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Pre-Technical Education Questions and Answers - Grade 7 End Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. Learners in Grade seven in our school were asked to discuss in groups on some of the hazards to personal safety. Identify 4 hazards to personal safety that they discussed (4mks)
  2. The following are items found in a first aid box. Explain the importance of each. (2mks)
    1. First aid manual
    2. Disposable gloves
  3. Name the tools below (2mks)
  4. Draw two driving tools and name them. (2mks)


  5. Your class used digital devices to research on artistic drawing. They came up with several examples. List down 4 examples of artistic drawings (4mks)
  6. The teacher of pre-technical explained the types of triangles, their properties and drew them. From what she explained, name three types of triangles and draw them. (3mks)
    1.  G7PTET2S12023Q6 ________________________________________
    2. G7PTET2S12023Q6________________________________________
    3. G7PTET2S12023Q6_________________________________________
  7. Grade 7 learners were asked to list four common materials used to do different jobs. What do you think they answered? (4mks)
  8. Name two physical properties of ferrous metals. (2mks)
  9. When grade 7 learners were debating about farming tools and equipment, their teacher told them to draw a sickle and write down two uses of it (2mks)
  10. Learners in Kaloleni primary school were discussing about freehand sketching. Explain the importance they discussed of freehand sketching (2mks)
  11. Name two items that can be made from animal materials (2mks)
  12. In the table given below, fill in two tools of each correctly. (2mks) 
     Measuring tools  Claeaning tools
  13. Grade seven learners from Utawala Junior secondary visited a homestead and were shown how to care and maintain household hand tools. List two ways of maintaining household tools that were likely taught to them (2mks)
  14. Name two items that can be made using aluminium metal (2mks)
  15. Grade 7 learners were learning about careers in class. Their teacher requested them to identify three careers related to materials in the locality. (3mks)
  16. Draw a sketch of oblique lines (2mks)
  17. Tools are very key especially in construction, identify the tools you require to bisect lines and angles       (3mks)
  18. Match the drawing tools to their use (3mks)
    1. Pair of dividers                          Used for placing points on drawing paper
    2. Protractor                                  For drawing inclined lines
    3. Set square                                Used to measure angles
  19. Rules and regulations are very important for any safety in society. Write two rules and regulations for observing safety. (2mks)
  20. Identify a career related to use of drawing instruments and materials. (1mk)


    1. Disarranged rooms where one can easily stumble or fall
    2. Naked electric wires that can easily cause electric shock
    3. Poorly lit rooms
    4. Working without protective gear
    5. Sharp edged tools and objects
    6. Wet slippery floors
    1. First aid manual - It is a set of instructions on what to do wjen administering first aid
    2. Disposable gloves - they ensure one can attend  to a problem without risk of contamination
    1. Pipe wrench
    2. Trowel
    1. Caricature
    2. Graffiti
    3. Portrait
    4. Illustration
    1. Isosceles triangle
    2. Equatorial triangle
    3. Right angled triangle
    4. Scalene triangle
    1. Leather
    2. Wood
    3. paper
    4. Rubber
    5. Gas
    6. Textile
    1. Magnetism
    2. Appearance
    3. Electric conductivity
    4. heat conductivity
    1. Cutting grass
    2. Harvesting crops like rice and wheat
    1. It connects our hands to mind
    2. It helps people express their appreciation for the environment
    3. It makes us see and appreciate things we cannot get to close physically
    1. Belts, shoes, hats(leather)
    2. Earrings (bones)
     Measuring tools  Claeaning tools
     1. Tape measure  Mop 
     2. Measuring tape  Shoe brush
     3. Rulers  Brooms
    1. Oiling and greasing parts of tools e.g scissors
    2. Sharpening pangas, knives, axes
    3. Fixing loose handles i.e hammer, axes
    1. Sufuria 
    2. Bottle tops
    3. Airplane parts
    1. Blacksmith
    2. Pottery
    3. Basketry
  16. Oblique lines
    1. A pair of compass
    2. A pencil
    3. A straight ruler
  18. Match
    1. Always follow the correct procedure
    2. Use the proper tools for the job.
    3. Clean and organize the work space
    4. Avoid unnecessary distractions
    5. Report injuries immediately
    1. Architecture
    2. Engineer
    3. Surveyor
    4. Carpenter
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