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Visual Arts Questions and Answers - Grade 7 End Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. The act of capturing an image using a camera is known as  ________________________________(1mk)
  2. Different colours predominant in a photograph express different moods. Write down the mood likely to be expressed by the colours written below.  (5mks)
    1. Red express
    2. Green express
    3. Blue express
    4. Black express
    5. White express
  3. Eddy and his group were discussing about different patterns used in creating a motif. Complete the pattern they were creating below.
  4. State three properties that are used to create mood in photography.  (3mks)
  5. Grade 7 learners were asked by their teacher to write down four examples of inorganic shapes used to make a motif. Write down the answers they were likely to give.  (4mks)
  6. Study the diagram below and name the labelled parts of a motif.  (2mks)
  7. Observe the diagrams below and identify if they are either 2D or 3D art form.   (3mks)
  8. The method of creating sequence of images to create all illusion of movement is called _________________________(1mk)
  9. In the space provided below draw a sequence of images showing a storyline of dancing girl..  (5mks)
  10. Complementary colours are those that are positioned opposite each other on colour wheel. Write down three examples of complementary colours.    (3mks)
  11. All skills in art lead to development of careers. State three pathways in arts.   (3mks)
  12. Observe the cuboid below. Draw and label the horizon line, convergence lines and vanishing point under birds eyes view. (5mks)
  13. Your group was discussing categories of art. List down four categories of art they were discussing.   (4mks).
  14. List down three materials needed when preparing flip book paper frames.   (3mks)
  15. Grade 7 learners were asked by their teacher to set up still life composition of cuboid forms. State three principles of art they should use as guidelines.   (3mks)


  1. Photography
    1. Red - Anger
    2. Green - Calmness
    3. Blue - Calmness
    4. Black - Sadness
    5. White - peaceful mood
    • Colour
    • Light
    • Background
    • Circles
    • Squares
    • Triangles
    • Rectangles
    1. 2D art form
    2. 3D art form
    3. 3D art form
  8. Animation
  9. Teacher to mark the succesive movement of hands, limbs and body positions of the frames in the course of dancing
    • Red complement green
    • Yellow complemelnt violet.
    • Blue compliment orange
    • Photography
    • Publishing
    • Art therapist
    • Cake decorator
    • Caricaturist
    • Courtroom sketch artist
    • Fashion
    • Computer graphic
    • Visual arts
    • Applied arts
    • Performing arts
    • Literary arts
    • Paper
    • Cutter
    • Ruler
    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Balance
    • Proportion
    • Overlapping
    • Rythm and movement.
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