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Islamic Education Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 2

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  1. Grade 7 learners were discussing the various forms of hadith. They noted various forms of hadith and wrote on flashcards. Explain two forms of hadith they presented on the flash cards. (4 marks)
  2. There two main components of hadith discussed in grade 7. Explain one of them as discussed in the class. (2marks)
  3. Learning hadith is important in the life of a Muslim. Give two reasons why hadith is important in the life of a Muslim. (4 marks)
  4. Khadija was the prophet's first wife. State three roles she played in the life the prophet (S. A. W) (3mark:)
  5. Islam has taught us everything.Write three manners of entering the house as taught by Islam. (3marks)
  6. Grade five learners were discussing about suratul Quraysh. State two lessons they learnt from the surah. (4 marks)
  7. Tawheed is like the heart of a Muslim. Without tawheed a Muslim is like a dead person. Explain three reasons why tawheed is important in the life of a Muslim. (3 marks)
  8. Grade 6 learners were searching on the internet the different types of Hajj. They concluded that there are three types of hajj. Discuss two types of Hajj as found out by the learners. (4 marks)
  9. Muslims are encouraged to pray their prayers in jamaa. What is the reward for one who prays in jamaa as narrated in the hadith of the prophet?
  10. Zakah is a pillar of Islam given to eight categories of people. Write down four items liable for Zakah. (4marks)
  11. In their groups, grade 6 learners discussed about nullifiers of saum. They wrote so many reasons in their books. Write three nullifiers of Saum they noted down. (3marks)
  12. The battle of uhud was a blow to the Muslims. Their defeat was due to a reason that was caused by the archers. Which reason was this? (1mark)
  13. Define the term usool hadith. (2marks)
  14. Narrate the incidence of the prophet at the cave of Hira.  (2 marks)
  15. Grade 7 learners were listening to the recitation of suratul Balad from a digital device. State two lessons they learnt from the surah. (2marks)
  16. In which surah of the holy Qur'an is the persecutor of the prophet cursed? (1mark)
  17. All the pillars of islam were given to the prophet on the earth except from one. Which is it? (1mark)
  18. Grade 7 learners searched on the website the reasons as to why the holy Qur'an was revealed to mankind. Give two reasons they found out. (2marks)
  19. For how long did the revelation of the holy Qur'an take place? (1mark)
  20. Highlight one lesson learnt from the incident of the prophet with Abubakar in the cave of Hira. (1mark)
  21. Hijra was the most important event in the history of Islam. State two reasons why hijra is important. (2marks) 

Marking Scheme

    • Qaul-sayings or statements given by word of mouth by the prophet saw
    • FI'll-hadith referring to actions or deeds practised by the prophet
    • Sifat-hadith describing the character and physical attributes of the prophet
    • Taqrir-hadith describing deeds performed by the sahaba in front of the prophet where he was silent meaning he approved the deeds.
    • Sanad-chain of narrators or transmitters of hadith
    • Mata context or text of the hadith
    • Explains acts of worship
    • Helps understand quan
    • Explains how the prophet lived
    • Help us follow the teachings of the prophet
    • She comforted the prophet
    • She was the first woman to accept Islam
    • She used her wealth to support Islam
    • Supported the prophet's mission
    • Gave birth to five children
  5. Knock, say salaam, stand on the side of the door while knocking, say dus while entering
  6. Allah protected the qurnish, gave them food, Allah is the only one who should be worshipped
    • Makes a believer obey Allah
    • Protects one from Hellfire
    • Increases one's taqwa
    • Protects a believer from committing shirk
    • Ifrad
    • Tammatu
    • Qiran
  9. 27 or 25
    • Agricultural produce 
    • Discovered treasure
    • Domestic animals
    • Gold and silver
    • Money
    • Eating or drinking intentionally
    • Vomiting intentionally
    • Sexual intercourse
  12. Disobedience, they disobeyed the orders of the prophet 
  13. Is the scientific study of hadith
  14. Jibril came to prophet when he was in the cave of Hira, told to read three times but he was not able to. He squeezed him and recited the first five verses of surah alaq to him. This marked the beginning of prophethood.
    • Human beings are created to struggle in hardship
    • We should exercise caution with our tongue
    • We should not boast on how we use our wealth
    • Challenges and difficulties surround the good path.
  16. Lahab/masad
  17. Swalah
    • To guide man to the straight path
    • Explain the unseen
    • Tell us about jannah
    • Warn against hell
  19. 23 yrs
  20. We should rely on Allah. Allah is only our protector
    • It gave Muslims peace
    • Gave Muslims a chance to spread Islam
    • Many people became Muslims
    • Muslims found a new state
    • Muslims built an army
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