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Religious Education & Life Skills Questions and Answers - Grade 7 Opener Exams Term 1 2023 Set 1

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  1. Wakanda, a grade 7 CRE teacher at Uwezo Junior Secondary asked learners in her class to brainstorm on the importance of learning Christian Religious Education. List three importance they might have mentioned (3mks)
  2. Explain how learning Chritian Religious Education has changed your behaviour (2mks)
  3. According to Genesis story of creation, God created male and female in order to (Imk)
  4. What lesson do you learn about the nature of God in the first account of creation? (1mk)
  5. State four similarities between the first and second account of creation (4mks)
  6. List two responsibilities that God gave to Adam and Eve after creating them. (ii)
  7. List two ways in which human beings misuse natural resources
  8. "Leave your country, your relatives and your father's home and go to the land that I am going to show you "(Genesis 12:1) God spoke these words to __________________________________
  9. The main lesson Christians learn from the incident in which Joseph was sold by his brothers to Egypt is that they should ______________________________
    (work together, Travel in groups, Act fairly to others, Avoid lonely places)
  10. When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, an angel of God revealed the news of his birth to
  11. "You will serve me as priests", when did God make this statement?
  12. Who among the following prophets prophesied about the birth place of Jesus? (Nathan, Isiah, Amos, Micah)


  1. Complete the following verse; "Leilatul qadr khairun_
    (min alfu shahr, fi lailatul qadr, warruhu fiyha, Hattamatul fajr)
  2. Which one of the following is true?
    1. The Quran was revealed wholesome to the prophet
    2. The Quran has 23 chapters
    3. The Quran was revealed to all 25 prophets
    4. The Quran is preserved in Lauhin Mahfuudh
  3. 'Lamyakunilladhyna kafaruu min ahlil kitaabi, 'The above verse is derived from one of the following surahs. Which one?
    (Baqarah, Tyn, Bayyinah, Takaathur)
  4. How many years did it take for the Quran to be revealed?___________________________________ (23, 1, 40, 114)
  5. The chapter of the Quran referred to us the Mother of the Book is likely to be ______________________________________
    1. the last one to be revealed to the prophet
    2. the first one to berevealed to the prophet 
    3. the one that must be recited in swalah
    4. the one equivalent to a quarter of the Quran

For question 6-10 select the best answer to fill in the gaps.

  1. According to the Hadith of the prophet (S.A.W), the generous person is far away from _________________________________
    (people, hell fire, Allah)
  2. Stealing, according to Islam is a __________________________________ habit.      (desired, fresh, bad)
  3. Which of the following cities do Muslims go for pilgrimage? (Mecca, Pakistan, Madinah)
  4. A pair of angels responsible for interrogating in the graveyards is- (Munkar and Nakir,Raqib and Atid,Malik and Ridhwan)
  5. Which one is not among the other names of Day of Judgement? (Yaumul Jazaa, Yaumul Maasher, Yaumul Eid)

From question 11-13. answer according to instructions given.  

  1. Who is Allah? (2mrks)
  2. State two reasons why we should observe swalah. 2mrks
  3. Name three things we are forbidden to do in Islam. (2mrks) (ii)
  4. Match the prayer with its respective time. (2mrks)
     SWALAH                      TIME
     ASRI                            1:00 P.M
    ISHAH                          5:00 A.M
    DHUHRI                       8:00 PM
    FAJR                            4:00 PM
  5. Name 4 prophets of Allah. 2mrks


  1. What is self-awareness?  (1mk)
  2. Grade seven pupils at hekima Junior Secondary school, brainstormed on what makes each person unique. State four ways which makes a person who he/she is (4 mks)
  3. State two examples of dimension in self awareness  (2mks)
  4. What is the meaning of contemporary challenges?  (1mk)
  5. Differentiate between abilities and talents  (1mk)
  6. State two ways of improving self esteem  (1mk)



  1. Importance of learning CRE
    • have better relationship with God
    • explore the truth in the Bible
    • become better members of the Christian community
    • acquire moral values
    • guide on making good choices in life
    • further our education.
    • promotes religious torelance (Any 3)
    • acquire values
    • develop a sense of responsibility 
    • work as a team
    • respect myself and others.
    • have faith and hope in God
    • solve problems peacefully with others
  3. multiply and fill the earth (procreation)
  4. God is poweful, kind and loving
  5. In both
    • God is the sole creater
    • Reveals God's power and attributes
    • Creation of living things and non-living things
    • Human beings have power over living things
    • God created all things out of His will
    • Name creatures (animals)
    • Take care of his creation
    • Obey his command
    • Deforestation
    • Overfishing
    • Overgrazing
    • Excessive mining
    • Poaching
    • Pollution of the environment
  8. Abraham
  9. Act fairly to others
  10. During the making of Sinai covenant
  11. Birth place-Micah


  1. minalfu shahr
  2. D
  3. Bayyinah
  4. 23
  5. C
  6. hell fire
  7. bad
  8. Mecca
  9. Munkar and Nakir
  10. Yaumul Eid
    • Allah is creator of heavens and earth
    • Allah is one and only to be worshipped -(give a mark for correct interpretation of God/ Allah)
    • is a command from Allah
    • purifies our deeds
    • keeps us away from evil
    • drows us closer to Allah
    • we get thawwab
    • is the first thing to be asked in the last day
  13. (give a mark for every bad act)
  14. ASRI -4.00
    DHUHIZI -1.00pm
  15. Any among the 25 prophets
    (Adam, Idris, Nuh, Hud, Suleiman, Daud, Musa, Ibrahim, Yaqub, Yahya, Isa, Muhammad, Zakariya etc)


  1. Self awareness - knowing and understanding yourself better.
  2. Strength, weakness, emotions, values, hopes
  3. Physical, social, spiritual, economical, psychological
  4. Problems that people face today
  5. Talents - natural skills born with
    Abilities - skills that people learn 
    • smiling often
    • being happy with everyone
    • doing kind acts to others
    • keeping the promise I make
    • exercising 
    • investing my well being
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