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Health Education Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 3

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  1. Health challenges that affect our well-being are mainly caused by (2mks)
  2. Name the three components of good health. (3mks)
  3. Name any two ways we can take care of our physical health (2mks)
  4. Sensitizing people about practices that promote good health is known as (1mk)
  5. List three components of a balanced diet (3mks)
  6. Emotions, feelings and being able to face and deal with challenges form part of health. (1 mk)
  7. It is important to learn health education in that it (2mks)
  8. Fill in the descriptions below with the correct career (6 mks)
       Description Career 
     a  Help people cope with life issues and mental health challenges.  
     b  Help people recover from accidents injuries through physical exercises.  
     c  Advice people on health eating habits.  
     d  Perform patients physical examination, collect information and take care of patients.  
     e  Examine patients, diagnose, treated prescribe medicine to patients  
     f  Work with local communities to educate them on how to take care of their health  
  9. Naomi was vying to be a Cabinet secretary for health in her school list any two activities she would have talked about that will help promote good health to prevent diseases amongst the students (2mks)
  10. In the space provided draw and colour a health promotion poster on a measure that could be used to prevent spread of cholera in the community (3mks)
  11. Hasla was asked to name any two non-communicable diseases, list any two diseases she could have named (2mks)
  12. Name three ways in which people can enhance wellness amongst themselves. (3mk)
  13. Foods such as chips, crisps and cakes are examples of foods. (2mks)
  14. Nutrients required by the body in large Quantities are known as (1mk)
  15. Fill in with by giving examples correctly (4mks)
       Macronutrients  Micronutrients
  16. Name any two programs the government of Kenya has rolled to help promote good health amongst the citizens (2mks)
  17. Substances given to provide nutrients that are lacking in the body are called (1mk)
  18. The three minerals that are necessary in our body are (3mks)
  19. In the space provided list a combination of a meal you can prepare that consist of a balanced diet. (2mks)
  20. Substances in food that help our body are called (1 mk)
  21. Name two sources of animal protein. (2mks)
  22. Write true or false.
    1. Iron helps in formation of blood.
    2. Nutrients are obtained from both plants and animals. (2mks)

Marking Scheme

    1. food we eat
    2. Physical injuries
    3. Our environment
  2. Physical/mental/social health
  3. Good grooming/physical exercises/eating a balanced dict caring for the body
  4. Health education
  5. Carbohydrates/protein/vitamins fats and oils
  6. Mental health
    • provides one with skills to manage diseases
    • provides people with skills to prevent infectious diseases
    • helps people to take care of their mental health
    1. psychologist
    2. physiotherapist
    3. nutritionist
    4. nurses
    5. clinical officers
    6. health promotion officers
    • making soap gel from left over soaps.
    • making tippy taps for hand washing points
    • forming groups that will be doing physical exercises together
  10. (good poster give 3marks)
  11. high blood pressure/cancer/ diabetes/heart disease
    • getting enough rest
    • eating a healthy balanced diet
    • doing plenty of exercise
    • practicing proper hygiene
  13. Junk food
  14. Macro nutrient
    • macro carbohydrates. proteins, fats & oils
    • micro nutrients-vitamins and minerals
    • provision of VCT centres
    • carry out polio, malaria. TB campaigns 
    • provision of free treated mosquito nets
    • provision of nutrional supplements
  17. Supplements
  18. Calcium/phosphorus/iron/iodin
    • potatoes beans spinach
    • chapati beef cabbage
    • ugali oranges chicken
  20. Nutrients
  21. Meat/fish/eggs/milk 
    • True
    • True


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