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Mathematics Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 1 2023 Set 1

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  1. What is 6666660 in words? (2mks)
  2. By how much is the total value of digit eight more than the total value of digit five in the figure below? (2mks)
  3. Write the place value of digit five in the figure below? (2mks)
  4. The abacus below shows number of packets of maize flour sold by a supermarket in one week
    MATHGD7QN4. (2mks)
    What is the number of packets sold rounded off to the nearest ten thousands?
  5. Which is the largest 5-digit odd number that can be formed using the .ligits (Imks)
  6. Shannon was asked by her Mathematics teacher to list prime numbers between 70 and 80. Write all the correct numbers she listed. (Imks),
  7. The number of boys in a school was half that of girls. If there were 600 pupils in that school, how many more girls were in that school than boys (2mks)
  8. Hamisi bought a 2.4m long sugarcane. He cut it into 8 equal parts and gave each piece to his friends. What length did two of his friends get? (2mks)
  9. A grade 7 Mathematics teacher invited a KRA official to teach his class about taxes. Name two types of taxes he most likely mentioned. (2mks)
  10. Find the height of the triangular field drawn below if the area is 648m2. (3mrks)
  11. What is the square of 36? (Imk) tod
  12. A train left Mombasa at 0900hrs. It took 5 hours 45 minutes to reach Nairobi. What time in am/pm did it reach Nairobi? (2mks)
  13. Express 100 as a product of its factors using factor tree. (2mks)
  14. The diagram below shows a triangle QRS. Construct a perpendicular line from point S to meet line QR at point T.
    What is the length of line TR? (3mks)
  15. In the diagram below, line EF is parallel to line XY. Line UW is equal to line VW. Angle EWV is 70o
    What is the size of angle EWU? (2mks)
  16. Estimate the quotient of 5714 and 129 by rounding off the divisor and dividend to the nearest hundreds. (2mks)
  17. In a wedding ceremony, there were 946 men, 2346 women and 8991 children. How many more children than adults attended the wedding? (2mks)
  18. What is the L.C.M of 8, 12, 16? (2mks)
  19. What is the product of faces, vertices and edges of the 3-D object drawn below? (2mks)
  20. It is estimated that in the year 2030, the population of people in Nairobi will increase by: 1379856. If the current population is 4672849, how many people are likely to be in Nairobi in the year 2030? (2mks)
  21. Convert 2.975km to m. (1mks)
  22. At the weigh brige a lorry weighed 5t 870kg. A canter weighed 1t 200kg. What was the total mass of both the lorry and the canter? (2mks)
  23. Work out (2mks)
  24. Felix bought 30 eggs for sh. 450. He ate 4 eggs and sold the rest at sh.20. How much profit did he make? (2mks)


  1. Six million six hundred and sixty six thousand six hundred and sixty.
  2. Total value of digit 8 and total value of digit 5 4869357
    by how much here means take away
  3. place value of digit5
    • Tens of thousands
  4. Total number of packets=356170435 Round off to the nearest ten thousands 356170435
    • 356200000
  5. Largest 5-digit odd number from7,3,4,8,6
    An odd number is not divisible by 2
  6. Prime numbers between 70 and 80. A prime number is a whole number greater than I that cannot be exactly divides by any whole number other than itself and 1
    prime numbers between 70and 80 are 71, 73, 79
  7. Boys half that of girls
    Girls 2x
    Boys 200
    Girls 400
    How many more girls than boys (400-200) -200-
  8. Length-2.4m 8
    friend 2.4/8
  9. Types of taxes in Kenya Value added tax 
    • Income tax
    • Excise duty
    • Rental income tax
    • Turnover tax
    • Pay as you carn
  10. Area 648m³
    base (62+10)=72m
     =height 18m
  11. Square of 36=36²
    =(36 x 36)
  12. ←—————————————————→
    mombasa0900hrs                                 nairobi
    Arrival time Dep+Time taken
        + 0545
          = 1445
  13. 100 as a product of its factors.
  14. The length TR after construction is
    4.5cm (-0.1or+0.Icm)
  16. Round off 5714 and 129 the near hundreds
    5700 and 100
    Quotient- 5700/100
  17. Men = 946
    Women 2346
    Children 8991 Adult 2346 +946=3292
  18. L.CM of 8, 12, 16
  19. Faces 5
    Vertices = 5
  20. Population increase = 1379856
    Current population=4672849
    in 2030                 
    4672849+1379856= 6052705
  21. Convert 2.97km to m
    1km 1000m
    2.975km 2.975 x 1000 = 2975m
  22. Lorry=51870kg
    Canter- 11 200kg
    Total T         kg
             S         870
              I         200
               7      070
     =7t       70kg
  23. 3/4+2/5-5/8
  24. B.Psh. 450
    S.P (26 x 20)-sh. 520
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