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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 7 End Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. The diagram below shows a bunsen burner.
    Identify and name the parts labelled J and M.       (2mks)
  2. A learner in grade 7 observed a patient who had been injured being given a first aid by pouring cold water on the injury. Which laboratory accident was the student likely to have?      (1mk)
  3. Draw a hazard symbol that is likely to be found on toxic chemical container. (3mks)
  4. Identify two heterogenous liquid mixtures that you are likely to find at homes. (2mks)
  5. The diagram below shows a set-up that was used during an Integrated Science lesson.
    1.  Identify the method of separating mixture shown.    (1mk)
    2. Name two mixtures that can be separated using the set-up shown.     (2mks)
  6. Explain the following terms as used in separation of different mixtures. (4mks)
    1. Sublimation
    2. Chromatography
  7. Identify and give two examples of acids and bases.    (4mks)
    1. Acids -
    2. Bases -
  8. Differentiate between acids and bases using a pH scale chart.    (3mks)
  9. Name three safety equipment that one should put on while working in laboratory when dealing with harmful chemicals.    (3mks)
  10. Complete the table below showing units for the following derived quantities. (3mks)
     Derived quantities  SI units
  11. State three reasons why it is important to read packaging labels of products. (3mks)
  12. Name the equipment that will be used to perform the following tasks in the laboratory.    (3mks)
    1. Holding solid substances when heating. ______________________________
    2. Transferring small amounts of fixed volume of liquid. _____________________________
    3. For measuring temperature. _____________________________
  13. State one application of acid in real life.   (2mks)
  14. What is the name given to the process whereby a mature ovum is released from the ovary down to the fallopian tube?    (1mk)
  15. Explain what is fertilization in human being.   (2mks)
  16. Draw part of a skin and label the following parts correctly: Dermis, epidermis and sweat pore.    (6mks)
  17. Which lifestyles should a person adopt to promote a healthy skin.    (3mks)
  18. List two kidney disorders.      (2mks)


    • J - Chimney
    • M - Collar
  1. Burn and scald
    1. Milk and kerosene
    2. Water and Cooking oil
    1. Simple distillation
    2. Water and salt
      Water and sugar
    1. Sublimation - The process where solid changes to gases directly and heating
    2. Chromatography - The method of separating mixtures of colours
    • Acids - Sour milk, lemon juice, orange juice
    • Bases - Soap solution, baking powder solution, ash solution
  8. Gloves, goggles, apron

  9.  Derived quality  SI units 
     Area  m2
     Volume  m3
     Density  kg/m3
    • Knowing expiry date.
    • Knowing measure to observe
    • Knowing the quantity of the product
    • Knowing how to store
    1. Tongs
    2. Pipette
    3. Thermometer
  12. Making fertilizer, juice, car batteries and making colours
  13. Ovulation
  14. Fusion of male and female gametes
    • Drinking clean and safe water. 
    • Taking healthy food.
    • Enough sleep
    • Kidney failure
    • Kidney stones
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