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Visual ARTS Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 3

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  1. What is the importance of studying visual arts? (2mks)
  2. Explain the following different categories of arts and give an example of each.
    1. visual arts (2mks)
    2. applied arts (2mks)
    3. performing arts (2mks)
    4. literary arts (2mks)
  3. Name two careers associated to the arts. (2 mks)
  4. On the space below, draw trees and buildings on a street using one point perspective. The images should vanish to the horizon. Shade your work using smudge technique. (10 mmks)
  5. On the space below, draw any fruits of your choice in a basket. Shade them to show light and dark effects. (8mks)

Marking Scheme

  1. Importance of studying visual arts: Source of personal enjoyment. it's a way of self expression, cultural expression.
    1. Visual arts are art forms appreciated through the sense of sight, example drawings. paintings, sculpture, collage. 
    2. Applied arts are related to visual arts but involve making and decorating of everyday items for practical use, example pottery, graphic design. ornaments, graphic design, fashion design, basketry 
    3. Performing arts involves performance or presentation to an audience, example music. dance, theatre, puppet show, poetry and spoken word
    4. Literacy arts-written or literacy art is writing of stories that have an artistic and cultural value, example stories, novels. script writing for plays, films and poetry
  3. Careers associated with arts masonry, painting, sculpture. architect, graphic design. modelling, drawing, fashion design 
  4. One point perspective: (image)
    (correctly drawn)
  5. Fruits on a basket: (image)
    (correctly drawn showing light and dark effects)
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