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Integrated Science Activities Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 2

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  1. Grade seven learners visited a nearby laboratory. Write down 3 apparatus used for heating they saw. (3marks)
  2. Musyoka was asked to find out features of a leaf using a lens. Which skill did he require? (1 mark)
  3. The diagram below shows a laboratory apparatus observed by grade seven learners.
    3 adada
    1. The above laboratory apparatus is called (1 mark)
    2. What is the above apparatus used for? (1 mark)
  4. Grade seven learners were asked to identify reasons for studying Integrated Science. Write down two importance of studying Integrated Science they identified. (2 marks)
  5. Chebet was asked by her teacher to draw various apparatus found in the laboratory. She drew the apparatus shown below.
    5 adada
    1. What is the name of the apparatus she drew? (1 mark)
    2. What is the use of the apparatus? (1 mark)
  6. John was asked to write down three methods of separating mixtures. List down three methods he mentioned. (3 marks)
  7. Sabina was identifying different parts of a microscope and their functions. Use the information to complete the table below. (3 marks)
     Part of a microscope  Function
     Body tube  
     Eye piece  
  8. Grade seven learners were asked to name examples of amphibians they learnt during the lesson. Three learners gave their answers as follows:
    1. James: Frogs
    2. Nyawera: Alligator
    3. Kamido: Gecko
      Who gave the correct answer? (1 mark)
  9. The diagram below shows an experiment that was investigated by grade seven learners.
    9 fsfsf
    1. Name 2 basic Science skills that are needed in the experiment above. (2 marks)
    2. Explain what was observed during the experiment. (2 marks)
  10. Ochieng drew the table below. Use it to write down the quantities whose SI units are given. (3 mks)
    Quantity SI unit
  11. Convert 456 Kelvin to degrees Celsius. (3 marks)
  12. The diagram below shows a setup assembled by grade seven learners.
    12 adada
    1. What quantity were the learners measuring? (1 mark)
    2. Which type of object is likely to be used in the setup? (1 mark)
  13. Ethan had different mixtures in his cupboard. Write down two examples of liquid-liquid mixtures. (2 marks)
  14. The table below shows parts of a Bunsen burner and their functions. Write down the functions of the parts they mentioned. (4 marks)
     Part  Function
     Air hole  
  15. Caren was asked to name two common accidents in the laboratory. Write down the common accidents she mentioned. (2 marks)
  16. Write down symbols for the following quantities. (3 marks)
    1. Temperature
    2. Electric current
    3. Length
  17. Joan was asked to convert 3 tonnes to kilograms. What answer did she get? (2 marks)
  18. Write down three apparatus used to measure volume in the laboratory (3 marks)
  19. The diagram below shows a diagram of a laboratory apparatus used by grade seven learners during a Science practical. Name the parts labelled a, b, c, (3 marks)
    19 sfsfs
  20. Nyipir found different types of fungi on her way home. Write down two examples of useful fungi she likely saw. (2 marks)


  1. Bunsen burner. kerosene stove, spirit lamp 
  2. Observation.
    1. Tripod stand 
    2. supports apparatus during heating
  4. it's a career mubject, knowledge gained helps in solving environmental problems such as drought
  5. Thermometer measuring temperature
  6. Filtering, decanting, winnowing.
  7. Body tube holds the eye piece and nose piece. Base - anchors the microscope.
    Eye plece has lenses which help in magnification 
  8. James
    1. observation, prediction
    2. The level of water in the flask reduced 
  10. Temperature, electric current, mass
  11.  I degree =273k. Correct response is 2 degrees. 
    1. volume, 
    2. irregular shaped object
  13. Water and paraffin. Water and ethanol
  14. Chimney where laboratory gases mix, base-supports the Bunsen burner, jet-injects laboratory gases into the Chimney.
    Air hole allows air to enter the Chimney
  15. Burns, scalds etc 
  16. Temp. Current (1) Length (1)
  17. 3000kg
  18. Burette, pipette, beaker
    1. Chimney, 
    2. base 
    3. collar 
  20. Mushroom, yeast


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