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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 1 2023 Set 1

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  1. Match the following laboratory apparatus with their names. (4mks)
  2. Grade 7 pupils had their first lesson in the laboratory. State two causes of common laboratory accidents their Integrated Science teacher warned them against. (2mks)
  3. The chart drawn below shows components of air in the atmosphere
    Write two functions of the gas marked Q
  4. Some grade 7 pupils carried out the experiment shown below in their school laboratory
    1. What observation did they make?(1mks)
    2. State their conclusion(1mks)Basin
  5. To identify if a substance is either acidic or basic, we use _______________________________________ (1mk)
  6. Some pupils were given the following substances to classify into acidic or basic.
     Baking powder, Lemon juice, Anti-acid tablet, Sour milk
    Classify the above substances in the table below. (4mks)
     Acid  Base 
    Wambui, a grade seven pupils from a certain school carried out the experiment shown below. Use it to answer questions 7 and 8.
  7. State the two changes of states of matter that took place in the above set up. (2mks)
  8. Explain the function of the cold lid. (2mks)
  9. The loudness or softness of sound is called  ________________________________ (1mk)
  10. State two effects of sound pollution on health. (2mks)
  11. Some pupils placed some grains of rice in water and heated it. After sometimes, they noticed the grains of rice moving upwards and downwards. This was due to (2mks)
  12. State two ways of reducing friction force between two surfaces.(2mks)
  13. The experiment shown below was carried out by some students.
    From the above activity, they concluded that (Imks).
  14. State two machines that are in the same group as a ladder. (2mks)
  15. Most raised buildings have the slope marked X.
    Which group of people are they mainly meant for? (1mk)
  16. Some students uprooted a plant with the type of root drawn below.
    Name two plants with the above type of root.(2mks)
  17. State two importance of fungi to human beings. (2mks)
  18. The following are characteristics of a certain vertebrate;
    1. Lay eggs
    2. Has varying body temperature
    3. Breathe through lungs
      The groups of vertebrate was most likely either _______________________ or ______________________ (2mks)
  19. Name one invertebrate that is in the same group as the one shown below.
    ____________________________________ (1mk)
  20. The diagram below shows the parts of the human heart.
    Name the parts of the heart marked W, and Y respectively (2mks)
  21. State the function of the following parts of the female reproductive system(2mks)
    1. Uterus
    2. Oviduct
  22. Name two parts of the human skeleton (2mks)
  23. Name three types of blood groups. (3mks)
  24. State 2 types of blood vessels and their functions in the table below. (4mks)
     Blood vessel  Function 
     i) ____________________  _______________________
     ii) ____________________  ________________________
  25. A person who is dumb has _______________________________________ sense organs (Imk)


  2. Cause of common laboratory accidents
    • Lack of warning signs
    • Poor laboratory designs
    • Failure to follow instructions
    • Lack of personal protective equipments
    • Spills and breakages
  3. Gas Qis carbondioxide
    • Used as fire extinguisher
    • Making plant food
    • Preserving soft drinks
    1. Observation
      • The candle went offafter sometime
      • The level of water in the basin dropped
      • Water level in the glass jar rose
    2. They concluded that part of air (oxygen)
  5. Litmus paper
    • Acid-lemon juice and sour milk
    • Base-baking powder and anti-acid tablet 
    1. Evapoartion occurs in the kettle 
    2. Condensation occurs on the cold lid
  8. The cold lid enable the water vapour to condense.
  9. Volume
  10. Effects of sound pollution on health
    • Can cause deafness
    • Sleep disturbances
    • stress
    • Other hearing problems (can damage eardrums)
    • High blood pressure
    • Affects mental health
  11. It was due to convectional current in liquids. When water is heated, it becomes light and more upwards as cold heavy water moves downwards.
  12. Ways of reducing friction force
    • Oiling and greasing
    • Using wheels, rollers and bearings
    • Smoothening the surface •Streamlining
  13. Conclusion-Solids expand when heated Before heating the ball passes through the ring easily. When it is heated, it cannot pass through the ring because it has expanded.
  14. Examples of slopes (inclined planes)
    • ladder
    • staircase
    • ramp
  15. The ramp used in raised buildings are mainly bis meant for people who are physically changed.
  16. Examples of plants with tap root
    • Legumes-beans, peas, groundnuts, greangrams
    • Mango, acacia, pigweed, cassava, potatoes etc.
  17. Importance of fungi to human beings
    • Some like mushroom are edible (food)
    • Some are medicinal eg penicillium
    • Yeast is used in raising dough
  18. That is either amphibians or reptiles
  19. The diagram shows a tick. It is in the same Sgroup with scorpion, spider and mite(eight legs and 2 body parts)
    1. W-Fight auricle
    2. Y-Left ventricle
    1. Uterus-Gives room for the growth and development of the foetus
    2. Oviduct (Fallopian tube)-It is where fertilization takes place.
  22. Parts cof the human skeleton
    1. skull
    2. Vertebrate (backbone)
    3. Ribcage
    4. Chest bone
  23. Three types of blood group
    1. Blood group A
    2. Blood group B
    3. Blood group O ABO
  24. Blood vessel and theri functions
    1. Veins - Transport blood to the heart
    2. Pulmonary vein - Transports oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart.
    3. Arteries - Transport blood from the heart to other body organs
    4. Pulmonary artery - Transports deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs
  25. A person who is dumb has 5 sense organs Tongue, skin, eyes, ears and noise
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