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Physical Education Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 2

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  1. Learners were practicing the non- visual baton exchange. State three precautions they should observe. (3mks)
  2. Elijah is practicing javelin for a competition. What four phases must he follow? (4mks)
  3. Dodging and marking is one of the techniques used in netball. What safety precautions must one observe when dogging and marking? (4mks)
  4. Elliot will be participating in shot-put competition. Name three equipment that he will use. (6mks)
  5. The picture below shows a boy playing football. Identify the technique he is using. (3mks)
    5 adada
  6. There are rules about landing after receiving the ball in netball. Give three landing techniques used in netball. (3mks)
  7. You and your friends are planning on a game of hand-ball. What three types of passes can you use? (3mks)
  8. Feigning is one of the techniques used in handball. Describe how a double feign works? (4mks)
  9. The picture below shows a player taking a shot in handball. What type of shot is he using? (3mk)
    9 sfsfs
  10. Softball involves five basic skills. Name them. (5mks)
  11. In a game of kabaddi there are four defending techniques. List them. (4mks)
  12. The facility below is used in one of the field events in athletics. Which field event utilizes it? (4mks)
    12 adada
  13. Mathew is a javelin thrower. What are the phases he follows in the process? (5mks)


    • clear away any sharp objects and stones from the track.
    • wear  the appropriate shoes to avoid slipping.
    • do not use any broken batons.
  2. stance, grip, carriage, release and recovery
    • have controlled body movement to avoid colliding with another player.
    • wear appropriate sportswear.
    • remove dangerous objects from the field.
    • perform adequate warm-p and cool-down activities.
  4. shot-put carriers, throwing balls, distance markers.
  5. chest trap.
  6. pivoting, double landing, single landing.
  7. jump pass, side pass, and flick pass.
  8. a player fakes going in one direction then fakes going in the other direction and eventually goes to the first direction.
  9. dive shot.
  10. throwing, catching, hitting for contact, hitting for power, and running.
  11. ankle hold, crocodile catch, chain catch, wrist catch.
  12. long jump.
  13. grip and carriage, approach run, cross over, release, and follow through.
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