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English Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 3 2023 Set 1

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    1. Read the conversation below between Lita and Bob and answer questions that follow.
      Lita: How are you Bob this evening and why are you sad?
      Bob: I am fine Lita. My aunt was involved in a tragic accident along Thika Road. So I am heading there to check on her.
      Lita: I am very sorry and I wish her ? ? ? ?. How is she now?
      Bob: She was released from Virgin hospital and she is doing well.
      Lita: It is good to hear that please take the two hundred bob and buy for her some fruits. Myself am heading to the mosque for evening prayers.
      Bob: I am very grateful Lita may God bless you. Let me go its getting late.
      1. At what time did the two meet?   (1mk)
      2. Exlain why Bob was sad (2 mks)
      3. Complete the ? ? ?  from Lita.    (1mk)
      4. According to the conversation was Bob's aunt admitted in hospital?    (1mk)
      5. Why was Bob grateful?    (2 mks)
    1. Fill in the gaps in the broken passage below by choosing the most appropriate word from the words in the box below.
             was, host, for, held, picked, dumped, sold, at, taken, asses, buy, is

      Turkana County..a.)getting ready to ..b.).. senate sittings outside Nairobi senate officials on Tuesday toured Lodwar to..c.) preparedness...d.).. The sessions to be...e.)......from September 25 to 29. According to the team Turkana was ..f.). to host three selfings as a special County.
    2. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follows.

      Many years ago, each animal was blessed with an exceptional talent. Lion was the strongest animal and was approached for help when strength was needed. Tortoise was the wisest animal whose wisdom was highly valued at times of making decisions. Dog could sniff from far and would always alert other animals when he smelt danger. Hyena was the village witchdoctor and herbalist. Hare could hear sounds from far away.

      Every animal strived to put their talent into use for the betterment of the animal community. However one animal was not satisfied with his God-given talent. He believed that he deserved better than what he had. This was Hare. He wanted to be able to listen not only to far away sounds but also to other animals secrets. He was determined to make this happen. After thinking hard he approached Hyena the witchdoctor for a solution. Hyena listened keenly and promised him a brilliant solution the next day.

      Early morning the next day Hare arrived at Hyena's residence hoping to emerge successfully. Hyena immediately got to work. He had herbs that would help stretch Hare's ears and after that he would be able to hear all that was said around him. Hare agreed to this proposal. In the evening he left with his supposedly newly acquired talent.

      On his way home, he saw the other animals talking to each other and giggling. He couldn't hear what they were saying yet he knew he was supposed to. He began to doubt the transformation. No sooner had he entered his house than his wife collapsed. He stared into the mirror for the first time and couldn't believe what he saw.

      He looked ridiculous. He cried and asked Hyena to transform him the way he looked but it was impossible. As time went by, he could take the ridicule and embarrasment no more and thus took refuge in the bush. To this day, when Hare sees any person or animal approaching, he runs into the bush.
      1. Which animal would be approached if physical strength was needed?     (1mk)
      2. Because of tortoise's ability, he can be compared to ______________in the Bible. ( 1mk)
      3. How was Dog helpful to the other animals? He..... ( 1mk)
      4. The word strived has been used in the passage. It can be replaced with __________( 1mk)
      5. Which adjective can best describe hare according to paragraph three?     ( 1mk)
      6. Listening to people's conversation secretly is known as     ( 1mk)
      7. Why did hare approach hyena?    ( 1mk)
      8. The word residence as used in the passage can be replaced with....   ( 1mk)
      9. Why did hare run into hiding in the bush? (1 mk)
      10. "No sooner had he entered his house than his wife collapsed." This sentence means that _________ ( 1mk)
    3. Use the words in the box below to fill in the parts of the fiction.      (5mks)
          climax, plot, theme, character, setting, conflict
      1. The main issue or idea in the story is ______________________
      2. People represented in the story ______________________
      3. The time and place the events in the story happened ______________________
      4. The problems faced by the characters ______________________
      5. The highest point of the story ______________________
    4. Fill in the feminine of the following
      1. Landlord ______________________
      2. Hero ______________________
      3. Dog ______________________
      4. Bachelor ______________________
    5. Complete the question tags.   (4mks)
      1. I went to the market yesterday,
      2. She is a naughty girl,
      3. Please give me a glass of wine,
      4. He didn't write a letter,
    6. Use the words in the box to complete the sentences.  (5mks)
        neither, so, when, why, beforeafter, but, or, because
      1. We cannot play volleyball today __________________ the ball is worn out.
      2. You either prepare a meal ___________________ sleep hungry.
      3. You have not completed your assignment _____________________ you will not be rewarded.
      4. Stanley makes his bed ___________________ he goes to school.
      5. Our school has a modern library _________________has no bus.
    7. A story in which a character uses tricks against others inorder to benefit is called a _______________
    8. The character who plays tricks on others is called a  _________________
    9. The one who is tricked and considered to be foolish is known as  _________________
    10. Vocabulary.
      Explain one word for the following.      (6 mks)
      1. A bunch of flowers arranged in an attractive way _____________
      2. People gathered together to worship _____________
      3. To be arrested by police............
      4. A machine that carries people or goods up and down to different levels in a building_____________
      5. A person who has done something wrong is said to be _____________
      6. An aged woman who is not married _____________
    11. Complete the proverbs.     (4 mks)
      1. An apple a day _____________
      2. Where there is smoke _____________
      3. All that glitters _____________
      4. Charity begins _____________


    1. Evening
    2. Bob was sad becuase his aunt was involved in a road accident
    3. I wish her quick recovery.
    4. Yes
    5. Lita gave him 200 Bob
    1. is
    2. hpost
    3. assess
    4. for
    5. held
    6. picked
    1. Lion
    2. Solomon
    3. Would alert other animals on oncoming danger
    4. tried very hard
    5. wise
    6. eaves dropping
    7. Hyena was the best witchdoctor around.
    8. Home
    9. He could not take the ridicule and embarassment any more.
    10. He had just entered his house when his wife collapsed.
    1. Theme
    2. Characters
    3. Settings
    4. Conflict
    5. Climax
    1. Land lady
    2. Heroine
    3. Bitch
    4. Spinster
    1. Didn't
    2. Isn't she
    3. Won't you
    4. Did he
    1. because 
    2. or
    3. so
    4. before
    5. but
  8. A trickster narrative
  9. A trickster
  10. Dupe
    1. A bouquet of flowers
    2. Congregation
    3. To be apprehended
    4. Elevator
    5. Guilty
    6. Spinster
    1. Keeps the doctor away.
    2. There is fire.
    3. Is not gold. at home.
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