Tethering
    C. Paddocking
    D. Herding
  21. The chart below shows some animals and their products.
    Which products are represented by E and F?
    E F
    A. Milk Wool
    B. Wool mutton
    C. Beef mutton
    D. Milk beef
  22. The ability of heat to transfer to the hands as shown in the diagram below is through a process called
    A. Conduction
    B. Convection in air
    C. Insulation
    D. Radiation
  23. Study the diagram below and answer the question that follows.
    The coin appeared raised due to
    A. Expansion
    B. Refraction
    C. Dispersion
    D. Reflection
  24. Which of the following is a natural source of light?
    A. Fire
    B. Electricity
    C. Stars
    D. Gas
  25. Use the diagram of the instrument drawn below to answer the question below. 
    The above instrument works on the principle that
    A. Gases expand when cooled and contract when heated
    B. Gases expand when heated and contract when cooled
    C. Solids expand when heated and contract when cooled
    D. Liquids expand when heated and contract when cooled
  26. Which one of the following is least likely to pollute water?
    A. Smoking cigarettes
    B. Using fertilizers
    C. Dumping industrial waste into water sources
    D. Sewage water from homes
  27. Standard VII pupils took a science walk to a nearby pond. One of the pupils poured a tin of oil into the water. They returned after a few days and found all the fish had died. What is the most likely reason for this?
    A. Water is necessary for both animals and plants
    B. The oil contained excess nutrients
    C. The oil polluted the water in the pond and reduced the amount of Oxygen in the water
    D. The fish had been killed by other animals in the pond
  28. Three of the following are effects of HIV and AIDS infection on the family of the infected member of the family. Which one is NOT?
    A. Sadness in the family and feeling of shame
    B. Loss of income
    C. Poverty and low standard of living
    D. Poor performance in school
  29. The diagram below represents a set up that is used to demonstrate a certain process involved in change of state of matter. 
    The process that takes place at point labelled Q is?
    A. Boiling
    B. Condensation
    C. Evaporation
    D. Freezing
  30. This diagram shows the composition of air.
    Which part is used by leguminous plant to make proteins?
    A. W
    B. Y
    C. X
    D. Z
  31. Which one of the following is a disadvantage of friction?
    A. Enables lighting a match
    B. Makes rubbing easier
    C. Makes walking possible
    D. Assist in producing unnecessary heat
  32. Which one of the following is the best way to push a 200kg piece of wood?
    A. Oiling
    B. Use of rollers
    C. Streamlining
    D. Use of ball bearing
  33. Std 7 pupils were doing an experiment in their class. The experiment was set as shown below?
    What should the pupils do to make water enter the glass?
    A. Addition of more water
    B. Raising the set-up to a higher ground
    C. Reducing the amount of water
    D. Tilting the glass on one side
  34. In which one of the following is the force that hinders motion not required?
    A. Using a rope on a pulley
    B. Braking
    C. Running in the field
    D. Swimming
  35. Which one of the following pairs of levers has the position of load, fulcrum and effort as the broom?
    A. Lid open and nutcrackers
    B. Wheelbarrow and scissors
    C. Pliers and claw hammer
    D. A pair of tongs and a spade
  36. The diagram below represents a Y shaped trunk.
    Which part acts as a pivot?
    A. P
    B. Q
    C. R
    D. S
  37. The following are some characteristics of certain animals
    (i) Body covered with scales
    (ii) Lay eggs
    (iii) Body temperature varies with the surroundings
    (iv) Breathe through lungs
    Which one of the following pairs of animals has all the characteristics listed?
    A. Turtle and shark
    B. Lizard and tortoise
    C. Tilapia and frog
    D. Crocodile and platypus
  38. Which one of the following cultural practices cannot lead to the spread of HIV and AIDS?
    A. Wife sharing
    B. Sharing meal from a common dish
    C. Tattooing
    D. Circumcision
  39. Which of the following is not a nutritional deficiency disease?
    A. Anaemia
    B. Kwashiorkor
    C. Cholera
    D. Rickets
  40. Which of the following materials will not be required in an experiment to show that pressure in a liquid increased with depth?
    A. Tin can
    B. Water
    C. Nail
    D. Collecting jar
  41. Which of the following pairs consists of only substances that are in the same state of matter?
    A. Wax and glue
    B. Oil and water vapour
    C. Air and water vapour
    D. Ice and water
  42. Which one of the following levers has the same position of load effort and fulcrum as a wheelbarrow?
    A. Pair of scissors
    B. Nutcrackers
    C. Fishing rod
    D. Crowbar
  43. Which one of the following statements best describes a human premolar tooth.
    A. Chisel shaped with one root
    B. Rough surface with two roots
    C. Rough surface with three roots
    D. Pointed tip with one root
  44. During birth, the following process takes place. Which is the third stage?
    A. Contraction of the uterine walls
    B. Breaking of amniotic fluid
    C. Releasing of amniotic fluid
    D. Releasing of after birth
  45. Which one of the following does not happen when a baby breathes out?
    A. Ribs move downwards and inwards
    B. Diaphragm moves upwards
    C. Chest volume increases
    D. Lungs contract
  46. Which of the following major components of environment do plenty animals depend on directly?
    A. Soil and water
    B. Light and air
    C. Air and water
    D. Sound and heat
  47. The rain gauge is dug into the ground mainly to
    A. Prevent water from overflowing
    B. Prevent soil erosion
    C. Prevent ground water from splashing into the funnel
    D. Reduce the rate of evaporation of rain water collected
  48. Which of the following is an example of a static electricity?
    A. Torch cells
    B. Car batteries
    C. Diesel generators
    D. Lighting
  49. Which pair represents two forms of electricity?
    A. Dynamo and solar
    B. Geothermal and static
    C. Current and static
    D. Dynamo and current
  50. A card made in the shape of letter L and number 3 written on it was placed in front of a mirror as shown in the diagram below mirror.
    Which of the following correctly shows the image as seen in the mirror?
    SCIENCE SET 3 Q50 1




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