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Performing ARTS Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 2

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  1. Name the first 5 syllables in the solfa ladder. (2 mks)
  2. Which solfa syllables do the following hand signs represent? (3 mks)
    2 adadad
  3. Identify the cleff and put the line notes on the staff below.
    3 adadad
    1. Name - (1 mk)
    2. Notes - (3 mks)
  4. Grade 5 learners brought the wind instruments below in class for learning:
    1. From which communities are they mainly used? (2 mks)
      Bung'o -
      Muturiru -.
    2. List down two techniques that can be used in playing them? (2 mks)
    3. Name two local materials that can be used to make the wind instruments above? (2 mks)
  5. Ann played note G on the descant recorder. Shade the black notes she closed on it when playing the note. (2 mks).
    5 adada
  6. During a Music lesson, a teacher divided his class into two groups. He asked group A to sing softly and group-B to sing loudly. Which element of Music did he want to teach? (1 mk)
  7. Write the names of the Musical rest notes displayed below. (2 mks)
    7 adada
  8. Name one discipline of Performing Arts. (1 mk)
  9. Grade 7 boys were very excited when the teacher promised to introduce drama club in their school. Most of them were positive joining it. Why do you think they were positive on joining the club? (2 mks).
  10. Name the musical instruments below and state the techniques of playing them. (4 mks)
    1. 10 a adadad
    2. 10 b sfsfs
  11. List down 2 genres of film undertaken to preserve performances for future reference during a Music Festival performance. (4 mks)
  12. In most rhythmic patterns, 2 lines are always drawn at the end.
    1. How do we to call these lines? (1 mk)
    2. What is the function of the lines? (1 mk)
  13. During a performance, Mwomboko dancers carried the following to stage; 
    Swords, shields and sticks. What are their functions? (2 mks)
  14. List down 2 values identified from the East African Community Anthem. (2 mks)
  15. Identify two similarities from the East African Community Anthem and the Kenya National Anthem. (2 mks)
  16. Name two types of songs that can be sang during The Madaraka Day celebrations in Kenya. (2 mks)
  17. Njoki played the song "Happy birthday to you" during her sister's birthday on the piano keyboard. Which notes is she likely to press on the line stated above?
    (3 mks)
  18. Before performing a popular song, Gad ensured that he mastered all the lyrics. Which musical element did he want to perfect? (1 mk)
  19. Grade 7 learners were given the instruments below and asked to group them. Group them into melodic and non-melodic percussion instruments. (5 mks)
    kayamba, marimba, kigumba, adongo, isukuti.
    1. Melodic percussion -
    2. Non melodic percussion -


  1. Mark apropriately
  2. ti sol re
    1. treble cleff
    2. Mark apropriately
    1. bungo-mijikenda
    2. blowing/lip positioning/tonguing/fingering
    3. bambon/swamp reeds/twigs/weeden/plastic tubes.
  5. Mark apropriately
  6. dynamics
  7. semibreve minim   
  8. dance.
  9. It builds confidence/develops creativity/improves verbal and non-verbal skills/encourages teamwork.
    1. nyatiti             adeudeu
    2. plucking/bowing/striking.
  11. photography and videography
    1. double bar lines.
    2. To show end of Music/composition.
  13. Decorate stage colour/Emphasise gestures/create rhythms.
  14. hardwork/unity/patriotism
  15. Both are prayers to God/have 3 stanzas/Teach values.
    • uchumi - topical
    • leaders - patriotic.
  17. CCDCFE
  18. diction.
    • Melodic percussion
      • marimba
      • adongo
      • isakuti
    • Non melodic percussion
      • kayamba
      • kigamba


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