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Home Science Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 3

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  1. Identify the kitchen tools and equipment shown below and describe their uses. (2mks)
    1 dssds
  2. Describe grilling as used in cooking. (1mk)
  3. List four foods that are suitable for grilling. (2mks) 
  4. Grade seven learners were asked to prepare for a practical lesson in roasting. Write two equipment that they would need for roasting bananas. (2mks)
  5. Different families have different specific household needs. Explain two factors to consider when buying goods and services needed at household level. (4mks)
  6. Grade six learners had a guest speaker on how to choose optional subjects in grade seven. They discussed career and income generating activities in various subjects. Name two careers that one would pursue in studying Home Science. (2mks)
  7. Physical exercises are very important for an adolescent. Mention any two benefits of exercises in adolescents. (2mks)
  8. Mr. Joel is a restaurant owner Mweupe Tayari-yillage. Every day he peels the fruits and vegetables thinly and washes the Vegetables before cutting them. Give two reasons why he does that (2mks)
  9. Explain the meaning of the following terms. (2mks)
    1. Blanching 
    2. Stewing
  10. Explain the meaning of food supplementation. (2mks)
  11. Give two reasons for food supplementation.(2mks)
  12. It is important to cover food when cooking. Give two importance of covering food while cooking. (2mks)
  13. After learning about various things in clothing, Joshua was interested in starting his own business. Which two income generating activities would you advise him to do in order to supplement his income? (2mks)
  14. The pictures below show some types of food. Write one importance of the mineral found in each food. (2mks)
    14 adadad
  15. Which mineral do we get from cheese, una ush, yoghurt and iodized table salt? (1 mk)

Marking Scheme

    1. Kichen scale 
    2. Whisk
  2. Grilling is a dry method of cooking food. It involves using direct heat, over, under or infront of a fire.
  3. Foods suitable for grilling inclue: sausages, chicken, green maize, fish, beef, pork and bacon.
    • Electric oven
    • Gas cooker
    • Jika
    • Fire
    • Tongs
    • Two prony fork
    • Carring board
    • Carving knife
    1. Family income.
    2. Specific househould need of the family.
    3. Time and energy.
    4. Inflation.
    5. Complementary products.
    • Enterpreneurship
    • Nutrition
    • Hospitality
    • Fashion indultry
    • Social work.
    • Exercise reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.
    • Improves cardiorespiratory fitness.
    • Exercise controls weight.
    • Reduces the risk of developing health conditions such as heart diseases.
    • To conserve nutrients. 
    • Washing vegetables under running water before cooking prevents food contamination.
    • It is the consumption of concentrated sources of nutrients in form of tablets, capsules or syrup.
    • To ensure adequate essential nutrients in the body.
    • To avert nutritional deficiency disorders.
    • To fill the nutritional gaps for people with diet restriction in various foods.
    • Speeds up the cooking process.
    • Prevents loss of nutrients.
    • Prevents loss of flavour helps food to retain its flavour.
    • Makes the food to cook evenly.
    • Laundering garments.
    • Knitting.
    • Embroidering
    • Crotcheting
    1. Iron-For energy metabolism.
    2. lodine-Helps regulate growth, development and metabolism.
    3. Calcium-Impotant for healthy bones and teeth.
    4. Potassium-Helps regulate muscle functioning and heartbeat.
    5. Vitamin C-Helps in building the body's immunity and fighting diseases.
    • Minerals got from cheese, tuna fish, yorghort and iodized table salt.
    • lodine
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