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Agriculture Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 2

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  1. After identifying and preparing a planting site, Grade 7 learners were asked to state 2 planting materials they would use for establishing various crops. List them. (2 mks)
  2. Grade 7 learners were levelling a seedbed ground during preparation. State 2 farming tools and equipment they used. (2 mks)
  3. Identify the type of tilth used to prepare and establish the following: (2 mks)
    1. Carrot seeds -
    2. Banana suckers -
  4. Adbul wanted to establish kales in their home compound. States 2 planting sites that he can prepare. (2 mks)
  5. During an Agricultural project in the school farm, Grade 7 learners were placing dry leaves between the rows of spinach plants.
    1. Which minimum tillage practice did they apply?
    2. Name onother minimum tillage practice they could apply
  6. Name 2 structures that can be constructed to control runoff water. (1 mk)
  7. During their nature walk, grade 7 learners came across the site below.
    7 dada
    1. Identify the agent of soil pollution shown in the picture above.(1 mk)
    2. State one way of controlling the agent of soil pollution in the figure above. (1 mk)
  8. What is agroforestry? (2 mk)
  9. Winny wanted to prepare nursery bed to establish carrots in their garden at home. Name 2 types of nursery bed she was likely to prepare. (2 mks)
  11. State 2 planting materials that can be planted in coarse tilth. (2 mks)
  12. Name the types of irrigation shown in the following diagrams. (4 mks)
    12 ssfsf
  13. During an online lesson, a grade 7 teacher broadcasted the picture below to the learners.
    13 sfsfs
    1. Identify the type of soil erosion shown in the diagram (1 mk)
    2. State one way of controlling the above type of soil erosion. (1 mk)
  14. What is organic gardening? (2 mks)
  15. Grade 7 learners were grouped into groups then instructed to plant flowers around the school compound.
    1. State the type of farming they carried out. (1 mk)
    2. State one advantage of the above type of farming (1 mk)
  16. What are deterrents? (2 mks)
  17. After establishing creeping crops and they are grown, state two management practices that should be carried out for them to grow healthy. (2 mks)
  18. State two deterrents used to protect crops from attack by wild animals. (2 mks)
  19. Name 2 methods of planting that you can use when planting different planting materials. (2 mks)
  20. Weeding is mostly done during wet season. State 2 physical methods that can be used to weed in a farm. (2 mks)
  21. Define the term gapping. (2 mks)
  22. State two crop management practices that can be carried out after a crop has germinated. (2 mks)
  23. Grade 7 learners visited a nearby farm and took the photograph below for their display.
    23 sfsfs
    1. Identify the farm practice in the photograph. (1 mk)
    2. State 2 advantages of the above farm practice. (2 mks) 
  24. State 2 ways of handling domestic animals humanely at home. (2 mks)
  25. State two advantages of broadcasting as a method of planting. (2 mks)


  1. Seeds, cuttings, tubers, suckers
  2. Jembe, hoe, fork jembe, rake
    • Carrots seeds- fine tilth
    • Banana suckers- coarse tilth
  4. Container Garden, sack garden, planting on walls
    1. Mulching 
    2. Slashing.
  6. Water retention ditches, Earth basins, water retention pits
    1. Plastic waste
    2. Recycling the plastic, reusing the plastics waste,
  8. Agroforestry is a agricultural practice that involves growingof crops, rearing of domestic animals and growing at the same time
  9. Fine, medium, coarse tilth
  10. Sunken nursery bed, raised nursery bed, container nursery bed
  11. Cuttings, suckers
    1. Pipe drip irrigation 
    2. Bottle drip irrigation
    1. Gulley erosion
    2. Construction of gabions
  14. Organic gardening is growing crops without use of agro-chemicals
    1. Ornamental farming
    2. Makes the compound beautiful, makes air clean, provides shade.
  16. Deterrents are methods used to prevent or protect crops from attack by wild animals.
  17. Training, watering, applying manure, weeding
  18. Wire mesh, safe traps. deflectors, innovative light and sounds traps
  19. Dribbling, broadcasting, drilling
  20. Uprooting, digging out, slashing.
  21. Gapping is the replanting of crops in spaces where crops had been planted and they didn't germinate or they dried.
  22. Weeding, watering, earthing up, thinning, gapping. hardening
    1. Mulching
    2. Conserves soil moisture, controls the growth of weeds, provides soil nutrients
  24. Proper transportation, proper feeding and watering, proper housing Any appropriate answer
  25. appropriate for fine seeds, it's easy quick and cheap, needs less labour
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