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Agriculture Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 3

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  1. Grade six learners made the following observation on a place soil erosion had taken place.
    1. Stones below the soil were exposed
    2. Roots of the crops and trees
    3. Eroded soil was deposited at the lower side of the slope.
      The type of soil erosion they observed was  (2mks)
  2. The soil conservation method shown by the diagram below is .(1mk)
    2 sdsds
  3. List down three water retention structures. (3mks)
  4. The main importance of constructing water retention structures in agricultural farms is (1mk)
  5. Identify the water retention structure shown by the diagram below. (2mks)
    5 sdsfsf
  6. State three ways in which minimum tillage can be practised in a farm. (3mks)
  7. Describe three characteristics of agroforestry trees. (3mks)
  8. Grade seven learners were asked to identify some farming practices that cause soil pollution if not carried out properly. State some of the practices they identified. (2mks)
  9. How can members of the community be made aware of soil pollution control measures. (1mk)
  10. State three characteristics of trees used in agroforestry. (3mks)
  11. Grade six learners were asked to list ways of growing ornamental plants using soilless medium. Write down three soilless mediums they listed. (3mks)
  12. Identify the leguminous crop (1 mk)
    12 dsfsfs
  13. Name three planting materials used in food production. (3mks)
  14. Identify one precaution to observe when harvesting pump) ins and calabash. (1mk)
  15. The removal of excess seedlings to avoid in a nursery bed is known as (1mk)
  16. Areas where crops are grown are known as (1mk)
  17. List two gardening practices in which we care for seedlings which are used in agroforestry. (2mks)
  18. Give three importance of water conservation in a farm. (3mks)
  19. Name two maintenance practices done on the gardening tool below. (2mks)
    19 sfsfs
  20. State three routine practices mainly done on small domestic animal o avoid pests and discases. (3mks)

Marking Scheme

  1. Sheet erosion
  2. Terracing
    • earth basin
    • water retention ditch
    • water retention pit
  4. conserve water
  5. water retention ditch
  6. slashing, restricted cultivation. mulching
    • Trees are planted together with crops.
    • Trees grow in pastureland
    • Trees are mainly
    • poor disposal of plastic bags
    • Over use of chemical
    • Overuse of fertilizers.
    • Use of water with chemicals
  9. Making posters and banners 
    • Trees to mature fast
    • Trees should be palatable 
    • Leaves should decompose easily
    • Trees should have multiple purposes
    • Trees should not compcic for sunlight
    • Use pebble
    • Use of cocoa peats
    • Use of pumice
    • Rice hulls
    • Peat moss
  12. beans 
    • seeds
    • cereals
    • legumes
    • vegetables materials.
    • splits suckers
    • tubers cuttings
  14. the stalk should attached to the pumpkin when harvesting
  15. thinning
  16. planting sites
    • Weeding
    • Thinning
    • Watering
    • Reduces soil erosion.
    • Ensures availability of water 
    • Saves money
    • Conserved water is used for farming purposes
    • Sharpenine
    • Replace broken handles
    • Deworming
    • Feeding on right dict
    • Veterinary services
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