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English Questions and Answers - Grade 7 End Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  • Answer all questions in this question paper

Read the following passage carefully and then write a summary.

Children should be taught how to use the internet responsibly. While using the internet, they need to seek permissions and rights to filter out any bad content. They should report to a reliable adult any unpleasant material they come across immediately. Let them know that you will monitor the sites they visit.

Do not allow children to complete and send any online forms without your permission. They should not give their full name, home address or telephone number when completing forms online.

Let them know that e-mails sent or received may be read by others without their knowledge. Teach them the basic knowledge about cyber crime.

The email messages they send should be polite. In addition to that, they should only e-mail people they know. They should not use emails to arrange to meet someone they met online outside home or after school hours.

  1. Write a summary on "ways to help children use the internet appropriately."
    Your summary should be:
    • Between 50 - 60 words.
    • In one paragraph
    • Written continuously
      Write in your own words and do not change the original meaning.       (10mks)

Read the passage below and then answer questions that follow:


Exam time is one of the most difficult times in the life of a student. They have to totally dedicate themselves to understand the syllabus and map out the topics to be covered. It might be easy for students who regularly study but for some, it is a very stressing moment.

During exam period all students face some problems that cause unwanted fear and tension. Both parents and students are equally bothered during examination period.

The following ways might help students get relieved from the examination stress. The techniques will also help students score good marks in any examination.

Proper planning is very important. A well prepared timetable will help students decide which subjects to be revised first and last. More time should be allocated to weaker areas. Students are encouraged to refer to the previous year's questions to get an idea of the type of question paper to expect and prepare accordingly. Students should involve reading and writing in summary form in order to memorize well and easily. Time is crucial at this stage. Students should not wait until the last days to revise a mountain of management very books.

Students also need adequate sleep before every exam so that their minds are fresh and energetic on the day of the exam.

  1. What is needed from students who are about to do an exam?
  2. The main problem faced by students during exam period is ___________________________
  3. Write down three techniques of revising that will help a student score good marks in any exam.
  4. In order to memorize well and easily, a student is required to _________________________
  5. A student will find him / herself with a lot of books to revise if __________________________
  6. Which of the following words can best replace the word 'crucial' as used in the passage?
    (unnecessary, difficult, important, understanding)
  7. Enough sleep is advisable to a student before every exam because ________________________

Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 9 to 15 For each blank space, select the best alternative from the bracket.

The market place was very __9__ (idle, busy, noisy) Many people visited to buy articles of their __10__.(wants, likes, wishes) I found a big __11__ (mob, crowd, chain) purchasing or __12__ (selling, buying, carrying) their products. Hawkers were shouting __13__ (clearly, softly, loudly) trying to __14__(distract, contract, attract) people. Buyers usually bargained __15__ (before, after, since) giving out the cash.

For questions 16 to 19, fill in the blank spaces correctly.

  1. If I _______________________(know) she was coming, I would prepare a delicious meal for her.
  2. He treated me kindly as if I _______________________(be) her own sister.
  3. If I ________________________(be) you, I would work very hard.
  4. The baby should have _________________________(eat) by now.

For questions 20 to 22, choose the correct word to complete the sentences:

  1. Watch out! You might ___________________________ your __________________________ shoe laces. (loose, lose)
  2. I cannot ____________________________ walking on ___________________________ feet. (bear, bare)
  3. We came forward to ____________________________ the _____________________________motivational speaker. (great, greet)

Change the following sentences into passive voice:

  1. She cut the big cake.
  2. The dog is eating meat.
  3. Alfred has drunk the milk.

Use relative pronouns ‘who' ‘which' 'whom' and 'that' to complete the following sentences.

  1. The glass _______________________ I broke yesterday was replaced.
  2. Did you see the man  ___________________________ car crashed near the school gate? 
  3. I did not understand all _________________________the speaker said.
  4. We saw the boy ____________________________ she thought was a bully.
  5. The old man and his pet ____________________________you saw crossing the road are our neighbours.

The Princess and the Frog

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who had a golden ball. She lived in a palace with her father, the king, and her seven sisters. Everyday she played with her ball in the garden of the palace. At the end of the garden, there was a dark lake. When the weather was hot, the princess liked playing near the lake.

Unfortunately, one day she dropped her golden ball into the water. She was very unhappy and she sat on the grass and started to cry. Suddenly, she heard a voice, "don't cry, princess." She opened her eyes and saw a large green frog.

"Oh please help me!" she said, "I can't get my ball."
"I will help you," said the frog, "if I come and stay with you in the palace."

"Yes, of course I promise," said the princess. So the frog jumped into the water and came back with the ball. The princess laughed and took the ball. She ran quickly back to the palace and forgot all about the frog. The frog was very angry. He followed the princess into the palace and told his story to the king.

"A promise is a promise," said the frog. "Yes," said the king and called his daughter. "Honour your promise, my daughter. Take this frog to your own room and look after him carefully. The princess cried bitterly but took the frog and put him on her bed. The frog looked at her closely and said softly, "please, greet me, princess," she closed her eyes and greeted him. All of a sudden, the frog turned into a handsome prince. Of course, he and the princess fell in love. One week later, they got married and live happily ever after.

(By Ron Clements)

  1. How did the princess spend her leisure time?
  2. Write down any five adjectives and five adverbs found in the story.      (5 marks)
  3. Why did the frog follow the princess all the way to the palace?
  4. Explain the meaning of the phrase 'Honour your promise" as used in the story.      (2mks)
  5. What did the king do to show that "a promise made is a debt unpaid,"?


Write an interesting composition about the heading below.



  1. Check releevsance to the question "ways to help children use the internet appropriately.
    1. Deduct (1mk) for wrong use of tense.
    2. Deduct (3mks) for lack of flow.
    3. Rate according to the number of words.
  2. Dedication to well understand the sllabus and topics to be covered.
  3. Unwanted fear and tension
    1. Proper planning
    2. A well prepared timetable
    3. Revising past papers
    4. Reading and writing in summary
    5. Time management.
  5. Read and write summary at the same time.
  6. He or she waits until the last days.
  7. Important
  8. It makes the mind fresh and energetic on the day of exam
  9. Busy
  10. Wants
  11. Crowd
  12. Selling
  13. Loudly
  14. Attract
  15. before
  16. knew
  17. were
  18. were
  19. eaten
  20. lose, loose
  21. bear, bare
  22. great, greet
  23. The big cake was cut (by, her)
  24. Meat is being eaten (by the dog)
  25. The milk has been drunk (by Alfred)
  26. which
  27. whose
  28. that
  29. whom
  30. that
  31. By playing with her golden ball in the garden of the palace
       Adjectives    Adverbs
     a)  beautiful, green  a)  near, carefully
     b)  seven, angry  b)  unfortunately, bitterly
     c)  golden, handsome  c)  suddenly, closely
     d)  large, unhappy  d)  in the palace, softly
     e)  hot  e)  quickly, happily
  33. The princess refused to honour her promises.
  34. It means doing what you have agreed to do/ keeping one's word.
  35. The King convinced/compelled/ forced his daughter to take the frog into her room.
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