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Performing Arts Questions and Answers - Grade 7 End Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. Define the following terms as used in Performing Arts.     (3mks)
    1. Verse
    2. Narrative
    3. Skit
  2. List three components of skit.   (3mks)
  3. Differentiate between props and costumes as used in Performing Arts.    (2mks)
  4. List two ways of creating rhythmic patterns.    (2mks)
  5. Grade 7 learners from St. Mary's school received a standing ovation after reciting a choral verse during the school's parents' day. How did they use their bodies and space to enhance message delivery?    (4mks)
  6. List two features of narrative.  (2mks)
  7. Identify the scales below.     (2mks)
  8. Write a G clef on the following lines.   (3mks)

Read the following story and answer the questions that follow:

Mwangaza is my village. All the people love each other and always help each on a daily basis. During the day people sing and tell stories as they work together in their farms and quarries. Finally in the evening the elderly narrate stories to the children who listen attentively. During this year's Madaraka Day Celebrations, all the people gathered in the market square and were entertained to plays, poems, dances and music. The area MCA gave a moving speech about FGM that left us in tears. People came together laughed and the children learnt a lot about their village.

    1. List the disciplines of Performing Arts mentioned above.    (2mks)
    2. What benefits do the people of Mwangaza village benefit when they come together to celebrate Madaraka Day?    (2mks)
    3. List two genres of elocution mentioned in the story above.    (2mks)
    4. What was the theme of the speech that the MCA gave during Madaraka day?    (1mk)
  2. What do the following time signatures mean ?   (2mks)
    1. 2
      4 __________________________
    2. 4
  3. Maria was narrating an exciting story to her friends, but they did not like it and cutI her short midway. List four reasons why they did not enjoy her story telling.   (4mks)
  4. Write the corresponding sol-fa syllables of the following hand signs.   (3mks)
  5. How is the storyline of narrative arranged?    (3mks)
  6. You have been tasked with reciting a solo verse during Madaraka day. List two contemporary issues that you will address in your verse.     (2mks)
  7. Imagine that you fought with one of your classmates and the teacher sent you to bring your parents.
    Fill in the following dialogue between you, the teacher and your parent.
    You: (Walks in holding your parent's hand) _____________________________________________________________(1mk)
    The teacher: (As he shows a chair to the parent) Explain what happened.
    Parent : You know I am very busy, and you took me from my work, speak up quickly!
    You : __________________________________________________(1mk)
    The teacher: I hope this will not happen again, or else I will suspend you from school for two weeks.
    Parent: Make sure that you apologize to your friend.
    You: (As your parent rises to leave the office)  ____________________________________________    (1mk)
  8. Explain the relationship between the following disciplines of Performing Arts.
    1. Film and music   (1mk)
    2. Dance and drama    (1mk)
  9. Fill the following table appropriately.        (3mks)  
     Note name  French rythm name 


    1. Verse - mcreative composition that involves the use of rhyming words arranged in rythmic patterns to bring out strong emotions.
    2. Narrative-A narrative is an account of a series of events that took place in a particular place at a particular time through word of mouth. A narrative is also a story that is creatively told.
    3. Skit-Skit is a humorous and funny piece of drama that makes fun of an issue in the society and is meant to educate and entertain.
  2. Milestones, plot, language, scenario, Improvisation.
  3. Props are movable items used by performers on stage to enhance their performance while costumes are the special dresses that performers put on to get into character during performance.
    • Variation of note values
    • Use of notes and rests
    • Repetition of sections
    • Balance/symmetry
    • Adherence to time signature.
    • They used appropriate body language that indicated confidence.
    • They used appropriate gestures.
    • They kept and maintained eye-contact with the audience.
    • Their poise was good.
    • They moved on the stage appropriately.
    • When emphasizing points they moved close to the audience as they looked straight ahead.
  6. Storyline/plot, theme, characters 
    1. C-major scale
    2. G-major scale
    1. Music, drama, elocution, dance (4-2mks)
      • The people get entertained
      • The people socialize.
      • The children learn more about their village.
        (mark the importance of performing arts)
    3. Public speaking, narrative and poems.
    4. FGM
    1. There are two crotchet beats in every bar and four crotchets.(also mark if the student writes "2-four"
    2. There are four crotchet beats in every bar.
    • Maria was inaudible.Maria was not confident.
    • Maria did not make any eye contact.
    • Marla did not use time well, she used a lot of time to narrate her story.
    • Maria did not engage her friends thus she did not ask questions and answer their questions. (mark violations to qualities of a good story teller.
    1. mi
    2. soh
    3. ti
  13. Beginning, middle and conclusion. (Also mark; Introduction, body/conflict and conflict resolution/ conclusion).
  14. Mark all relevant themes that the learner lists.
  15. (Tasting dialogue and improvisation in skit)
    • Make sure the leaner uses respectable language such as excuse me, I am sorry, thank you, yes sir/ madam.
    • Make sure that there is easy flow of ideas and dialogue.
    • The dialogue should center on the fight and a vow to never do it again.
    1. Music is important since it is used to provide sound tracks that enhance message delivery and make film more entertaining.
    2. Dance and drama performances go together since they accompany. each other to enhance message delivery and boost each other's performance.
     Note name  French rythm name 
     Minim  taa-aa
     Semi-breve  taa-aa-aa-aa
     Crochet  taa
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