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Integrated Science, Health Education, Computer Science & Home Science Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 3 2023 Set 1

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    1. A metal that does not allow the electric current to move through it is known as while the one that allows it to move is known as         ( 1mks)
    2. During a seminar on use of electrical appliances held by Junior Secondary in Ngunda zone a facilitator drew the table below and asked the learners to cite/give an example in each.       ( 1mks)
         Use   Example
       a)  Heating  
       b) Processing information  
    3. The diagram below shows a bunsen burner.
      Identify the parts  (2mks)
      1. W
      2. K
    4. The diagram below shows set up which was used during an Integrated Science lesson.   (3mks)
      1. Identify the method of separating mixtures shown.
      2. Name 2 mixtures that can be separated using the set-up shown.
    5. Complete the table below showing units for the following derived quantities.       (2 mks)
         Derived Quantities SI Units
       a)  Volume  
       b)  Density  
    6. Explain the following terms as used in separation of different mixtures.        ( 4mks)
      1. Sublimation
      2. Chromatography
    7. Name the equipment that will be used to perform the following terms in the laboratory.   (2mks) 
      1. Holding solid substances when heating....
      2. Transferring small amounts of fixed volume of liquid.
    8. Which lifestyle should a person adopt to promote a healthy skin?     (1 mk)
    9. Grade 7 learners were learning on Human Excretory System. Their teacher.highlighted human skin as one of them. He later drew the human skin below. Identify parts marked a to d.   (4mks)
    1. During a seminar on environmental care and its importance the facilitator took the attendants through the factors affecting human health. Name 2 factors that they are likely to have learnt?      (2mks)
    2. Grade 7 learners were learning on causes and condations of diseases of the human digestive system. Identify the condation or disease using the causes given below?     (2mks)
         Cause (s)   Disease or condation
       a)  Dehydration (lack of dietery fibre)   
       b)  Caused by bacteria  
    3. During a study on paper use of medicines grade 7 learners visited Rural district hospital for further studies. They found patients who had been given medicines with the following prescriptions written on the packets. Explain what the prescription advised them on the take of medicine.
      1. G7IST3OS12023Q3a
      2. G7IST3OS12023Q3b
    4. First Aid and Basic life support is very important to our lives. Define the following terms.    (2mks)
      1. Casualty
      2. First aid kit
    5. Joy was taken to hospital and was diagnosed with Beriberi. Identify the mineral she lacked in her
      body and three signs or symptoms she was likely to show ? (4mks)
      1. Mineral she lacked
      2. Signs and symptoms
    6. During group discussion on common health concerns in the community for creating awareness, gr was asked to identify examples of infectious diseases and upper respiratory tract infections in their community. Give one example in each case.   (2mks)
      1. Infectious diseases
      2. Upper respiratory tract infections
    7. Give one example of each type of nutrients given below.      (2mks)
      1.  Micronutrients
      2. Macronutrients
    8. The table below shows the excretory organs in the body. Fill in the table by writing excretory
      product of each organ.    (2mks)
         Excretory organ   Excretory product
       a)  Lung  
       b)  Kidney  
    9. Give two mental health disorders that can cause mental health. (2mks)

OPTIONAL SUBJECTS       (Choose one)

    1. During a baking lesson a Home Science teacher at Bobo Home Junior Secondary asked the learne to discuss ways of taking care of baking utensils. Write down 2 ways that they are likely to have discussed?     (2mks)
    2. Explain the following term used in cookery lesson.        (2mks)
    3. A nutritional deficiency disorders has the following characteristics
      > swollen and bleeding gums. > loose teeth > wounds that take long to heal
      Which disorder is described above? ____________________( 1mk)
    4. Malaria can be prevented by ensuring there are no mosquitoes at home. Write two practices that ca help to prevent breeding of mosquitoes?    (2mks)
    5. Both boys and girls go through various changes during adolescence. Write two changes that occur to both boys and girls.    (2mks)
    6. Write down two career pathways related to Homescience Studies.         (2mks)
    7. Give the functions of the following parts of a clothe   (2mks)
      1. Sleeves
      2. Zips
    8. List 2 factors to consider when planning a family meal.
    1. Name 4 devices that can be attached to the system unit.     (2mks)
    2. Grade 7 learners were learning about usage of computer in data processing. Their teacher took them through advantages of computers in data processing. List down 2 advantages of computers. (2mks)
    3. The information below shows a matching activities for grade 7 learners on application of computers.
      Using lines, match the applications of the relevant industry.  (3mks)
      1. Keeping accounts information                     Eduaction
      2. Missile launching                                         Banking
      3. Learning and research                                 Military
    4. Grade 7 learners debated on advantages and disadvantages of using computer. Write down any two advantages the learners may have raised that affect a computer user?     (2mks)
    5. During a relay writing comparison, Grade 7 learners wrote down the sentences below on technology used by different devices during evolution of computers. Identify the device with the technology
      used.   (2mks)
      1. Use gears technology to feed data.
      2. Use eog leaves and punched cards.
    6. A computer storage has different memory storage. What do the terms below stand for in relation to
      computer.   (2mks)
      1. RAM
      2. ROM
    7. Out put can be produced in hardcopy or soft copy, suggest two advantages of a soft copy product compared to hardcopy.       (2mks)



  1. Non-conductor
    1. Electric kettle
    2. Computer/smartphone
    1. W - Chimney
    2. K - Colar
    1. Simple distillation.
      1. water .
      2. salt
    1. m3
    2. kg/m3
    1. Sublimation - The process where solids change to gases directly on henting.
    2. Chromatography - a method of separating mixtures of colours.
    1. Tongs
    2. Pipette
  8. Drinking, clean and soft water.
    1. Epidermis
    2. Dermis
    3. Subcutabous layer
    4. Hair


    1.  water pollution
    2. Air pollution
    1. Constipation
    2. Ulcers
    1. One tablet three times a day.
    2. Two tablets once per day.
    1. Casualty-Any in an accident person injured
    2. First Aid Kit - A bag containing things used to offer first aid.
    1. Vitamin B,
    2. Shortness of breath/weak muscles.
    1. Corona Virus Disease
    2. Tuberculosis
    1. Vitamins/minerals
    2. fats & oils/carbohydrates 
    1. Lung-carbon dioxide/excess water.
    2. Kidney - Urea/Excess water/salt
    1. Depression disorder
    2. Eating disorders.


    1. Cleaning after use/store in a cool dry place.
    2. Avoid banging
  2. Blanching is immersing vegetables hot water for a short time.
  3. Scuvy
    1. Clearing bushes.
    2. Draining stagnant water
    1. Increase in height
    2. Hair on armpits/pubic
    1. Nutrionist/ social work
    2. Nursing/teaching
    1. Sleeves - cover protect/ providing warmth
    2. Zips - fasten clothes
    1. Number of family members
    2. Age of family members


    1. External speaker
    2. Game pads
    3. Projectors
    4. Head sets
    1. Can store large volumes of data.
    2. Can be retrieved.
    1. Keeping accounts information - Banking
    2. Missile launching - Military
    3. Learning & research - Education
    1. leads to loss of jobs.
    2. can cause health problems.
    1. Vas carine.
    2. Difference engine
    1. RAM- Random Access Memory
    2. ROM - Read Only Memory
    1. Easily moved/portable.
    2. Uses large data.
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