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Performing ARTS Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 3

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  1. What are the factors to consider when creating interesting rhythms? (3 marks)
  2. The curve made by the arrangement of notes according to their pitch level is called (1 mark)
  3. Describe the leaps in the melody below. (2 mark)
  4. What involves interpretation of a melody? (2 marks)
  5. What are the sources that can be used to get pertinent issues that affect the society? (2 marks)
  6. What are the possible milestones on a theme on environmental conservation? (2 marks)
  7. What are the similarities in the group of words below? (4 marks)
    1. Sold and gold
    2. Sends and riches
  8. What is the role of make-up during a performance? (2mark)
  9. What is a scenario? (1 mark)
  10. What are the techniques of creating own rhythm? (2 mark)

For questions 11-15, define the following terms (5 marks)

  1. Vocal projection
  2. Tone
  3. Volume
  4. Intonation
  5. Emphasis
  6. What is the importance of improvising as you act on stage? (4 marks)
  7. What are the things that can be improvised in a skit? (2 marks)
  8. What is the importance of improvising costumes and objects used in a skit? (4 marks)
  9. Write down features of a good melody that can be found in the melody below. (4 marks) 

For questions 20-23, complete the table below with details that are found in a script of a skit. (4 marks)

 Title of the skit .............   
22   23  
  1. Identify the strong beat in the melody below. (3 marks)
  2. Correct the following grouping of notes. (3 marks)


  1. Variation of note values, Rasis, Repetition for unity, Symmetry
  2. Contour
  3. It is a leap up to a 3rd
  4. Identification of clef
    Recognition of key signature and the key note
    identifying melodic pattems in the song
  5. Social gathering, Digital media, Print media
  6. Assess
  7. They have similar sounds
  8. Make-up is used to enhance the role of a character and to give performers an additional tool for conveying the characters being performed.
    "Make up helps in enhancing your appearance.
    "Make up can be used by actors to help them portray specific features of a given role such as that of an old man, a sick person or an Injured person.
  9. A scenario is an incident or situation that has occurred or is likely to happen.. 
  10. Repetition, Variation of note values 
  11. is the use of voice so as to reach the Intended audience.
  12.  this is how the presenter chooses to say the words in order to convey the appropriate mood and message in the poem
  13. this is the loudness or softness of the presenter's voice
  14. this is the rising and falling of voice
  15. this is the pressure on Individual words that makes them stand out
  16. It is a great way to generate new ideas
    It creates and develops characters
    Improvising is a wonderful way of sharpening acting skills
    it improves the confidence of a performer 
  17. Clothing, Objects, Words
  18. It is economical because it saves on the cost of buying the costume and objects
    It promotes the use of locally available materials
    Promotes the local industries
    Promotes creativity
  19. It is written in major scale of C
    It is a comfortable key making it singable
    It has leaps up to a 3rd
    It is in stepwise motion
  20. List of characters
  21. Stage directions (where the action la taking place, time and how the place looks like)
  22. Character name
  23. What the actor in saying
  24. The strong beat is on the first note in each bar
  25. 25 dfsfsf
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