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 seba area

Study the map of Seba area and answer question 1-7

  1. The land in the area covered by the map slopes from
    A. West to East
    B. South West to North East
    C. North to South
    D. North East to South West
  2. The area around Tutu hill is thinly populated because it is
    A. Dry
    B. Steep
    C. Flat
    D. Hilly
  3. According to the information given in the map Noru town serves as
    A. An Industrial centre
    B. An Administrative centre
    C. A Communication centre
    D. A Mining centre
  4. Which one of the following places is likely to be affected by floods?
    A. Sebi market
    B. Daga town
    C. Noru town
    D. Tutu area
  5. Tourists who visit the Game reserve use
    A. Road transport
    B. Water transport
    C. Air transport
    D. Railway
  6. One of the following is NOT an economic activity in Seba area. Which one is it?
    A. Farming
    B. Fishing
    C. Trading
    D. Mining
  7. River Sebi rises from
    A. Dega hill area
    B. Dega town area
    C. Sebi market area
    D. Fish processing factory area
  8. In which one of the following groups of countries is the Equatorial rain forest found?
    A. DRC, Zimbabwe
    B. DRC, Cameroon
    C. DRC, Zambia
    D. DRC, Angola
  9. Relief rainfall is likely to occur when
    A. Moist air rises up a mountain
    B. Warm air meets cool air
    C. Winds blow down a mountain
    D. Wind blows over a water surface
  10. Complete the table of communities in Kenya with a common origin.
    Turkana →Maasai → Iteso → ____
    A. Taita
    B. Rendile
    C. Samburu
    D. Abakuria
  11. Uganda transports her coffee to Mombasa by
    A. Air and road
    B. Water and rail
    C. Air and water
    D. Road and rail
  12. Before the coming of the Europeans, the Somali were ruled by
    A. Warriors
    B. Hereditary chiefs
    C. Kings
    D. Council of elders
  13. Which one of the following practices promoted the conservation of forests in traditional Kenyan societies?
    A. Controlling the cutting of trees around placesof Worship
    B. Planting new trees
    C. Clearing and burning vegetation
    D. Discouraging charcoal burning
  14. Which one of the following mountains was formed as a result of faulting?
    A. Elgon
    B. Klimanjaro
    C. Ruwenzori
    D. Kenya
  15. In Kenya the lake Victoria region receives higher rainfall than the Nyika plateau because it is
    A. Higher in altitude
    B. Nearer a large water body
    C. Nearer the equator
    D. Experience stronger winds
  16. The function of the civil servants in Kenya is to
    A. Interpreting laws
    B. Approving the national budget
    C. Making laws
    D. Implement government policies
  17. The best place to locate a bakery is where there is
    A. Ready market
    B. Good transport system
    C. Labour and electricity
    D. Wheat and water
  18. Why did the missionaries establish schools in Kenya?
    A. Make Africans feel happy
    B. Promote literacy
    C. Promote Africa culture
    D. Promote illiteracy
  19. The main reason why the Kenya government promotes the jua kali industry is to
    A Discourage importation of goods
    B. Generate more income
    C. Make items for export
    D. Create self-employment
  20. The development of fishing along the coast of Kenya has been hindered mainly by
    A. Poor means of transport
    B. Poor fishing methods
    C. Lack of modern storage facilities
    D. inadequate market
  21. A mineral mined along Kerio valley is
    A. Diamond
    B. Limestone
    C. Fluorspar
    D. Copper
  22. Three of the following statements are true about the oil refinery in Kenya. Which one is not?
    A. It is served by a railway
    B. it depends on locally produced crude oil
    C. It is located at the coast
    D. It is connected to the interior by a pipeline
  23. A dairy farmer in Kenya can sell milk through
    A. KPCU
    B. KNTC
    C. KGGCU
    D. KCC
  24. Which one of the following countries of Africais NOT headed by a king?
    A. Swaziland
    B. Egypt
    C. Lesotho
    D. Morocco
  25. Sugarcane in Sudan is processed at
    A. Kakira
    B. Mumias
    C. Kenana
    D. Juba

    Use the map of Africa below to answer question 26 to 30
    map of africa set 3
  26. The vegetation found in the are marked B is
    A. desert
    B. rain forest
    C. savanna
    D. Mediterranean
  27. The Island marked C is
    A. Pemba
    B. Lamu
    C. Zanzibar
    D. Madagascar
  28. The climate of the area marked D is
    A. hot and wet
    B. hot and cool
    C. hot and dry
    D. cool and wet
  29. The longitude marked 0o North to South is called
    A. Equator
    B. Prime meridian
    C. Tropic of cancer
    D. Tropic of Capricorn
  30. The position of Cape Town is approximately
    A. Latitude 34oS and longitude 20oE
    B. Latitude 40oS and longitude 20oE
    C. Latitude 30oS and longitude 20oW
    D. Latitude 34oS and longitude 20oW
  31. Which one of the following was a practice of African Traditional Religion during the precolonial period?
    A. Using prayer book
    B. Preachers converted people
    C. Offering sacrifices
    D. Baptizing followers
  32. The main reason for the European scramble for colonies in Africa was
    A. Acquire new settlements
    B. Obtain cheap labour
    C. Acquire new markets
    D. Obtain raw materials
  33. Which one of the following traditional methods of predicting weather is also used modern weather station?
    A. Observing the moon
    B. Observing the rainbow
    C. Observing clouds
    D. Observing behaviour of animals
  34. Which one of the following countries in Africa is a member of the Commonwealth?
    A. Kenya
    B. Angola
    C. Senegal
    D. Zaire
  35. Kenya conserves her wildlife mainly to
    A. enable people study plants and animals
    B. preserve the beauty of the country
    C. protect the rare plants and animals
    D. Create jobs for people
  36. The main reason for establishing the Volta River Project in Ghana was to
    A. improve water transport
    B. promote fishing
    C. provide water for irrigation
    D. produce HEP
  37. Match correctly the mineral with the country it is mined.
    A. Petroleum → Uganda.
    B. Diamond → Nigeria
    C. Gold → South Africa
    D. Copper → Tanzania.
  38. In order to register as a voter in parliamentary elections in Kenya Citizen must have attained the minimum age of
    A. 18 years
    B. 21 years
    C. 55 years
    D. 35 years
  39. The main crop grown at Mwea irrigation scheme is
    A. tomatoes
    B. rice
    C. beans
    D. onions
  40. The Kenya National flag
    A. Has five colours
    B. Has three colours
    C. Has a symbol of a clock
    D. is a symbol of National Unity
  41. Below are some functions of a town in Kenya
    i) It is an administrative centre
    ii) it is an industrial centre
    iii) It is an inland port
    This town is kely to be
    A. Mombasa
    B. Kisumu
    C. Nakuru
    D. Magadi

    Use the diagram below to answer questions 42 to 44
    volcanicity set 3
  42. The diagram above represents a mountain which was formed as a result of
    A. Volcanic activity
    B. Erosion
    C. Faulting
    D. Folding
  43. An example of the above drawn mountain in Kenya is
    A. Aberdare range
    B. Mt. Longonot
    C. Mau escarpment
    D. Nyandarua Ranges
  44. A subsistence farmer is one who
    A. Grows crops for export
    B. Practices zero grazing
    C. Rears animals for sale
    D. Grows crops for home use
  45. The importance of cultural artefacts is that they
    A. are national symbol
    B. form the basis of trade
    C. preserve culture of the people
    D. are used for decoration
  46. Which one of the statements below is true about wheat farming in Kenya?
    A. it is the staple food
    B. It is grown under irrigation
    C. It is harvested using machines
    D. It is the main export crop
  47. In Kenya a parliamentary by election is held when a Member of Parliament
    A. gets a vote of no confidence
    B. become a leader of a political party
    C. resides in another constituency
    D. is jailed for more than six months
  48. The role of the Kenya defense forces is to
    A. Protect Kenyans against external attacks
    B. Charge suspected criminals
    C. Jail criminals
    D. Arrest law breakers
  49. The best means of transport for importing medicine is
    A. railway
    B. air
    C. water
    D. road
  50. Three of the following are reasons why people move from rural areas to towns. Which one is not?
    A. To get cheaper land for settlement
    B. To go for higher education
    C. To get better recreational facilities
    D. To get better medical care
  51. Which one of the following crops is NOT grown in Pekerra irrigation scheme?
    A. Rice
    B. Watermelons
    C. Maize
    D. Onions
  52. Which one of the following minerals is correctly matched with the method of mining through which it is extracted?
    Mineral method of mining
    A Copper panning
    B. Petroleum drilling
    C. Gold dredging
    D. Soda ash adit
  53. Which one of the following is a modern method of preserving fish?
    A. smoking
    B. sun drying
    C. salting
    D. canning
  54. Which one of the following types of industries has existed in Kenya since the pre-colonial period?
    A. Cotton ginning
    B. Leather processing
    C. Paper making
    D. Fruit canning
  55. Which one of the following towns in Kenya is an industrial town?
    A. Thika
    B. Mandera
    C. Naivasha
    D. Garissa
  56. A crop which grows very well in a cool and wet climate is
    A. Cotton
    B. Sisal
    C. Tea
    D. Wheat
  57. Which one of the following types of marriages allows a man to marry up to four wives?
    A. Muslim marriage
    B. Hindu marriage
    C. Christian
    D. Traditional African marriage
  58. Who among the following members of a school management committee ensures that money is used properly
    A. The Treasurer
    B. The sponsor
    C. The head teacher
    D. The chairperson
  59. Which one of the following archaeological sites in Eastern African is correctly matched with the country where it is found?
    Archaeological site Country
    A. Ishango Ethiiopia
    B. Olorgesaille Kenya
    C. River omo basin Tanzania
    D. Olduvai Gorde Uganda
  60. Angola was colonized by a European country called
    A. Spain
    B. Britain
    C. Germany
    D. Portugal


  1. According to Gens 2:18-19 God said, “it is not good for a man to live alone so He created for him
    A. Heavenly bodies
    B. Animals and birds
    C. Eve
    D. Vegetation
  2. God tested Abraham's faith by
    A. Telling him to leave his own people and go to unknown land
    B. Telling him to circumcise all males
    C. Telling him to sacrifice his only son
    D. Telling him that he would become the father of many nations
  3. Why did Joseph refuse to commit adultery with Potipher's wife?
    A. He had faith in God
    B. He feared to be jailed
    C. He feared to be killed by Potipher
    D. He feared his father Jacob
  4. Which one of the following activities was NOT carried out by the Israelites on the night of exodus in Egypt?
    A. Smearing of blood on their door posts
    B. Eating all the meat and burning the leftovers
    C. Not leaving their houses that night
    D. Slaughtering a buil and a lamb or goat
  5. Who among the following people led the Israelites in crossing river Jordan?
    A. Moses
    B. Joshua
    C. Caleb
    D. Aron
  6. I was a king of Israel, I was badly wounded. I used my own sword to commit suicide. Who am I?
    A. Saul
    B. David
    C. Solomon
    D. Rehoboam
  7. Who was the first Judge in Israel?
    A. Deborah
    B. Gideon
    C. Othniel
    D. Samuel
  8. Which of the following miracles was performed by both Elijah and Elisha.
    A. Healing of Naaman's leprosy
    B. Multiplication of oil
    C. Killing the 450 prophets of Baal
    D. Multiplying of bread
  9. Who among the prophets prophesied the coming and the preaching of John the Baptist?
    A. Isaiah
    B. Jeremiah
    C. Ezekiel
    D. Nathan
  10. Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. This made Jesus to be?
    A. Kind
    B. Humble
    C. Generous
    D. Holy
  11. During the dedication of Jesus in the temple, His parents were to carry the following for sacrifice. Which one is it?
    A. Young one of a goat of sheep
    B. A dove or a pigeon
    C. A pair of doves or two pigeons
    D. A one-year-old lamb or a heifer
  12. When Jesus was anointed by Mary Magdalene, He was at
    A. Bethlehem
    B. Nazareth
    C. Jerusalem
    D. Bethany
  13. Which one of the following parables of Jesus teaches about the growth of Kingdom?
    A. The mustard seed
    B. The lost coin
    C. The friend at midnight
    D. The sower
  14. Who among the following people was described by Jesus as having the greatest faith in Israel?
    A. The prodigal son
    B. The Roman centurion
    C. The ten virgins
    D. One of the ten lepers
  15. Who among the following apostles of Jesus interpreted the scroll of Isaiah to the Ethiopian Eunuch?
    A. Philip
    B. Nathaniel
    C. Simon
    D. John
  16. During the trial of Jesus, who said the following words "Are you the Messiah, the son of God?”
    A. Herod
    B. Pilate
    C. Annas
    D. Caiaphas
  17. The following happened during the last supper except?
    A. They sang a hymn and went out to Mt. Olives
    B. Jesus taught the Lord's prayer
    C. Judas Iscariot escaped
    D. Jesus took a piece of bread and gave thanks
  18. The coming of the Holy Spirit made the disciples of Jesus to be
    A. drunk
    B. courageous
    C. humble
    D. kind
  19. Who wrote the book of the Acts of the Apostles?
    A. Mark
    B. Matthew
    C. Paul
    D. Luke
  20. During the conversion of Saul, he became blind for three days. Who prayed for him to get his sight back?
    A. Judas
    B. Ananias
    C. Jesus
    D. Silas
  21. Which of the following is not a gift of the Holy Spirit?
    A. Faithfulness
    B. Prophesy
    C. Healing
    D. Faith
  22. "I believe in the communion of saints,” These words are found in the
    A. Lord's prayer
    B. Sermon on the mountain
    C. Apostle's creed
    D. Beatitudes
  23. In African Traditional Religion the following are forms of life except?
    A. Unborn
    B. Living dead
    C. Marriage
    D. Ancestors
  24. Which of these traditional specialist caused harm in the community?
    A. Prophet
    B. Seers
    C. Diviners
    D. Sorcerers
  25. Which one of the following Traditional African Religious practices is not compatible with Christianity?
    A. Praying
    B. Libation
    C. Singing
    D. Offering
  26. Which one of the following is the best way for a Christian to use his or her wealth?
    A. Helping the needy people
    B. Buy another car
    C. Take his family for an outing
    D. Acquire more land
  27. Mary who comes from a rich family refuses to do her her work but copies from her friends. As a Christian, what advice would you give her?
    A. Refuse to attend lessons
    B. Pay a friend to do the homework for
    C. Drop out of school
    D. Focus on her studies and work hard
  28. The best reason why Christians should not smoke is
    A. Smoking is illegal
    B. They believe smoking is a way of misusing money
    C. Their bodies are the temples the Holy Spirit
    D. Smoking causes lung cancer
  29. Lucy and Jane are great friends in class Eight. Jane is pregnant and she is planning to carryout abortion. As a Christian what advice should Lucy give her friend?
    A. Deliver the baby and later continue with her education
    B. Go ahead and abort secretly
    C. Get married
    D. Drop out of school
  30. The second missionary to come to Kenya
    A. David Livingstone
    B. John Speke
    C. Johann Rebmann
    D. Ludwig Krapf


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