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Pre-Technical Studies Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 4

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  1. Mention importance of farming hand tools. (1mark)
  2. Differentiate between a hazard and safety. (1 mark)
  3. Identify injuries at a carpenter's workshop. (1mark)
  4. Name five metals in your locality. (5 marks)
  5. Name three non-metals in your locality. (3marks)
  6. What are major categories of materials? (1marks)
  7. What are the careers related to materials in your locality? (2 marks)
  8. What are some things metals and non- metals have in common? (2 marks)
  9. How can injuries be minimised in the home environment? (1mark)
  10. Name the characteristics used to identify a given material. (3 marks)
  11. What is a ferrous metal? (1 mark)
  12. What is a non-ferrous metal? (1 mark)
  13. Name the materials that can be attracted to a magnet. (2 marks)
  14. Identify materials that are non-conductors of electricity. (2 marks)
  15. Name three properties of non-metallic materials. (3 marks)
  16. What are the uses of non-metallic materials in your locality? (2 marks)
  17. How do you care for a jembe? (1 mark)
  18. Name the careers related to household hand tools. (1 mark)
  19. What are the categories of farming hand tools? (2 marks)
  20. What tools are used for gardening? (2 marks)
  21. Identify careers related to tools in your locality. (3 marks)
  22. How do you care and maintain tools in your locality? (1 mark)
  23. How do you ensure safety when performing a task? (1 mark)
  24. Identify four examples of careers related to safety. (4 marks)
  25.  Name types of hazards that may cause harm to a person. (4 marks) 


  1. They make work easier
  2. A hazard is a something that poses a risk or harm to you. Safety on the other hand refers to a way of protecting oneself from harm or danger
  3. Assess
  4. Assess
  5. Assess
  6. Synthetic materials, Metalic materials
  7. Assess
  8. Metals that are non-ferrous and non- metals are both non-magnetic and not conductors of electricity
  9. When safety precautions are observed
  10. Colour, texture, hardness, shape or fire resistance
  11. A metal made of Iron
  12. Metals that do not contain Iron
  13. Steel, Iron
  14. Assess
    • They are light in weight.
    • They are readily available.
    • They have high resistance to corrosion and rust,
    • They are non- conductors of electricity
  16. Insulation, Designing machine elements, Pipes and foxtures
  17. You clean it after use, By sharpening it often
  18. Tallor, Plumber, Gardener, Chef 
  19. Digging tools, Pruning, Harvesting, Clearing and cleaning tools
  20. Slasher, Brooms and brushes, Pruners, Wheelbarrow
  21. Assess
  22. Assess
  23. Wear protective clothes, Observing safety protocols
  24. Fire fighter, Police, First aid assistant 
    • Biological hazard
    • Chemical hazard
    • Physical hazard
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