How to Top Up

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The EasyElimu Teachers App provides you with the opportunity to sell your files i.e Lesson Plans, Schemes of Work, School Yearly Reports for CBC and Assessment Rubrics and Report Cards for CBC, online to our big pool of teachers. 

You may also want to buy files or read within the app but your funds are insufficient. In this case you need to top up your wallet via MPESA. In this guide we will take you through a step by step procedure on how you can top up your wallet via MPESA.

We are going to top up 500/-

  1. Go your MPESA, Lipa na MPESA, Buy Goods and Services
  2. Enter till number 738874
  3. Enter the amount you need to top up, in this case 500 shillings
  4. Enter your MPESA pin and click send
  5. You will receive an MPESA message which starts with a confirmation code. e.g. PKN42DXIMG
  6. Now go back to the top up page as shown below and enter your phone number (do not start with zero) and the confirmation code (Make sure you type it correctly) sent to you in the previous step. Click on Make Payment

    screenshot payment page1
    Top up page

  7. If your payment details are correct, your payment will be confirmed and your wallet balance updated accordingly as shown below
    screenshot payment succesful
    Payment Confirmed

    screenshot transactions
    Wallet Balance Updated

  8. Now you can proceed to download or read the content of your choice.

Download How to Top Up.

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Why download?

  • ✔ To read offline at any time.
  • ✔ To Print at your convenience
  • ✔ Share Easily with Friends / Students

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