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The passage below contains blank spaces numbered 1 to 15. For each blank space, choose the BEST alternative from the ones given.

Children ___1___ to know about their strength and weaknesses so that they can ___2___ themselves and be happy about the ___3___ they are. Each one of them ___4___dreams about their lives but in most cases the dreams just ___5___ dreams. They remain in the___6___ composition books in the composition titled "What will be when I ___ 7___up!"___8___children are encouraged to set goals and work hard to ___9___ them, they will ___10___ acquire decision-making skills. They will understand that the ___11___ successful people are those who have a ___12___ picture of what they ___13___ to do and what kind of ___14 ___they will live. They will then be able to ___15___what subject they need to study.


For questions 16 to 18, complete the sentences with the correct alternative.

  1. Kanyua did not have money for an air ticket so he travelled by bus
    A. enough
    B. plenty
    C. much
    D. more
  2. Susi courageously ____through the pool successfully
    A. waded
    B. went
    C. jogged
    D. walked
  3. The passers-by loudly when they saw the beast.
    A. screamed
    B. shouted
    C. called
    D. waild

For questions 19-21 choose the word that means the same as the underlined words.

  1. The teachers advised the pupils to go over their work.
    A. write
    B. read
    C. receive
    D. revise
  2. Kiguta finally stopped smoking after talking to a counsellor.
    A. gave in
    B. refused
    C. hated
    D. gave up
  3. The police quickly jumped and caught the robber before he could cross the street.
    A. held on
    B. prevented
    C. pounced on
    D. defended

For question 22 and 23 choose the odd one out

  1. A spoon
    B. plate
    C. fork
    D. knife
  2. A sip
    B. drain
    C. gulp
    D. drink

In questions 24 and 25 choose the sentence that is correctly punctuated.

  1. A. Jim said that, I can't spend my life complaining."
    B. Jim said," I can't spend my life complaining.
    C. Jim. said. "I can't spend my life complaining."
    D. Jim said, "that I can't spend my life complaining."
  2. A. Good gracious! Exclaimed Pat. "What have you done?"
    B. Good gracious! Exclaimed Pat! What have you done?"
    C. "Good gracious!" exclaimed Pat. "What have you done?"
    D. Good gracious, exclaimed Pat, "What have you done?"

Read the passage below and then answer questions 26 to 40

Once upon a time in the animals’ land, hare felt very cold and shivered terribly. He needed a heavy blanket to provide him with warmth. He went to see Tortoise who was the best blanket-maker in the land. "Make me a heavy warm blanket." Hare said. "Come next year. I have ten blankets to make for other people, Tortoise said as she happily threaded a blanket at a snail's pace. "At that rate," Hare said impatiently, I might as well make the blanket myself. Give me the threads." Hare grabbed a ball of blanket thread and ran off. When he got home, he realized
that he had no idea about how to make a blanket. As he wondered what to do, he recalled that he had seen leopard's wife making blankets for her children. So he thought of a plan. He went and hid in a thicket near leopard's home. He kept watch from there.

When leopard and his wife left the house, Hare walked into the compound. He gave Leopard's child the thread and thundered: "Tell your mother the king wants her to make a warm blanket for him in three days!" When leopard and wife came home, the child said, "Mother, Mother! You must make a blanket very quickly!" "Which blanket?" Whose blanket?" Leopard's wife asked surprised. "The king's blanket!" the child said excitedly.". The king himself brought this thread. He wants the blanket made quickly." Leopard's wife wondered how king Lion could have come to her compound instead of sending one of his many subjects. However, being an obedient woman that was known to be, she immediately started making the most beautiful designed blanket she could make. She finished making the blanket and waited for the king to come for it. After waiting for long time, she decided to venture into a nearby forest to look for food. 

"Immediately the king appears." She instructed the child, "Whistle loudly. I will rush back to give him his blanket." Leopard's wife had hardly stepped out of the compound when Hare jumped in front of the child and demanded, "Give me the blanket!" Leopard's child fearfully ran into the house and brought the blanket. Just then, Leopard's wife, who had seen hare jump into her compound, grabbed Hare as she tried to run off with the blanket. Hare managed to escape, but he was without the blanket and had lost his tail.

  1. He shivered terribly because
    A. it was too cold
    B. he had no blanket
    C. he had few blankets
    D. he needed warm blankets
  2. It is true to state that Hare was
    A. impolite and clever
    B. impatient and polite
    C. hasty and quick
    D. quick and impolite
  3. The phrase at a snail's pace has been underlined, they refer to
    A. tortoise walking speed
    B. tortoise walking style
    C. moving like a tortoise
    D. behaving like a snail
  4. Why was tortoise unable to make blanket for Hare?
    A. She wanted Hare to make the blanket.
    B. She had more blankets to make.
    C. She worked at a snail's pace.
    D. She refused to make Hare's blanket.
  5. According to the passage, which of the words below cannot be used to describe Hare?
    A. cunning
    B. courteous
    C. unkind
    D. rough
  6. Why did Hare have to wait until Leopard and his wife had left their home?
    A. Hare wanted to frighten his child
    B. Leopard wanted to kill him
    C. Leopard wanted to trick hare
    D. Hare wanted to trick Leopard
  7. Leopard's child thought that Hare was the king because
    A. Hare walked and behaved like the king.
    B. Hare told the child that he was the king
    C. Only the king needed warm blankets.
    D. Only the king demanded things done for him.
  8. In the passage, the word subject has been underlined. It means?
    A. People under the king's control
    B. Someone being discussed.
    C. Things like science and mathematics
    D. Those who wrong the king.
  9. According to the passage, it is FALSE to state that
    A. Hare needed a warm blanket.
    B. Leopard wove blankets.
    C. King Lion needed a warm blanket
    D. Tortoise was willing to make the blanket.
  10. According to the passage, the Leopard's wife was surprised because
    A. Hare had come to her home
    B. Lion had come to her home himself
    C. Hare had been sent to her home
    D. Lion had sent his subjects to her
  11. Leopard instructed her child to whistle when the king appeared at her compound because she
    A. feared that the king might punish her.
    B. wanted to present the blanket herself.
    C. wanted to meet king Hare
    D. needed to punish Hare.
  12. From the passage, Leopard's wife can be described as
    A. polite, slow and motherly.
    B. obedient, forgetful and clever.
    C. obedient, weak and wise.
    D. polite, motherly and clever.
  13. Hare deserved to be punished because he
    A. was unable to make his blanket.
    B. terrorized Lion's child.
    C. wanted to be the king.
    D. was rude and a liar.
  14. Leopard's child did not whistle as instructed by her mother for
    A. he was afraid of Hare.
    B. he forgot to whistle.
    C. he was disobedient.
    D. Hare jumped in front of him.
  15. Which one of the statements below is TRUE according to the passage?
    A. Leopard's child delivered the blanket to Hare.
    B. Leopard's wife delivered the blanket to the king.
    C. Hare managed to escape with the blanket.
    D. Hare delivered the blanket to the king.

Read the passage below and then answer questions 41 to 50.

Nzambani rock is undoubtedly one of the country's largest stone outcrops. It stands tall and proudly next to Nzambani primary school in Kitui County. It is a rock with many tales. Some locals say that the stone is living while others claim they hear noise from the direction of the stone at night. It is also believed that anyone who goes around the stone seven times would be mysteriously change into a member of the opposite sex. The rock is said to have housed some ritual practices in the distant past. But the controversial tales remain just that, as no
personal accounts of these happenings have ever been given.

The rock is beautiful. It leaves every single visitor yearning to come again. Its location was once filled with roaming wildlife which could jeopardize children lives and may be the cause of the many scary tales. At dusk, herdsmen striding home with their cattle in Chuluni some metres from the rock, feel its towering presence and protection. Traders whiling away time outside their shops at the top on Kaluluku Hill get a captivating bird's eye view of the rock. At dusk, when the sun is sinking far away at Kwa-vonza; as seen from this hill, the rock looks like a big shadow. From the distant Museve and Kitimui hills, the 600 feet Nzambani rock is seen struggling for its space among the tall trees around. It is as if it is reaching up to get a gulp of fresh air since it is believed to be living. The rock has a shining allure and leaves many convinced that it might be growing. Or how else would you explain the amazing fact that even though the trees keep on growing throughout the year, they never surpass it in height.

Nzambani rock remains a scenic tourist attraction in Kitui County. It is only about 45 minutes drive from Kitui town. It has a metallic staircase to its top, which was built some years back. An adorable fee is levied for both locals and foreigners at the parking lot office. It takes only 15 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the base of the rock. The staircase is fenced for the sake of children and other "height phobic' people. On a windy day, the ladder sways. A spectacle that scares many people with the fear of height. From the top, one has a 360 degrees view of Kitui County. Nzambani rock is visible from a distance of 60 miles away. It is no doubt a symbol of identity for the region and explains in many ways, its captivating history.

  1. The word proudly has been underlined. Its OPPOSITE in meaning is?
    A. humbly
    B. shyly
    C. highly
    D. lowly
  2. According to the passage, it is FALSE to state that
    A. Nzambani rock is one of the largest rocks in the country.
    B. Nzambani rock stands tall next to Nzambani primary school.
    C. Nzambani is the largest rock in the country.
    D. Nzambani rock is a spectacular site.
  3. The phrase 'But the controversial tales remains just that, as no personal....' Mean?
    A. The tales have founded truth.
    B. The tales have no evidence.
    C. The tales are to scare people.
    D. The tales attracts tourists.
  4. According to the passage, it is TRUE to state that
    A. the rock has mysterious power
    B. the rock is very scaring
    C. the rock has noises at night
    D. the rock is an attractive site
  5. From the passage, Nzambani can be described as
    A. rocky and bare.
    B. windy and bushy
    C. forested and bare
    D. rocky and forested
  6. According to the passage, the inhabitants believe that Nzambani rock
    A. stands tall.
    B. is a tourist den
    C. is alive
    D. has a metallic ladder.
  7. People who climb Nzambani rock are advantaged to
    A. away on the metallic staircase.
    B. see the tourist scenic attraction.
    C. see the entire Kitui County.
    D. to see the symbol of the region.
  8. According to the passage, at dusk
    A. herdsmen stride home at Nzambani.
    B. traders while time near Nzambani.
    C. Nzambani has a shining allure.
    D. Nzambani looks like a large shadow.
  9. Trees grow each year and do not surpass Nzambani because
    A. Nzambani is quite tall.
    B. Nzambani grow quickly.
    C. trees grow slowly.
    D. trees struggle to get taller.
  10. The BEST title for the passage is?
    A. Nzambani the growth rock.
    B. Nzambani is the amazing fact.
    C. spectacular site.
    D. Levies for both local and foreign tourists


The following is the beginning of a story. Complete it in your own words and make it as interesting as possible

The podium was adequately set. The school band ushered the guest of honour…………………………….….




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