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Computer Science Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 3

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  1. Name the example of a computer shown below and state its purpose. (1 mark)
    1 sfsfs
  2. One of the stages of processing cycle in a computer is input. What is its function? (1 mark)
  3. User dependant is a characteristic of computers. Explain what it means. (1 mark)
  4. Study the picture below and answer the questions that follow. (2 marks)
    4 sfsfs
    What is its evolution stage?
  5. What task is it used to perform?
  6. The following are the characteristics of a certain generation of computers. Read them.
    1. They used vacuum tube technology.
    2. They used punch cards for inputting data.
    3. They could only solve one problem at a time.
      Which generation of computer is described above? (1 mark)
  7. The following picture is a diagrammatic representation of technology used in the ......................................... generation of computers. Its  name is ......................... (2 marks)
    7 sfsfsf
  8. List three types of computers. (3 marks)
    1. Give two examples of personal computers. (2 marks)
    2. Give an example of an embedded computer that is used at home. (2 marks)
  10. Computers have changed how people live, both negatively and positively. Discuss the impact of these computers on the society. (4 marks)
    • Negatively
    • Positively
  11. Jennifer wants to set up a computer user environment. What factors should she consider? (2 marks)
  12. What safety precaution and practice is observed in a computer user environment when we use the item shown below? Give its name. (2 mark)
    12 adada
  13. Match the physical parts of a computer to their respective functions. (3 marks)
      Physical Part Function
     a  Mouse  Used to give instructions to a computer by controlling a pointer called a cursor on the screen.
     b  System Unit  Carries out processing activities by carrying out the given commands or instructions
     c  CPU  Houses the electronic components of a computer
  14. Complete the following sentences to show options of shutting down a computer. (3 marks)
    1. The.............................................option closes any file that is open or any program that is running and completely turns off the computer.
    2. The..............................................option only minimises the power consumed by the computer without closing open programs or files. Pressing on the keyboard or moving a mouse wakes up the computer and everything appears as it was before.
    3. The...............................................option shuts down the computer temporarily and turns it on again automatically.
  15. What is the function of the key shown below on the keyboard? (2 mark)
    15 sfsfs
  16. Sancho wants to play music from her mother's smartphone using an app called VLC media player. Categorise the components in this scenario to fit the computer system components. (3 marks)
  17. Categorise the following as eier input, processing, output or storage devices. (2 marks)
    17 sfsfs
  18. What is the purpose of the following card reader? (1 mark)
    18 sfsfs
  19. List three functional elements that help CPU to perform its functions. (3 marks)
  20. Matonya loves accessing his documents and files in soft copy output instead of hard copy output. What advantages does he enjoy? (2 marks)
  21. Owiro wants to have the architectural drawing of the design for his house be put on paper. Which output device should he use? (1 mark)
  22. Name the following cables used in computers. (2 marks)
    22 sfsfsfs
  23. Explain the best way of recycling old electrical wires and cables to protect the environment. (2 mark)
  24. Sikukuu set a computer for use at home. What was the need for connecting his computer to a UPS or a surge protector rather than directly plugging its power source to the main source of power? (1 mark)
  25. List two physical threats to computers in a computer user environment. Give ways of mitigating them. (2 marks)
    Physical traits Control measures


  1. Smartwatch. It can give alerts, make calls, show time and control music in smartphone.
  2. It gives instructions or feeds data into a computer.
  3. A computer relles on the instructions given to them by the user. They cannot. work on their own.
  4. Electronic era
  5. It performs mathematical operations.
  6. First generation
  7. second, transistor
  8. supercomputers, minicomputers, embedded computers
    1. laptops, desktops, tablets
    2. microwave, DVD player
  10. Negatively-Loss of jobs since most of work is done using computers.
    Positively-We monitor blood pressure and CT scanners using computers
  11. The number of computers and other devices to be put and the amount of space, the main purpose of the computer user environment, relablity of source of power 
  12. Fire extinguisher or firefighting equipemnt. it is used in case of fire break out.
    1. Mouse - Displays all the activities that are taking place in a computer In an intangible form.
    2. System unit - Used to give Instructions to a computer by controlling a pointer called a cursor on the screen.
    3. CPU - Houses the electronic components of a computer. 
    1. shut down, 
    2. Sleep, 
    3. Restart 
  15. When this key la pressed, it forces the cursor to move to a new line (the next). 
  16. Sancho-Liveware, VCL media player- software, smartphone-hardware
    1. Output device
    2. Input device
  18. It is used to make payments, unlock doors and identify people.
    1. The control unit
    2. The Arithmetic and Logle Unit (ALU)
    3. The special memory unit
    1. It is easy to carry and less costly.
    2. It is easy to edit or modify.
  21. plotter
    1. VGA cable
    2. Ethernet cable 
  23. taking them to the nearest e-waste recycling facility.
  24. Surge protector safeguards the computer against excessive voltage that may damage the computer components. UPS le used to uniform quality of power especially when there le alther complete loss of power or there is low voltage from the main source of power. 
    1. Physical threats-
      • Intentional destructive Acts of vandalism and theft.
      • Natural disasters such as fire or floods.
    2. Control measures-
      • Ensures doors are property locked. Install security alarms.
      • Install fire extinguishers at strategic places. Do not set up computer In areas prone to floods.
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