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Social Studies Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 4

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  1. Define the term 'Social Studies'. (1 mark)
  2. When we learn Social Studies we become responsible citizens. (True or False) (1 mark)
  3. Social Studies is a pathway to different opportunities. (1 mark)
  4. Who is a cartographer? (1 mark)
  5. History teacher, archaeologist and curator are careers categorised under which branch of Social Studies? (1 mark)
  6. Maggie likes to be in a clean environment.
    6 fsfs
    She plants trees, collects litter and improvises litter bins using locally available materials. She encourages her peers to reduce, recycle and reuse waste. What career would you advise her to pursue in future? (1 mark).
  7. Mutenyo has opened a business to draw and indicate boundaries on maps. He sells his maps to publishing companies and schools. He is called a (1 mark)
  8. We should use the available natural resources...............................................avoid wastage. (1 mark)
  9. In what ways can we take care of our environment? (2 marks)
  10. The awareness of being a male or female is called gender (1 mark)
  11. Complete the following sentences that show ways of addressing gender stereotypes in careers and entrepreneurial opportunities. (2 marks)
    1. We can seek career guidance to eliminate our choices.
    2. We should participate in activities that equally value......................................................genders.
  12. Mention the careers that show how the following people serve the community. (2 marks)
    12 adad
  13. Judy's eldest sister studied History and Government up to University level. After one year, the president appointed her to represent the interest of the country in the neighbouring country. She is now a..........................................
    (high commissioner, lawyer) (1 mark) 
  14. Luka has relocated to a region where there is favourable climate. He keeps dairy cows in his farm. Mention two products he will sell in the market? (2 marks)
  15. Study the globe shown below and answer the questions that follow.
    15 adadad
    1. Identify the continent marked A. (1 mark).
    2. State the position of Africa on the world map. (1 mark).
    3. Describe the shape of Africa. (2 marks)
    4. Describe the size of Africa from the map. (1 mark)
  16. Give two Island countries in Africa. (1 mark)
  17. Name two countries that share a common border with South Africa? (2 mark)
  18. Study the map below and answer the questions below.
    18 sfssfs
    Using latitudes and longitudes, approximately locate the position of: (5 marks)
    1. Namibia
    2. Chad
    3. Africa
    4. Kigali
    5. Mt Kilimanjaro
  19. The earth takes,...................................................hours to make a complete rotation of from East to West. (2 marks)
  20. How many degrees does the earth cover in 1 hour between the longitudes? (1 mark)
  21. We lose time by moving to the and gain time by moving to the (2 marks)
  22. Why is the time in Kenya ahead of the time in Senegal? (1 mark)
  23. Calculate the time at Praia, Cape Verde 30° VV when it is 12.00 p.m. at Accra 0º. (1 mark)
  24. Toliano left Kigali (30° E) at 9.30 a.m. by aeroplane to attend a conference at Mogadishu (45° E). (2 marks)
    1. How many hours did the aeroplane take to cover the distance?
    2. At what time did he arrive at Mogadishu?
  25. What is the difference between the following? (3 marks)
    Picture, Plan and Map
  26. Identify the following types of maps. (3 marks)
    26 adadada
  27. The statements below explain features for the maps identified in 25 above. Identify whether they are true of false. (3 marks)
    Type of map Statement True False
    a) Sketch map It does not have a key.    
    b) Atlas map It is drawn to scale.    
    c) Topographical map Shows landscape changes using contours and colours.    
  28. How are maps important to tourists and travellers? (1 mark) 


  1. It is the study of how human origin and their interrelations, environment, systems of government and economic activities.
  2. True
  3. career
  4. He or she draws map.
  5. History
  6. Environmental scientist
  7. Cartographer
  8. responsibly
  9. Planting trees, cleaning the environment
  10. Identity 
    1. biasness
    2. all
    1. soldier
    2. cheff
  13. high commissioner
  14. milk and meat
    1. Africa
    2. second largest in the world
    3. It is wider to the North and narrower to the South. It is divided into two by Equator
    4. It is the second largest continent in the world. Its approximate size is 30, 335. 000 km2
  16. Assess
  17. Namibia, Botswana
    1. Namibia 18° N, 28° S and 11°E, 21°E
    2. Chad 23° N, 7°S and 14°E, 24ºE
    3. Africa 37° N, 35° S and 18° E, 52° E 
    4. Kigali 2° S, 30° E
    5. Mt Kilmanjaro 3º S, 37ºE
  19. 24 hours, 360°
  20. 15°
  21. West, east
  22. We lose time by moving to the West and gain time by moving to the east.
  23. 10.00a.m.
    1. 1 hour
    2. 10.00am
    • Picture-Form of a photograph, a painting, or a drawing.
    • Plan-Gives specific detalls of an area that is represented.
    • Map-Is an entire representation of the entire earth or a section on a flat surface.
  26. Sketch map, Atlas map, Topographical map
    1. false
    2. true
    3. true
  28. They give direction and location of places and features on the surface of the earth.


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