GENERAL ESSAY QUESTIONS AND SAMPLE ESSAYS Set 2 of 2 - Blossoms of the Savannah

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1. Parenting should build an environment of trust and peace in a family. Write an essay that explores how this statement applies to the Ole Kaelo family in Blossoms of the Savannah.

Introduction - (2mks)


Points of interpretation;

- The kind of parenting by Mama Milanoi and her husband does not herald peace and trust in their family. The girls desire to join the university does not receive any attention from the parents. The girls get emotionally affected as a result.

Ole Kaelo's acerbic/stinging tongue is a source of discomfort to his daughters. They enjoy his absence from the house.

The parents secretly conspire to marry off Resian to Oloisudori, which leads to her escape from home and her misery. This betrays her trust.

Resian is fully aware that the father loves Taiyo and hates her. Reasian is always on the receiving end, being cajoled and criticized for this or for that by the father. She knows no peace in the family.

(Any 4 well explained points x 3)

Conclusion - 2mks

Language A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1


2. The author has been able to effectively employ irony to bring out the message of the text. Illustrate the effectiveness of this style in the text.


Communication is greatly dependent on the manner of passing the message. One of the most effective ways of communicating is by use of irony. The text Blossoms of the Savannah by H.R Ole Kulet clearly employs this style.


Olarinkoi presents himself as dependable person when he saves Resian and Taiyo from rapists. He however turns out to be a rapist himself he wants to have Resian
against her will.

FGM which is a harmful practice to women is practiced, propagated and defended by the people it hurt most women.

Mama Milanoi remains mum even when her daughters are harassed by her husband who wants to have them circumcised and married off to Oloisundori against their

Ole Kaelo opts to marry off his daughter Resian mannered old man, in order to save his business.


Irony as a style is one of the major styles employed by the author to communicate his message.

3. It is resian’s determination that makes her achieve her goals. In the light of what happens in the novel, Blossoms of savannah, Write an essay in support of this assertion.


People who are determined and optimistic in life achieve success in their life endeavors. Although Resia's road to success is in pain, she finally achieves her goals in life as portrayed in Ole Kulet's Blossoms of Savannah.


Resian is determined to join the university. On the day her family packs and leaves Nakuru for Nasila, Resian expresses her feelings about not working at the shop saying that she wants to come back to Nakuru and join Edgerton University. She hopes to take a course in veterinary medicine and become a veterinary doctor. She keeps urging her sister to talk to the father to enroll them at the university. At one point she is worried that her sister has spent all the money decorating the shop and leaves nothing for their University education. She tells her father that even if she lives to be eighty, she will still go to university. Finally, after a long struggle, she is able to enroll at Edgerton University for her dream course. Not giving pays up for her.

Resian is determined not to undergo female circumcision. She is opposed to this retrogressive practice and says that she would rather live in the noisiest place on earth than live anywhere near a vagabond who would accost her with the intention of mutilating her sexuality.Resian is optimistic that soon Nasita culture would do away with FGM as a cultural practice. While she's held captive in Olarinkoi's hut she dreams in her sleep.In her dream she show cases her gallant and determined nature She vows that the old enkamuratani and enkoiboni with a mallet. Her determined resistance against undergoing FGM starts bearing fruits when she and Nabaaru reach Minik's Ranch. This is after a hair-raising and daring escape on the verge of being circumcised in Olarinkoi's hut in inkiito. She is finally safe with Emakererei.Her determination not to be circumcised has borne fruit.

Resian is determined and hopeful of meeting and working with minik ene Nkoitoi,her role model. She dreams of graduating from University and getting a chance to work with Emakorerei. She imagines herself already working at the ranch during a large flock of sheep. She even thinks of asking for help of Joseph Parmuat in composing a song in her praise. When the ill-INTENDED Olarinkoi suggests he could rescue her from oloisudori by taking her to Emakerereri,sje jumps at th idea and falls prey to his evil plans. However after such a struggle, she is able with the help of Nabaaru,to escape from Olarinkoi,s hut and run to minikis ranch. There,she gets her own house ,a job and finally gets to enroll at her dream university and dream course. Her remaining hopes has finally paid off.

Determination not to get married to Oloisuduni forcibly has paid off for Resian. Oloisudori is an old man that Resian describes as a monster. Her father Ole kaelo, intends to give his daughter away in marriage as a seventh wife. However, she is determined to face him and resist his advances on her.she and her sister Taiyo hatch a plan to return the gifts that were part of the dowry by Oloisudori.when Olosudori announces that his fate with Resian is sealed,she responds by telling him that he is mad.He is stunned. She tells her father that she would rather die than get married to a monster,an Ol-ushuushi like Oloisudori,a monster,gangster,bank robber and an extortionist per excellence. Oloisudori makes a final attempt to get either Resian or Taiyo for marriage from Minik's ranch, a move that sees his convoy reduced to ashes. He is thoroughly clobbered and has to run for his life.resian has finally won the battle.


It is imperative to say hopeful even in the midist of a storm.Resian, albeit stuggling, succeeded because of her unwavering determination.

Introduction-2mks Body -12mks Conclusion -2mks Language -4mks = 20mks

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