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Performing ARTS Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 3

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  1. Write down the names of the following musical note symbols. (3mks)
    1 adad
  2. During a performance of folk dance. props are required. Outline two items used as props during a folk dance performance. (2mks)
  3. Grade seven learners were asked by their performing arts teacher to give the meaning of performing arts. What could be their possible response? (1 mk)
  4. Explain two ways in which performing arts is of importance in the society. (2 mks)
  5. Name two percussion instruments that can be used to play a melody. (2mks)
  6. Define the following terms as used in performing arts (2mks)
    1. Tempo 
    2. Pitch
  7. What is the French rhythm name of the following musical notes. (2mks)
    1. Crotchet
    2. Minim
  8. Who is a poct? (1mk)
  9. What is a prop as used in performing arts? (1mk)
  10. Alice a grade seven learner was asked to give two qualities of a good storyteller. What could be her possible answers? (2mks)
  11. Outline two functions of costumes when performing a skit. (2mks)
  12. What are the letters in the scale of C major? (2mks)
  13. Write down the rest symbols of the following musical notes. (4mks)
    1. Dotted minim-
    2. Semibreve
    3. Quaver
    4. Semiquaver
  14. Circle the highest note in pitch. (1mk)
    C# and D
  15. Songs that are used to pass information on things that are happening in the society such as child rights are known as? (1mk)
  16. A song can be sang by adding a second voice part. When the two voice parts are sang together they produce a good sound. This is known as? (1mk)
  17. You have been asked to sing a song on the assembly together with your classmates. Singing together is known as? (1mk)

Marking Scheme

    1. Crotchet 
    2. Minim
    3. Dotted minim.
  2. pots, stools, balls, cooking sticks baskets etc.
  3. Performing arts are the skills prepared and performed to an audience/Are arts or skills that require a performance in front of at public audience.
    1. Allow people to express their feelings and emotions
    2. Source of employment: People cam a living as performers. actors, producers, directors. marketers etc.
    3. Educate people
    4. Are a means of communication 
    5. Bring people together. (Unity)
    6. Source of entertainment. 
    7. Are therapeutic: reduce stress- and manage psychological illnesses.
  5. Marimba, Adongo, Xylophone
    1. Tempo-refers to the speed of music.
    2. Pitch-refers to the highness ar lowness of music.
    1. Crotchet: Taa
    2. Minim: Taa-aa
  8. A poet is someone who composes poems
  9. A prop is an item used during a folk dance performance.
    1. Ability to face an audience without fear.
    2. makes friends with the audience easily.
    3. Ability to amuse and entertain an audience.
    4. Can create and re-create a scene.
    1. Make actors appear real.
    2. Tell where the action in the skit is taking place. 
    3. Brings out the characters. i.e you can tell a police officer and a doctor by looking at the costume.
    4. They tell the story.
    5. They can tell the audience what is going on in the skit.
  12. Scale of C major-C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C.
    perfo ans
  14. D
  15. Topical songs.
  16. Harmony
  17. Choral/choir singing
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