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Computer Questions and Answers - Grade 7 End Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. The information below shows a matching activities for grade 7 learners on application of computers. Using lines, match the applications to the relevant industry. (3mks)
    1. Keeping accounts information                        Education
    2. Missile launching                                            Banking
    3. Learning and research                                    Military
  2. Identify the characteristics of computers which matches the statements below.
    1. Computer lacks its own intelligence to process some tasks unless programmed.    (1mk)
    2. Computers produce accurate data free of errors.   (1mk)
  3. During evolution of computers vacuum tubes were improvised to use transistors in computers. Give two advantages that transistors have over vacuum tubes.   (2mks)
  4. The CPU of a computer processes data to meaningful information. Which element of the CPU directs and coordinates all activities within it.   (1mk)
  5. Grade 7 learners mentioned the components of a computer during a group discussions.  List down any two components the learners may have mentioned.    (2mks)
  6. When data is entered into a computer it follows sequential stages for it to become information. Draw and label the stages in the computer processing cycles.   (3mks)
  7. Grade 7 learners debated on advantages and disadvantages of using computer. Write down any two advantages the learners may have raised that affect a computer user.    (2mks)
  8. During a relay writing competition, grade 7 learners wrote down the statements below on technology used by different devices during evolution of computers. Identify the device with the technology used.    (2mks)
    1. Used gears technology to feed data.
    2. Used cog leavers and punched cards.
  9. The Ministry of Environment has raised alarm on the pollution caused by improper disposal of computer parts that are spoilt. Write down two practices that can help reduce environmental pollution by computer parts.   (2mks)
  10. A keyboard of the computer has keys for performing different functions. Write two tasks you can perform with the key.   (2mks)
  11. A computer consists of different components. List down any two examples of hardwares components of a computer.   (2mks)
  12. A grade 7 learner wanted to enter data into a laptop computer. Identify any two input devices the learner would use. (2mks)
  13. The picture below shows a Microsoft word page. Name the parts labelled a and b .  (2mks)
  14. Write down the steps followed when saving an open active word document in the desktop of a computer.   (3mks)
  15. Computers are used to perform different tasks in different sectors. Suggest three computers are used in banking sector. ways
  16. Computer have evolved over different stages. Fill in the missing stages below. (2mks)
  17. Storage devices form an importance part of computer hardware. List any three examples of storage devices used in computers.(3mks)
  18. A computer system consists of hardware, liveware and software. State two parts which make up the software of a computer.  (2mks)
  19. The modern society has embraced computers in entertainment. Suggest any three ways computers can be used for entertainment.(3mks)
  20. Output can be produced in hardcopy or softcopy suggest three advantages of a softcopy product compared to hardcopy.  (3mks)
  21.  A computer storage has different memory storage. What do the terms below mean in relation to computer memory? (2mks)
    1. RAM -
    2. ROM -
  22. Different physical part of a computer perform different functions. Identify the parts of a computer that perform the functions below.   (2mks)
    1. Storage and transfer of information.
    2. Connecting different parts of a computer.


    1. Intelligence
    2. Accuracy
    1. Use less power
    2. Small in size, consumer less. power
  4. Control Unit (CU)
  5. Monitor, keyboard, system unit, mouse, (accept any)
    1. Can lead to loss of jobs
    2. Cause health problems
    3. User may be exposed to threats
    4. Overuse leads to lack of creativity and innovation. (accept any other relevant options)
    1. Pascaline
    2. Difference engine
    1. Re-using usable 
      1. he wastes to e-waste management institutions
    2. Donating usable parts to willing people in the society
    1. Move the cursor to the beginning of the next line when typing
    2. Use as "Ok key" when searching information on the Internet.
    1. Keyboard
    2. Mouse'
    3. Speakers
    4. System unit
      (Accept any other relevant options)
    1. Keyboard
    2. Touch screen
      (Accept any other relevant options)
    1. Close
    2. Minimize
    1. Click file then choose save as.
    2. Choose where to save the document (desktop, download etc)
    3. Type file name then click save
    1. Storing customers data 
    2. Calculations
    3. Transferring money
    4. Printing customer receipts
    1. Mechanical devices
    2. Electromechanical devices
    1. Hard disk
    2. Flash disk
    1. Operating system
    2. Programmes
    1. Playing music
    2. Watching movies
    3. Playing games
    1. Easily moved from place to place.
    2. Easy to handle, does not need physical print out..
    3. Large data can be compressed to take up small space.
    1. RAM-Random Access Memory.
    2. ROM-Read Only Memory
    1. Flash disk, memory card
    2. Cables.
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