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CRE Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 2

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  1. The statements below describe a leader in the Bible
    1. He defended the rights of his people 
    2. He served as a shepherd in the wilderness
    3. God appeared to him in the burning bush
      The leader described above is (1mk)
  2. Which book of the New Testament addressed the history of the early church (1mk)
  3. During a group discussion, grade seven learners discussed Isaiah's prophecy about the coming of Jesus Christ. Write four titles. he gave to Jesus Christ. (4mks)
  4. What was Zechariah's punishment for not believing in God's message (Luke 1:57-66) (1mk)
  5. Write three instructions that John the baptist gave to the soldiers (Luke 3:7-15) (3mks)
  6. A grade seven teacher has asked the learners to write challenges faced by Bible translators. List five points that they wrote in their exercise books (5mks)
  7. Write four minor prophetic books of the Bible? (4mks)
  8. Grade seven Green learners presented their points on misuse of natural resources to the rest of the class. Match correctly the points to the solutions (4mks)
    1. Deforestation                             Avoid burning bushes 
    2. Overgrazing                               Use proper methods of farming
    3. Poor farming methods               Planting more trees 
    4. Pollution                                     Keeping the right number of animals
  9. From the biblical story of creation in Genesis chapter one, God rested on the seventh day because (1mk)
  10. Write five ways of how the word of God helps you to serve God and others. (5mks)
  11. The following are the books of the Bible
    1. Galatians
    2. Numbers
    3. Revelations
    4. Malachi
    5. Romans
    6. Psalms
      Classify them into Old and New Testament (6mks)
  12. Write five leadership qualities that you learn from Moses (5mks)
  13. What responsibilities did God give human beings over animals, fish and birds?(3mks)
  14. List seven versions of the Bible used in Kenya. (7mks)

Marking Scheme

  1. Moses
  2. Acts of the Apostles
    • Wonderful counsellor
    • Mighty God
    • Eternal father
    • Prince of peace
    • Could not speak for nine months.
    • He became dumb
    1. Not to take money from anyone by force.
    2. Not to accuse anyone falsely.
    3. To be content with their pay.
    1. Lack of finances.
    2. Language barrier.
    3. Failure to understand the language and culture of the target community.
    4. lack of Bible knowledge.
    • Zephania
    • Haggai
    • Nehemiah
    • Amos
    1. Planting more trees.
    2. Keeping the right number of animals.
    3. Use proper methods of farming.
    4. Avoid burning bushes.
  9. He had completed His work of creation.
    1. It helps me to share what I have with others.
    2. It helps to help the needy.
    • Old Testament         New Testament    
      Numbers                   Romans
      Malachi                     Revelation
      Psalms                     Galatians
    • Courageous
    • Patient
    • Caring
    • Loving
    1. To care and protect animals, fish and birds.
    2. To preserve animals, fish and birds.
    • Revised standard version.
    • Good News Version.
    • The Living Bible.
    • The African Bible.
    • King James Version.
    • New International Version
    • Jerusalem Bible.
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