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Agriculture Questions and Answers - Grade 7 End Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. Grade seven learners visited a plantation and observed some structures used for conserving surface run off. Give three structures they were likely to observe. (3mks)
  2. Write two minimum tillage practices done on a farm to conserve water in growing crops (2mks)
  3. During an Agricultural Extension Research grade 7 learners were requested to state five benefits of agroforestry to the environment.
  4. Give three suitable characteristics of agroforestry trees grown in crop fields. (3mks)
  5. List four suitable sites for planting crops in the school.   (4mks)
  6. Your group in Grade 7 has been asked to prepare a ground seedbed for growing crops. Write down the preparations you will make as a group.   (4mks)
  7. Planting materials are categorized into seeds and vegetative materials. List five examples of vegetative materials. (5mks)
  8. Grade 7 learners were asked by a facilitator to list three methods used in planting seeds.   (3mks)
  9. Grade 7 learners used a computer to observe some weeds. They observed the pictures drawn below. Name the types of weeds they observed.   (3mks)
  10. Name three physical methods of carrying out weeding on selected crops.  (3mks)
  11. Grade 7 learners visited a hardware to purchase some Agricultural tools. Name three examples of tools they bought that is used in agricultural weeding.   (3mks)
  12. Grade 7 learners were asked to define the following terms as used in a crop field. What answers did they give?  (3mks)
    1. Earthing up 
    2. Thinning
    3. Gapping
  13. Grade 7 learners were asked by their teacher to list the management practices that require animal handling. What do you think they said?   (4mks)
  14. Mr. Munene asked grade 7 learners in groups to name two materials of objects used in animals identification. What did they discuss?(2mks)
  15. Give one example in each case of each of the following.   (3mks)
    1. Mammal pets
    2. Aquatic pets
    3. Reptile pet


    1. Water retention pit
    2. Earth basin
    3. Water retention ditches
    1. Slashing weeds
    2. Mulching crops
    1. Increases soil fertility 
    2. Reduces water run off
    3. Provides shelter to wild animals.
    4. Protects soil from erosion.
    5. Protects crops from strong wind.
    1. Should produce leaves that rot easily in the soil.
    2. Should have upward growth.
    3. Should produce roots which do not interfere with crop roots.
    1. Area along the fence. 
    2. Ground sites.
    3. Walls for vertical gardens. 
    4. Area along the drive ways. 
    1. Identifying the site.
    2. Clearing vegetation in the site.
    3. Marking and digging the site.
    4. Breaking the soil appropriate tilth
    1. Tubers
    2. Suckers
    3. Splits
    4. Slips
    5. Woody cuttings
    1. Drilling
    2. Dibbling
    3. Broadcasting
    1. Wild oat grass
    2. Thom apple
    3. Double thom
    1. Slashing
    2. Tilling
    3. Uprooting
    1. Panga
    2. Sickle
    3. Slasher
    1. Earthing up - Heaping soil around the base of a crop.
    2. Thinning - Uprooting or removing excess plants to prevent overcrowding
    3. Gapping - Replacing crops that do not grow.
    1. Housing
    2. Feeding
    3. Traeting
    4. Obtaining products
    1. Neck strap
    2. Ear tag
    1. Mammal pets - Rabbit, dog, cat
    2. Acquatic pets - Fish
    3. Reptile pets - Tortoise
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