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Islamic Religious Education Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 3

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  1. Baburam has a habit of visiting a witchdoctor to guide him on how to do well in school. This act is referred to as (2mks)
  2. Abdallah has immense love for footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo. He loves him more than Allah. This form of shirk is referred to as (2mks)
  3. Mention three act that shows that you are devoted to Allah (S.A.W) (3mks)
  4. How many people should perform a congregational prayer? (2mks).
  5. Before performing swalatul Dhuhr, Suleiman performed two rakaat prayer. Which prayer was this? (2mks).
  6. A special prayer performed by a traveler is called? (2mks)
  7. During what point of Eid prayers does the Imam say the Khutbah? (3mks)
  8. On the 1 of shawwal Amina saw all the Muslims gathering at the school playground and performed a two rakaat prayer followed by two khutbah's. Which prayer was this? (2mks)
  9. What is the importance of performing a sunnah prayer? (3mks)
  10. What is the total number of rakaat that a Muslim can perform in one day? (3mks)
  11. Rahma was fasting when he broke his fast because he was hungry. Which type of Saum will she observe as a penalty? (3mks)
  12. Which is the main reason why Muslims observe saum according to (Q2:183)? (3mks)
  13. What does truthfulness encourage in a Muslim? (2mks)
  14. Abubakr is a drug addict who spends most of his time drinking and intoxicating himself. What two valuable things do you think he is wasting? (4mks)
  15. Maryam's sister is planning to get married but her father has refused to give consent because the bridegroom is from a poor family. What do you think should happen? (3mks)
  16. Why is it important for a Muslim to earn lawfully? (3mks)
  17. Amal has contracted a disease that has no cure. Which disease is it likely to be? (2mks)
  18. Which month is the fifth pillar of Islam performed? (2mks)
  19. The magians who were found in Madina were from (2mks)
  20. Arabs used to worship (2mks)


  1. Shirk
  2. Shirk Al Mahaba 
  3. praying, fasting
  4. Two or more 
  5. Qabilyah 
  6. Swalatul Musafir 
  7. After the prayers 
  8. Eid ul Fitr 
  9. It brings a person closer to Allah 
  10. Seventeen (17) 
  11. Kaffare 
  12. To strengthen one's falth (Taqwa) 
  13. It encourages fear of Allah (S.W.T) 
    1. Time 
    2. Money
  15. She should inform the Imam or the kadhi to become her walll
  16. Because Allah (SWT) blesses his eamings
  17. HIV and AIDS 
  18. Dhul-Hijjah
  19. Persia
  20. Idola
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