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English Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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Task 1: LISTENING AND SPEAKING Read the following conversation and then answer questions 1 to 5.
Lion: As your all time king, I called you to this meeting so that we can together discuss matters pertaining our safety, comfortable life and any other we shall find burning. It is an important meeting because it is the first since we started this rainy season."

Gazelle: Mr. Lion, representing other gazelles, I feel that some animals like tiger and cheetah must stop depending on our meat for their dietary needs. If anything, they can as well feed on vegetation as we do. We need to live!

Rhino: That aside, we are tired of travelling long distances looking for water. I think we can drill our own well from which we can have water. This, I think, should be the first thing to be done after this meeting.

Antelope: Over the last three seasons, my family members and I have suffered acute famine due to lack of adequate pasture. This caused poor health and even death among us. I'd want us to start farming activities so that we can save food for consumption during famine.

Leopard: For quite sometime, there have been conflicts between some of us and human beings. I will not mention any of us but the ones who always walk into human residence and cause destruction and loss must stop it with immediate effect.

Rhino: I also think that we should hold occasional competitions in different games, abilities and talents. This will go a long way in improving our physical fitness. These areas can be dancing, running, singing among others. We can together come up with more areas.

Lion: Very well my members. My secretary had been taking your points. Together with my able committee, I shall have another meeting soon to deliberate on your matters. A day like this next week, I shall convene another general meeting and let you know the way forward.

  1. We can conclude that the lion was a
    1. lazy king. 
    2. caring king.
    3. weak king.
    4. careless king.
  2. According to the antelope, what caused death among her family members? 
    1. Adequate pasture
    2. Too much rain 
    3. Lack of pasture
    4. Acute floods
  3. Which of the following animals noticed human animal conflict?
    1. Rhino.
    2. Lion.
    3. Leopard.
    4. Antelope.
  4. Rhino mentioned all the following competition areas except 
    1. swimming
    2. singing. 
    3. dancing. 
    4. running.
  5. According to the rhino, why was well drilling important?
    1. The water would be used for irrigation.
    2. Animals would use the water to rear fish.
    3. They would use the water to improve their hygiene standards.
    4. They would not travel far to look for water.

Task 2: Extensive Reading (Comprehension)
Read the passage and then answer questions 6 to 10.
Nunge was a Grade seven boy in Kainame Junior Secondary School. He had one sister in Grade two and one brother in playgroup. Their parents loved them to an extent of giving them whatever they asked for.

Though Nunge was a hardworking boy, he decided to join a gang of bad boys who did not realize any importance of education. Every now and again, his parents were summoned to school to listen to chains of cases against their son. Not only at school did Mr and Mrs Utubora solve such cases, but also at home where neighbours complained bitterly against Nunge.

Everyone was tired of Nunge. Teachers dropped their tools and the good friends he had fled one after another. By and by, even the friends he held so dear left him friendless, poor Nunge! He was so confused that he did not know what to do. When the headteacher, Mr. Mahira, called him in his office for pieces of advice, he showed no interest and instead, took to his feet to an unknown destination. Todate, no one knows his whereabouts.

  1. Which of the following statements is not true according to the passage? 
    1. Mr and Mrs. Utubora had one daughter.
    2. Nunge's mother supported him in whatever he did.
    3. The parents were concerned with the welfare of their son.
    4. Utubora's children were all learners.
  2. According to the first paragraph, 
    1. Mr and Mrs Utubora loved their children.
    2. Utubora's children did not love their parents.
    3. Nunge's sister was a playgroup learner.
    4. Nunge was summoned by the head teacher.
  3. The gang of boys Nunge joined had 
    1. lazy boys.
    2. hard working boys. 
    3. rude boys.
    4. industrious boys.
  4. Why did Mr.Mahira call Nunge in his office?
    1. For punishment.
    2. He wanted to send him. 
    3. For interrogation.
    4. For pieces of advice.
  5. The phrase teachers dropped their tools shows that they
    1. gave up on Nunge. 
    2. stopped working. 
    3. were tired.
    4. had no pieces of advice.

Task 3: Grammar in use.
Use the given words to complete the story below.

  • information
  • holiday
  • merits
  • enthusiastic
  • experts

Kenyans, it is claimed, do not read much. However, there are many.....................11..............................for instilling a passion for reading in your child or developing yourself. Child......................12.............................say that an........................13...........................reader finds it easy to study in school than a child who struggles to read. Books are a good source of........................14...........................and a good alternative to the television and video games especially during the school .........................15..........................

For questions 16 to 18, underline proper nouns.

  1. The shortest month of the year is February.
  2. Mombasa is claimed to be the hottest city in our country.
  3. Jude flew his kite though the weather was not windy.

For questions 19 to 22, identify the tenses of the verbs in each sentence.

  1. The school term starts next week.
  2. Mwenje sought for advices before constructing his house.
  3. Our team lost to theirs in the last week's ballgames competition.
  4. We go to church every Sunday.

For questions 23 to 25. construct correct sentences using the Superlative of the given adjectives.

  1. Expensive,
  2. Cold
  3. Beautiful

Task 4: Intensive Reading (Trickster Narrative)
Read the story below and answer questions 26 to 30.
Once upon a time, hare was caught stealing yams. The people took him to the village and tied him to a pole. All the people came to see the thief who had been a manace to their farms. Hare felt very embarrassed. They then decided to kill him, and the best way to do it, they all agreed, was to build a fire around him and roast him alive. So, off they went to collect firewood. While the people had gone to collect firewood leaving hare alone, the jackal, who was looking for people's leftovers, happened to pass near the place where hare was tied. Hare saw him and called him over. The jackal came and was astonished to find his friend there.

"Why have you been tied up?" he asked, "Oh, it is simple," the hare replied, "The people of the village are preparing a feast for me. They have killed two cows and four goats and there is also some beer ready. They have tied me because I don't want to join their feast. They want to make sure I don't run away."

"But really," said the jackal. "You must have been very stupid to refuse that honour. If it had been me, I would have been delighted". "Well, that's easy enough," said the hare. "Just come and untie me and I'll tie you here instead. I don't wart their silly honours and feasts. You can have them all if you want."

So, quickly the jackal untied the hare and was instead tied up. The hare left and hid himself close whereby we could not be seen. Soon, the people returned and found the jackal tied to the pole instead of the hare. Now, since the jackal was more of a threat to their domestic animals than the hare, they were even happier to have him captive. They heaped up firewood around the pole and set it ablaze. The jackal's protests and pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. The fire blazed, the wood crackled and the jackal perished. The hare then skipped out of his hiding place, showed himself once to the people and was gone.

  1. Why did the villagers leave hare alone tied to a pole?
  2. Where was the jackal going when he saw hare tied to a pole?
  3. Why were the people happier to find jackal instead of hare?
  4. What was the main cause of jackal's death?
  5. According to this story, describe the hare in your own words.


  1. B
  2. C
  3. C
  4. A
  5. D
  6. B
  7. A
  8. A
  9. D
  10. A
  11. merits
  12. experts
  13. enthusiastic
  14. information
  15. holiday
  16. February
  17. Mombasa
  18. Jude
  19. simple present
  20. simple past
  21. simple past
  22. simple present
  23. It is the most expensive watch.
  24. July is the coldest month.
  25. She is the most beautiful maiden.
  26. They went to collect firewood.
  27. To look for people's leftovers.
  28. Jackal was more of a threat than hare.
  29. Greed
  30. Tricky


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