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Health Education Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 2

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  1. Stroke is one of the diseases affecting the circulatory system. Give three signs and symptoms of stroke. (3 mks)
  2. Ruben has realized that lately, he has trouble seeing properly at night. What is problem is he likely to be having? (1 mk)
  3. Elvis was at the clinic and saw the following picture of a child. (1 mk)
    3 sfsfsfs
    What is the child likely to be suffering from?
  4. Draw a table to show four micronutrients and their functions in the body. (8 mks)
  5. Calcium is one of the minerals required by the body. Give three sources of calcium. (3 mks)
  6. Draw a sign that conveys the message: 'Do not smoke!' (3mk)
  7. For a person to be healthy, they must be free of diseases. What two other characteristics does a healthy person enjoy? (4 mks)
  8. What is the significance of health education for healthy living? (2 mks)
  9. You are planning on doing a health promotion campaign in your community. List down 4 challenges you are likely to face. (4 mks)
  10. Pablo was asked to explain the meaning of the term health promotion. What answer is he likely to give? (1 mk)
  11. Highlight six parts that make up the human digestive system. (6 mks)
  12. The doctor advised Francis to take only prescribed medicine to prevent ulcers. What other measures does he need to observe? (4 mks)
  13. Excretion is the removal of waste from the body. Give three excretory organs and their functions? (6 mks)
  14. Renee saw her classmate with the condition shown below:
    14 sfsfsfs
    Which condition is this? (1 mk)
  15. Outline three causes roundworm infestation. (3 mks)


  1. Sudden weakness and numbness of one side of the body.
    Sudden difficulty in speech or confusion.
  2. He suffering from night blindness.
  3. Kwashiorkor.
  4. Micronutrient           Function
    Vitamin A                   It protects the comea from drying.It helps with vision.
    calcium                     It helps in formation of bones and teeth.
    Vitamin B1                It helps in cell respiration and proper growth in children.
    lodine.                      Helps in formation of hormone thyroxine.
  5. Milk, green leafy vegetables and bone soup.
  6. No smoking sign.
  7. They must be able to think clearly and get along well with others.
    • it helps one in decision making about healthy living.
    • It promotes health seeking behavior.
    • food preferences based on taste flavor and color rather than healthy.
    • Inability to afford a balanced diet.
    • Religious beliefs that teach against healthy practices.
    • Cultural beliefs that go against healthy practices.
  10. Health promotion refers to all activities and campaigns carried out to enlighten people to take charge of and improve their health.
  11. Mouth, oesophagus, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus.
    • adopt and maintain a healthy diet.
    • Have regular exercises.
    • Have adequate sleep.
    • Avoid stressful situations.
    • kidney gets rid of excess water and mineral salts as well as nitrogenous waste.
    • Skin- gets rid of excess water, mineral salts and nitrogenous waste.
    • Lungs gets rid of carbon dioxide and excess water.
    • Liver gets rid of urea.
  14. Ring worm.
    • eating food contaminated with worm eggs.
    • Eating with dirty hands.
    • Eating fruits and vegetables without washing.


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