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Social Studies & Religious Education Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 3 2023 Set 1

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  1. SOCIAL STUDIES           (30mks)
    1. Study the map of Dobo areaand use it to answer questions 1 ( a-e)
      1. What is the direction of Dobo school from Dopo school?
      2. The railway line in the map is likely to transport
      3. Which cash crop is grown in Dobo Area?
      4. What makes you study that the South Eastern side of Dobo Area ia hot and dry?
      5. Describe the population settlement in Dobo Area.
    2. Grade 7 learners were learning on career opportunities related to social studies. Name 4 careers that they named.   (4mks)
    3. Use the map of Africa below to answer question 3 (a) - (d).   (4mks)
      1. The water body marked F is known as ____________________________
      2. The country marked O is known as ____________________
      3. The capital city of the country marked P is known as ____________________
      4. The line marked q is called ___________________
    4. The diagram below shows formation of __________________________ mountain.
    5. Name 3 methods of resolving conflicts in society.
    6. Students from Bidii Junior High school were asked to define the following terms. Write down the possible correct definations they gave.
      1. Archacology
      2. Fossils
      3. Archacological sites
    7. According to the evolution theory, which creature discovered fire?     (2mks)
    8. Grade 7 learners were learning about early civilization in Africa. Mention 4 factors that they listed to have contributed to the rise of Kongo kingdom.
    9. Grade 7 learners from Gakoigo Junior school were asked by their Social Studies teacher to mention some of the countries of West Africa. What could be some of the countries they named?
    10. Grade 7 learners were discussing latitudes and longitudes. Below are some of the points which were listed by the learners. Indicate whether the facts are true or false.
      1. Longitudes run from north to south
      2. Both latitudes and longitudes are parallel to each other
      3. Both latitudes and longitudes are marked in degrees
      4. The main line of latitude is prime meridian
      5. Latitudes run from West to East....
      6. Equator is the longest and the main line of latitude
    11. Name 3 effects of revolution of the earth on human activities.
    1. Grade 7 learners were asked by their christian Religious Education teacher to write differences in the bibilical accounts of creation. What two points would you list in your exercise book? (4mks)
         First account of creation  Second account of creation
    2. God desires that we take care of the environment by conserving it. How do you conserve the environment at school?    (2mks)
    3. From the Biblical story of creation in Genesis chapter one, God gave human beings responsibilities. List down two responsibilities.   ( 2mks)
    4. Write two ways on how learning Christian Religious Education has changed your behaviour.
    5. From the Biblical story of Moses, God prepared Moses for leadership. Write two ways in    (2mks)
    6. During the announciation of the birth of John the Baptist, Angel Gabriel appeared to the
      1. Name the father of John the Baptist ( 1mk)
      2. How did John the Baptist prepare the way for Jesus Christ? ( 2mks)
      3. Write two ways on how christians apply the message of the teachings of John the Baptist in their lives today.       ( 2mks)
    7. In their group discussion, grade 7 learners read 2 Timothy 3:16 - 17 and discussed why the Bible is useful to christians. Write two uses of the Bible in our lives.     (2mks)
    1. The surah that wants Muslims to be patient    (2mks)
    2. The Surah that encourages kindness to the orphans     (2mks)
    3. The Surah that narrates the favours of Allah to the prophet (SAW)    (2mks)
    4. Hamisi who is a trader is preparing to go for hajj. Mention two rites of hajj she must fulfill for her hajj to be acceptable. (2mks)
    5. Explain the following terms in relation to Swalatul Musafir.     ( 4mks)
      1. Qasr
      2. Jam'u
    6. Saadia a grade 7 learner was performing wudhu to prepare for Dhuhr prayer. Mention any two things or acts that can nullify wudhu.   (2mks)
    7. Mention any two recipients of zakat.     (2mks)
    8. Mention any two people that are condemned in Surah Al-Humaza.     ( 2mks)
    9. Mention any two rules of mat for authenticity of hadith.      ( 2mks)



    1. North Eastern
    2. Stores
    3. Cotton
    4. Presence of shrub
    5. Nucleated
    • Career opportunities related to social studies.
    • History teacher
    • Lawyer
    • Librarian
    • Archiologist
    • Cartographer
    1. Atlantic ocean
    2. Namibia
    3. Antananarivo
    4. Capricon of Cancer
  4. Block mountain
    • Ligitation
    • Negotiation
    • Arbitration
    • Mediation
    • Policing
    1. Archiology is the study of fossils or the remains of the early man.
    2. Fossils are the remains of the early man, archiological sites are where the remains have been discovered.
  7. Homo erectus
    • Arrival of the portuguese
    • Favourable climate
    • Strategic location of the trading activiting in the kingdom. 
  9. Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Sierra Leon. (Accept any West African country)
    1. True
    2. False
    3. True
    4. False
    5. True
    6. True
    • Revolution influences travel plans.
    • Length of the day influences sleeping patterns.
    • Winter games are influenced by presence of winter season.
    • During the cold season people fall sick often.


  1.    First account of creation  Second account of creation
     i. Human beings were the last to be created. Human beings were the first to be created.
     ii.  God completed the work of creation in six days. He rested on the seventh day. Days are not mentioned.
    • picking litter
    • planting trees
    • Take care of the environment
    • Till the land
    1. It has helped me to share what I have with ether
    2. I have learnt to tell the truth always
  5. Making him to become a shepherd
    1. Zachariah
    2. Telling people to repent their sins. 
    3. Sharing what they have with others.
    1. It is used to instruct people
    2. It is used to rebuke sin. 
    3. It is used to correct us.


  1. Asr
  2. Al-Maun
  3. Ad-Dhuha
    • wearing Ihram
    • Performing Sa'ay
    • Performing Tawaat
    • Gong to Arafat
    • Shortening of the prayers.
    • Combining two prayers.
    • Bringing forward a prayer to perform it before its time.
    • Postponing prayer to perform it later.
    1. Breaking wind
    2. Touching private parts with bare hands.
    3. Long or short calls.
    4. Sleeping
    5. Vomiting
    • The poor
    • The needy
    • The slaves
    • The new converts
    1. Backbites
    2. Romous mongerers
    3. Scandal mongerers
    4. Misers.
    • It should not contradict any other universally accepted hadith
    • The hadith should not go against an established sunnah of the proph -It should not go against the teachings of the Quran.
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