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Physical ED and Sports Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 3

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  1. List three techniques used during the flight phase in long jump. (3mks)
  2. Which type of shot during a game of handball can be used when a goal keeper is a distance away from the goal? (1mk)
  3. Zora attended a community volleyball tournament in her village. Which methods could have been used to serve the ball during the game? (2mks)
  4. A grade six pupil was asked to name three methods of trapping a ball in the game of soccer. Which methods could he have named? (3mks)
  5. List any two common injuries during sports. (2mks)
  6. During the game of kabaddi the player who enters the opponent's side of the courts is known as (1mk)
  7. Mr. Omondi a PE and sports teacher was teaching handball. Which skills that are necessary during the game could he have named? (2mks)
  8. At an interschool game, Jane caught the ball in the game of handball run and scored while outside the goal area. The referee blew the whistle and refused her score; this could have happened because. (1mk)
  9. Name two types of grip in javelin. (2mk)
  10. Fill in the table below (6mks)
      Description  Answer
    i A deceptive move to confuse an opponent during a handball game  
    ii A score in the game of tag rugby  
    iii Preventing an opponent from passing or receiving a ball in the game of netball  
    iv The number of players in the game of volleyball  
    v Any material that can be used in the landing area in long jump  
    vi The number of lanes in an athletics track  
  11. The body position shown below is known as (1mk)
    11 dada
  12. To measure the distance of a jump or a throw during field events is measured using (1mk)
  13. The diagram below shows equipment used in shot put.
    13 dadada
    The phases of making the shot are: (4mks)
  14. Sam was asked to name safety rules one should observe during long jump. List any two rules he would have mentioned. (2mks)
  15. Name three methods of starting a sprint. (3mks)
  16. The illustration below shows a method of passing a baton in relays called (1mk)
    16 adada
  17. During an outdoor activity conflict may arise due to (2mks)
  18. Name any two types of balances in athletics. (2mks)
  19. Name two legal touches in Kabaddi. (2mks)
  20. List two importance of rope skipping. (2mks)
  21. Lack of physical activity may lead to lifestyle diseases. Give any two examples of lifestyle diseases. (2mks)
  22. The ability to move the joints and muscles freely is known as (1mk)
  23. Pupils saw the sign below at the entrance of the pool. The sign is likely to mean. (1mk)
    23 adada
  24. The action of stepping once after throwing the ball is known as a (1mk)
  25. Which any two materials can be used as tracking signs during an outdoor activity (2mks)

Marking Scheme

    1. Hitch kick
    2. sail
    3. Hang 
  2. Lob shot
  3. Under arm serve/over arm serve/Tenis serve.
  4. chest trap/thigh trap/sole of the foot trap.
  5. sprain/strain/fracture/open. wound/dislocation
  6. Raider
  7. dribbling/shooting/marking/ dodging/feignting/blocking
  8. She made more than three steps 
  9. American grip/v-grip/finnish grip
    1. Feignting/dodging
    2. A try
    3. Blocking
    4. Sawdust/sand/grass
    5. Right (8)
  11. Crouch
  12. Measuring tape
  13. stance-grip-release and recovery
    • Jump one person at a time/take turns
    • Listen/follow instructions from the teacher.
    • Keep off the landing area.
    • Warm up before jumping.
    • Wear the right attire.
  15. Medium sprint start Bunch/bullet start
  16. down sweep method
    • Lack of respect
    • Poor communication
    • Poor leadership
    • Lack of patience
    • V balance
    • handstand
    • headstand
  19. hand touch, toe touch/foot touch
    • one gets an idea/body weight.
    • Helps keep off life style discases
    • For fun
    • Improves blood circulation/ heart rate.
  21. High blood presure/obesity/ diabetes/hypertension
  22. Flexibility
  23. No running
  24. follow through
  25. Leaves, branches, dung, sticks, stones, tree backs.
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