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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 4

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  1. Name two career opportunities related to Integrated Science. (2 marks)
  2. Why is it not advisable to dispose solid waste in water sinks? (1 mark)
  3. What is the importance of opening laboratory windows before using the laboratory? (1 mark)
  4. What is the use of the following items found in the first aid kit? (3 marks)
    1. gloves
    2. plasters
    3. antiseptics
  5. Grade 7 learners in a certain school were asked to mention some causes of accidents in the laboratory. What do you think was mentioned as the cause of the following accidents? (3 marks)
    1. scalds
    2. cuts
    3. electric shock
  6. Write two safety measures to observe when in the laboratory. (2 marks)
  7. Why is it necessary for a laboratory to have an emergency door? (1 mark)
  8. What is the meaning of the following laboratory hazard symbols? (3 marks)
    8 sfsf
  9. Nuru saw the following carcinogenic symbol.
    9 sfsfs
    Liquid Effect on blue litmus paper Effect on red litmus paper Conclusion (an acid or a base)
    Liquid X Remains blue Turns blue  
    Liquid V Turns red Remains red  
    What is the interpretation of the symbol? (1 mark)
  10. Grade 7 learners from Buhuru JSS observed the reaction of some liquids on litmus papers. Group the liquids as a base or an acid. (2 marks)
  11. Name the scientific skills described below. (3 marks)
    1. It is the final judgment or decision after making an observation and linking it with what is already known.
    2. It involves putting items in groups or categories depending on their similarities or differences.
    3. It is used to exchange and report information.
  12. What is SI unit in full? (1 mark).
  13. Write the SI unit of the fo lowing basic quantities. (3 marks)
    1. length.
    2. mass
    3. time
  14. What is the meaning of the following terms? (2 marks)
    1. basic units
    2. derived units
  15. Group the following quantities into basic quantities and derived quantities. (3 mks)
    [length, area, volume, temperature, density, mass]
    • Basic units
    • Derived units
  16. Zawadi was asked by his teacher to name 3 scales that are used to measure temperature. It is likely that he named; (3 marks)
  17. What is the density of a metallic block whose volume is 24cm3 and mass is 16g? Give your answer in SI units. (3 marks)
  18. Calculate the volume of a carton box whose length is 4 cm, width is 6 cm and height is 8 cm. Give your answer in SI units. (3 marks)
  19. Njeri's temperature was measured at the hospital and recorded as 36.5°C. What was her temperature in SI units? (1 mark)
  20. Write one importance of reading labels on packages of products. (1 mark)
  21. Name 2 examples of scientific skills that can be used in life. (2 marks)
  22. Identify the following apparatus used in the laboratory. (3 marks)
    22 sfsfsf
  23. The metal ring that is used to open or close the air hole of a Bunsen burner is known as (1 mark) 
  24. Why is the base of the Bunsen burner wide and heavy? (1 mark)
  25. During an experiment in the laboratory, some chemicals spilled into Kajua's eyes. Why is it not advisable for Kajua to rub her eyes? (1 mark)


  1. Mechanic, Dentist,
  2. Solid waste block the water sinks
  3. To allow good ventilation for free flow of air
  4. Gloves are used to protect the hands from Injury, plasters are used to prevent contamination of injured parts and antiseptics to kit or stop the growth bacteria on the skin or used for cleaning the wounds.
    • Scalds are caused through carelessness in handling
    • Hot objects such as glassware, metal rods or plates, Cuts are caused by broken glass apparatus such as test tubes or glass tubing
    • Electric shock are caused through careless handing of materials like using bare hands to handle open cables
    • "Always report any accident to the teacher or laboratory technicians for immediate action."
    • "Always wear gas masks, goggles. gloves, and laboratory coats before entering the laboratory."
  7. For easy access
  8. Flammables, poisonous and high pressure gases
  9. A carcinogen-can lead to cancer 
  10. Liquid X-A base and Liquid V- an acid 
  11. Scientific skills
    1. Concluding
    2. Classifying
    3. Communicating
  12. Intemational System of Units
  13. Si units
    1. Length-metres 
    2. Mass-kilograme
    3. Time-seconds
    • Basic units-a quantity that cannot be obtained from other physical quentiles.
    • Derived units- a quantity obtained by combination of basic quantities by ether multiplication or division
    • Basic units are length, mess and temperatures
    • Derived units are volunos, area and density
  16. Degrees celsious, Kelvin a fahrenheit
  17. 666.67 kg/m3
  18. 0.000192 m3
  19. 309.15 K
  20. It also provides information on the quantity and expected dates of expiry.
  21. Measuring, manipulating, communicating
  22. Tripod stand, test tube and Bunsen burner
  23. Coiler
  24. To make it stable
  25. To minimize the damage caused


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