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English Questions and Answers - Grade 7 End Term 3 Exams 2023 Set 1

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A.   Read the passage below and answer questions 1-5. (5mks)
        The loud monotonous banging of the dormitory door made me wake up with a start. Sleepily, I struggled to get out of my blankets and was suddenly hit by the chilling cold. I cursed under my breath, got onto my feet and still sleepy braced myself to face the day. There followed a cold shower, the necessary manual work, and above all these the constant nagging and shouting by the wretched prefect. Still feeling sleepy, I headed for my breakfast then came back to the dormitory for my books and dragged myself up school for the morning prep. I had not done my Mathematics assignment and there was a whole exercise book of Biology notes still untouched, but that did not deter me from having my late-moving nap for one hour.

  1. Who banged the door?  (1mk)
  2. The word 'monotonous' has been used and underlined in the passage. It means(1mk)
  3. Of all what happened early in the morning, what did the writer dislike most? (1mk)
  4. Which subject had the writer failed to do completely? (2mks)
  5. What does the word 'manual' work mean?  (1mk)

B.   Read the passage below and use it to answer the questions that follow.
     The evolution of sports in the modern world is an interesting one. In the past, men took up spears to hunt animals for food. He who could use the spear most expertly would bring home a bigger supply of food. Nowadays, men take up spears in sports, in what we now call 'javelin throwing.'

     What used to be essential skills in survival, such as running, shooting and jumping are now skills that are tested primarily in the sports arena. Man no longer has to aim well to shoot at a deer grazing in the grassland or jump over difficult terrain in pursuit of prey. What he has to do is to prove to others that he can shoot further or more accurately than the other competitors or outrun his opponents in a race.

  1. Spears were used in the past to (1mk)
  2. The word 'essential' as used in the passage is the same as (1mks)
  3. Running, shooting and jumping have been used in the passage as (1mks)
  4. Who are competitors? (1mks)
  5. What is the desire for every sports person? (1mks)

Read the following narrative and answer questions 11-15. (10mks)
    Many, many years ago a gigantic man called Chebo lived in Sigor in Bomet. He was about seven feet tail and he was always cool, calm and reserved. His red, shifty eyes almost the size of tennis balls, Pierced painfully through you until your own eyes dropped. He was both a blessing and a menace to the community, a blessing to the good citizens, but a menace to the trouble-makers.

    He was as strong as twenty men of average size. He would pick up a cow stuck in a easily as you could pick up a gallon of paraffin. He would catch a fierce strong bull and cut off its head as quickly as you could slaughter a hen.

  1. Mention 4 character traits of Cheboi. (2mks)
  2. What are 2 things Cheboi could do? (2mks)
  3. Which two experiences have been used to compare similarities? (2mks)
  4. Which two words can be used in place of gigantic? (2mks)
  5. Cheboi was _______ to the morally upright and a______ to the wrongdoers. (2mks)

TASK 3: POETRY) 10mks
Read the following poem and answer the question that follows.

I went to church on Sunday,
Yes, I went and prayed for all,
Friends and foes alike,
Dead and those alive.

I also prayed hard,
For that soldier,
Who got shot,
Fighting for our motherland.

And I prayed to God too
That I live long,
To sing a song and have no pain,
To go and pray again.

  1. Who is the person a in the poem? (2mks)
  2. Identify two character traits of the speaker. (2mks)
  3. How many stanza's does this poem have? (2mks)
  4. Identify two pairs of rhymes (4mks)

TASK 4: GRAMMAR (20mks)
In question 20-22, replace the phrasal verbs with their meanings (3mks)

  1. The meeting was called off because it was rainy.
  2. Learners should go over their work before handing in to their invigilator.
  3. Children should always look up to their parents.
    In questions 23 and 24, use the correct form of the verbs in brackets, (2mks)
  4. The cat has ______ (lie) on the bed.  (2mks)
  5. The murderer was ______ (hung) after he was found guilty, (2mks)

In question 25-27, complete the sentences with the correct order of adjectives. (6mks) 

  1. Our house has ____ (Chinese, new, two) chairs.
  2. The girls in our school wear _____ (brown, attractive, woollen) sweaters.
  3. My father bought us ______ (red, small, writing) pads.  (3mks)

In questions 28-30, underline the adverbs.

  1. She bled profusely.
  2. We will be there soon.
  3. The lady walked majestically.

In questions 31-33, fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions.  (3mks)

  1. The man congratulated the winner _____ good work
  2. Give out these mangoes _______ the three girls.
  3. They are working _______ their desks.

In questions 34-35, write the following words in past simple tense. (2mks

  1. The teacher is angry.
  2. I wind my watch on my wrist.


Write a composition about;


  1. The prefect
  2. dull. repeated
  3. The constant nagging and shouting by prefects
  4. Maths and Biology
  5. Involving using the hand or physical strength
  6. yet/hunt for food
  7. necessary/crucial/vital/important
  8. skills in sports/modern sports
  9. rivals/opponents in sports
  10. To outdo/outrun/outsmart/competitors opponents
    • cool/calm/reserved/menacing
    • dangerous/threating/intimidating
    • Could lift heavy weights
    • He could slaughter a hen
    • Eyes almost the size of tennis balls
    • He was as strong as 20 men
  14. huge/big/humongous/gargantuan/enormous
  15. blessing/menace
  16. A worshipper/congregant/prayerful person/ a citizen of a country
  17. prayerful/forgiving/sympathetic/empathetic/caring/hopeful
  18. Three
  19. hard and motherland, long and song, pain and again
  20. cancelled
  21. revise/check
  22. respect
  23. lain
  24. hanged
  25. two, new, Chinese
  26. attractive, brown, wollen
  27. small, red, writing
  28. profusely
  29. soon
  30. majestically
  31. on
  32. among
  33. at
  34. The teacher was angry
  35. I wound my watch on my wrist
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