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Mathematics Activities Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 2

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  1. A company produced 89,253,761 sweets in a week. Write the sweet produced in words. (2mks)
  2. Tama wrote the number 202.013 on a flash card. What is the total value of digit 3 in the number? (2mks)
  3. What is the place value of digit 7 in the sum of 23.071 + 3.932+10.12? (2mks)
  4. In a farm there are 27 goats, 31 sheep, 40 pigs, 3 dairy cows and 100 chicken. How many cattle are in the farm altogether? (2mks)
  5. Kamau had 3/4 of a cake he gave 1/3 to his best friend and 1/6 to his classmate. What fraction remained? (2 mks)
  6. Joan gave the groupmates to solve the following fractions. Workout showing the procedure. (2mks)
    6 dadad
  7. After learning about square numbers grade 6 pupils were required to work out (3/7)2 
    Work it out and give the correct answer. (2mks)
  8. A construction company used twenty five lorries to transport some commodities. If each lorry carried thirty one tonnes and two hundred and three kilograms. What was the total mass of the commodities transported? (2 mks)
  9. Njuguna drew the figure below. Work out the perimeter of the figure. (2mks)
    9 adada
  10. Below is Peter's farm. He fenced it using five strands of barbed wire. What is the "total length of the wire used? (2mks)
    10 dada
  11. Below is a clockface displayed by the teacher during a mathematics lesson. What time does it show? (2mks)
    11 adada
  12. Serah drew the figure below. Find out the area of the unshaded part. (2mk)
    12 adad
  13. A school bought ten 90kg bags of maize. What was the total mass of the maize bought in grams? (2mks)
  14. A family consumes 21/litres of milk in a day. How many millitres of milk does the family consume? (2mks) 
  15. Ark welders made a rectangular tank of height 7m, width 8m and length 11m. What was the volume of the rectangular tank? (2mks)
  16. A football match started at 1645hrs. It lasted for 90 minutes. At what time did it end? (2mks)
  17. A shopkeeper bought 25kg sugar bag. He later repacked the sugar into 1/2kg. How many half kilogram packets did he get? (2mks)
  18. A tank has a volume of 23m3 when full. How many litres does it hold when full? (2mks)
  19. What is the sum of vertices, faces and edges of a closed cuboid? (2mks)
  20. During a group discussion Grace wrote the algebraic expression below. Work it out to its simplest form. (2mks)
    3(2g+3)+2(3g - 2)
  21. Jackson scores 27 questions correctly out of 30 questions. What percentage did he score? (2mks)
  22. What is the sum of 13.96 and 3.0084 rounded off to the nearest hundredths? (2mks)
  23. A bicycle cyclist covered 25km and 320m in six days. What distance did the cyclist covered in a day? (2mks)
  24. There are M female teachers and W male teachers in a school. How many teachers are there in the school altogether? (2mks)

    Below is a price list. Use it to answer question 25
     Item  Price in ksh.
     1/2 litre cooking oil  120
     1kg maize flour  110
     1kg wheat flour  140
     1 litre soda  130
     5g chocolate  25
     500g salt  30
     Bar soap 120
  25. Joseph bought 1 litre cooking oil, 2kg maize flour, 1litre soda, 3 chocolate, 1kg salt and one bar soap. How much money did the items cost altogether? (2mks)


  1. Eighty-nine million, two hundred and fifty three thousand seven hundred and sixty-one.
  2. 0.003
  3. Tenths
  4. 201
  5. 13/60
  6. 21/2
  7. 9/49
  8. 780tons 75kg
  9. 176cm
  10. 265m
  11. A quarter past eight
  12. 35m2
  13. 900 000g
  14. 2250ml
  15. 616m3
  16. 6:15pm
  17. 50 packets
  18. 230001
  19. 26
  20. 12g+5
  21. 90%
  22. 16.97
  23. 4km 220m
  24. m+w
  25. Sh.845
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