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Agriculture Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 4

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  1. Define the following terms. (3 marks)
    1. shading
    2. weeding
    3. mulching
  2. What is the importance of the following practices in farming? (2 marks)
    1. thinning
    2. pruning
  3. Name two examples of indigenous vegetable crops. (2 marks)
  4. Name two materials that can cause soil pollution. (2 marks)
  5. Outline two methods that can be used to control soil pollution in farming. (2 marks)
  6. What is the effect of soil pollution? (1 mrk)
  7. Ndegwa saw the following sign on a container.
    7 adaada
    What is the meaning of the sign? (1 mark)
  8. List three benefits of conserving water in farming. (3 marks)
  9. Name two water retention structures used to conserve surface run-off. (2 marks)
  10. What is the meaning of 'minimum tillage'? (1 mark)
  11. Outline three examples of minimum tillage practices. (3 marks)
  12. What is the importance of minimum tillage in farming? (1 mark)
  13. Write the meaning of agroforestry. (1 mark)
  14. Agroforestry can be done in three ways. Name them. (3 marks)
  15. State 3 benefits of agroforestry trees in farming. (3 marks)
  16. Learners from Makini Junior Secondary School prepared a schedule of how to take care of agroforestry seedlings from the time they are planted until they are fully established. Which 3 caring practices do you think the learners included on their schedule? (3 marks)
  17. Write one characteristic that make trees suitable for agroforestry. (1 mark)
  18. During a school trip, learners from Ingusi Junior Secondary School observed the following trees.
    18 sfsfs
    1. Which one of the two trees should be grown on a crop field? (1 mark)
    2. Explain your answer in 'a' above. (1 mrk)
  19. What is soil tilth? (1 mark)
  20. Name any crop that can be grown on clay soil. (1 mark)
  21. Grade seven learners trapped a monkey that was destroying crops on their school farm.
    1. What should they do to the monkey? (1 mark)
    2. Apart from the use of traps, name two other ways of controlling small wild animals that cause harm to crops. (2 marks)
  22. Identify the types of soil erosion described below. (3 marks)
    1. It occurs near the roof of buildings.
    2. It can occur without being noticed.
    3. It latter develops into gulley erosion.
  23. Outline three ways of controlling soil erosion. (3 marks)

    Grade 7 learners from Matopeni Junior Secondary School were asked to come up with awareness messages on prevention of soll pollution.
  24. What is the importance of coming up with such messages? (1 mark)
  25. Write two ways through which the messages can be delivered to the community. (2 marks)


  1. Protecting crops from harmful heat from the sun, Removal of unwanted crops in a farm of field
    1. Ensure adequate space for growth of plants.
    2. It allows growth of fresh or new parts of plants
    1. Pumpkin
    2. African nights shaded image
    1. Plastic waste
    2. Agriculture chemicals and fertilisers
    1. Using organic farm products safety
    2. Disposing plastic
  6. May lead to low soll fertility hence low crop product.
  7. Recycle
    1. Ensure there is water for later use.
    2. Provides only enough water for crops hence seedling will not be damaged by excess water
    1. Water retention ditches.
    2. Water retention pits
  10. A method of soll conservation that meant using practices that cause less disturbance to the soil.
    1. Mulching
    2. Slashing weeds
    3. Uprooting weeds.
  12. Helps in soil conservation
  13. It is the Interaction and integration of frees crops and livestock in the same place of land
    1. Integration of trees and crops.
    2. Integration of trees and livestock.
    3. Integration of free, crops and livestock
    1. Tree act as wind-breakers.
    2. Helps in soil erosion control.
    3. Helps in maintenance of soll fertility
    1. Watering
    2. Pruning
    3. Thinning
  17. Should have multiple uses (Assess)
    1. A
    2. It has characteristics of an agroforestry tree (thin crown or small and a healthy truck)
  19. It refers to the physical condition of slain relation to plant growth
  20. Cabbage
  21. Releases back to the environment
    1. Splash erosion
    2. Sheet erosion
    3. Rill erosion
    1. To aducale member of the school community on soil pollution
      1. By use of posters
      2. By use of poems, songs


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