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EasyElimu Study App has been nominated for the 2022 Mobile App Award in Category; 25. Best Educational App.

We appreciate that you, our esteemed users love us and will still vote for us, without any incentive but we still want to offer a free economy package subscription when you vote for us.

How to claim the subscription.

  1. Open the link below

    Which will give you access to the voting page as shown below.

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  2.  Scroll down to category 25, Best Educational App as shown. 
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  3. Tap the category to open. Select EasyElimu Study App and tap the Vote Button as shown.

    Take a screenshot as soon as the confirmation shows as the confirmation message does not stay for long.

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  4. After voting, take a screenshot and send to our whatsapp number +254703165909, with your account details, ie Email Address and Phone Number.
  5. We will subscribe you to the package. Enjoy and Happy Reading! :)

Voting is open from 3rd – 17 November 2022. You can only vote according to the Voting Limit & Rules so go and vote now to get the subscribed to the Easy Elimu economy package.

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