How to easily Subscribe to an Easy Elimu Package - High School, Upper and Lower Primary Subscription

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High School, Upper and Lower Primary Subscription

If your access level is that of a High School, Upper or Lower Primary the following are the subscription packages available to you

  • Advanced Package - 2000 points/weekor 200 KES per week
  • Advanced+ Package - 5000 Points/month or 500 KES per month
  • Pro Package - 10000 points/year or 1000 KES for 1 year.
  • Premium Package - 30,000 points for life (no expiry) or 3,000 KES forever. :)

How to Subscribe (High School, Lower and Upper Primary (with Screenshots)

  1. Click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top left
  2. If you don't have enough points to subscribe, you'll need to add points first. If you already have sufficient points, jump to step 8.

    To add elimu points:
    Tap on the Elimu Points menu.
    elimupoints menu
  3. Tap on the "Add Elimu Points" floating button at the bottom right.
    add elimupoints
  4. There are 3 ways to add Elimu Points but for this tutorial, we will handle addition by Mpesa.
    add elimu points
    Tap on "Buy Elimu Points using Mpesa Menu"
  5. Follow the on screen instructions on how to pay to complete your payment.
    Enter your phone number and mpesa confirmation code sent in the Mpesa message.
  6. If your details are correct, your payment will be confirmed and points added accordingly, i.e. Amount paid x 10. You will also receive a notifcation confirming the same.
    payment confirm
  7. In this case, we paid 500/- so we have received 5000 Elimu Points.
    points balance
  8. After payment, go back to app's home and tap "Subscriptions"
    subscriptions menu
  9. Tap on the package you wish to subscribe to depending on your points balance. 
    In this tutorial, we will subscribe to the advanced + package for 5000 points per month.
    packages2 1
  10. Confirm that you would want to subscribe by clicking yes on the popup that appears as shown below.
    about to sub

    Another popup will appear confirming your subscription. Click on OK to exit. You will also receive a notification confirming your subscription.
    sub success

  11. Your subscription is now active.

    active sub
  12. You can now proceed to our content and download whatever you need.

    step 1
    step 1
    step 1


To watch the latest video lessons, click on the link below

Download How to easily Subscribe to an Easy Elimu Package - High School, Upper and Lower Primary Subscription.

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