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Agriculture Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 2

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  1. Pollution involves throwing of harmful materials into the environment. Name 4 ways in which soil is polluted in your environment. (4mks)
  2. Apart from sunken bed, name 3 other structures that farmers use to retain water in the farm. (3mks)
  3. Students from Maji Mazuri JSS were asked by their Agriculture teacher to spread dry plant material around the base of young plants. Give two reasons why it is important to perform the activity in the farm. (2mks)
  4. Identify four minimum tillage practices that farmers should carry out in the farm to reduce conserving water (4mks)
  5. Explain the term Agroforestry? (2mks)
  6. Students wanted to practice Agroforestry in the school farm. State 5 choice of trees that they should consider to plant. (5mks)
  7. State four ways in which Agroforestry conserve the environment. (4mks)
  8. Identify two trees that are suitable for Agroforestry.  (2 mks)
  9. While learning about crop production, students identified different planting sites in school. One method they identified was a container site. Name 3 places in the school compound the students can place the containers. (3mks)
  10. Planting sites are very key especially during seed germination. Identify at least 2 plants that grow on each line of tilth given (3mks)
    1. Fine tilth
    2. Medium tilth
    3. Coarse tilth
  11. Write true or false on the following statements on crop production. (4 mks)
    1. Harrowing involves breaking and smoothening the surface of the soil after digging the land:
    2. Levelling of the land involves slashing and removal of the stumps before digging up the land:
  12. While establishing crops in a school farm. The students brought vegetative planting materials. Name 3 examples of plants that the students brought to school. (3 mks)
  13. Differentiate between the following terms as used in planting seeds (3 mks)
    1. Broadcasting
    2. Drilling
    3. Dibbling
  14. Name five factors to consider when planning when to plant crops. (5mks)
  15. Grade 7 learners were asked by their teacher why it is important to prepare land. What answer do you think they gave? (3mks)

Marking Scheme

    1. Dumping plastic on the soil
      • Excessive use of farm chemicals
      • Improper disposal of used chemical containers
      • Excessive use of artificial fertilizers
      • Soil erosion
    • Earth basin
    • Water retention ditches
    • Water retention pits
    • Conserves soil moisture
    • Prevents soil erosion
    • Decomposes and becomes manure
    • Mulching
    • Slashing weeds
    • Uprooting weeds
    • Restricted cultivation
  5. Agroforestry refers to the practice of growing crops and trees in the same land
    • Deep rooted
    • Fast growing
    • Free from chemicals
    • Small leaves
    • Should be beneficial
    • Supply wood for fuel
    • Trees conserve soil
    • Trees act as windbreakers
    • Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
    • Casuarina
    • Grevillea
    • Along the fence
    • On the building walls
    1. Millet and sunflower seeds
    2. Beans and maize seeds
    3. Tubers, suckers and cuttings
    1. True
    2. False
  12. Sweet potatoes, sugarcane, cassava, banana
    • Broadcasting seeds are sprinkled and thrown in random in the land
    • Drilling seeds are planted in farrows
    • Dibbling seeds are placed in holes in cultivated land and then covered.
    • Soil moisture
    • Onset of rain
    • Staggered planting
    • Time of harvesting.


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