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Social Studies Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 1 2023 Set 1

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  1. Grade 7 students of Kanga Junior Secondary were asked by their Social Studies teacher to identify career and entrepreneurial opportunities in Social Studies. State three career opportunities they might have suggested in Geography (3mks)
  2. State three branches of Social Studies. (3mks)
  3. Grade seven students of Burma Junior Secondary School were asked by their Social Studies teacher to state some female dominated career choices and entrepreneurial opportunities in Social Studies. List three female denominated career they might have stated. (3mks)
  4. Mr. Kamau Nduta, a Social Studies teacher at Kang'aro Junior Seconadry School asked leaners to propose strategies for addressing gender stereotypes associated with career choices and enterpreneurial opportunities in Social Studies. The best strategy they might have proposed is
    1.  creating enterpreneurial hubs in the society
    2. promote two-third gender rule
    3. empower both male and female gender in taking up enterpreneurial opportunities
    4. educate children to avoid making career choices and enterpreneurial opportunities based on gender stereotypes.
  5. Kemboi, a grade seven student in Moi's Bridge Junior Secondary School, found the following advertisement in one of the local newspaper.
    Identify the biological differences that may hinder the career mentioned in the advert. (3mks)
  6. Africa continent lies to the—————of Asia continent. (1mk)
  7. The largest country in Africa is—————while the smallest country is—————(2mks)
  8. Grade seven learners were asked by their Social Studies teacher to give de position of town X using longitudes and latitudes (2mks)
  9. Assuming you are a pilot flying across major cities in Africa. Calculate the departure time in the following cities. City of departure
  10. Grade seven students visited a nearby library. They learnt three types of maps namely(3mks)
  11. State two importance of maps in our day to day life (2mks)
  12. State two theories that explains the origin of the solar system (2mks)
  13. Draw a well labelled diagram to show the position of the earth on the solar system. (2mks)
  14. Grade six learners from Kawa Academy made an excursion study of the environn their neighbourhood. After studying the vegetation, they found it to be the rainforest. State four characteristics of the vegetation they were studying. (4mks)
  15. Ox bow lakes were formed through the process known as——————
    (volcanicity, deposition, glaciation, downwarping)
  16. Which one of the following historic built environment is found in Mombasa county?
    (Hyrax Hill, Bombolulu, Kasubi Tombs, Kenyatta house)
  17. Write the meaning of the following road signs (4mks)
  18. Write the places where the following minerals are mined in Eastern Africa (4mks)
    1. Soda ash
    2. Diatomite
    3. Diamond
    4. Salt
  19. The main factor that influences the population distribution of a place is (1mk)
  20. The arm of the national government that implements government policies is (1mk)
  21. Mwajuma a grade seven learner at Nainkia Junior Secondary School was asked by her Social Studies teacher to name some of the causes of child labour. State two causes she might have mentioned.
  22. Using a well labelled diagram, explain how a block mountain is formed. (5mks)


  1. Weather forecasting, teaching, farming, photography, environmental management, surveying etc
  2. Geography, History and citizenship
  3. beautician, salonist, catering, receptionist etc
  4. Educate children to avoid making career, choices and enterpreneural opportunities in Social Studies based on gender steretypes
  5. Height, weight, physical fitness, medical fitness ctc
  6. south west of Asia
  7. Algeria, Seychelles
  8. indicate x then find longitudes and latitudes
  9. SSTgd7Q9
  10. sketch, Atlas, topographical maps
  11. importance of maps
    helps locate different physical features
    helps get location in transport
    gather information on climate
    helps in delimination of boundaries by IEBC
    helps to locate places-pilots
    farmers to prepare land
    calculate distance etc
  12. passing star theory, the Nebula cloud theory
  13. SSTgd7Q13
  14. tall trees, thick forest, climbing plants, broad leaves, canopy, little undergrowth, hardwood etc
  15. Deposition by rivers on the lower course of a river
  16. Bombolulu-historix site/cultural centre
  17. proceed with caution, no parking, no entry, bumps ahead
  18. soda ash-L. Magadi,
    salt-Ngomeni, Fundisa, Gongoni near Malindi
  19. climate
  20. executive
  21. poverty, negligence by parents, peer pressure etc
    formed when the land between the two parallel, fault is forced to rice upwards after being. subjected to compressional forces forming a block mountain.
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