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Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE 2011) Business Paper 1

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  1. Identify the types of wholesalers described in the statements given below; (4 marks)
    1. A wholesaler who trades in maize grain only.
    2. A wholesaler who supplies goods to meet of the traders in kiti, Mbooni and machakos districts in Eastern part of Kenya.
    3. A wholesaler who buys tomatoes from farmers in rural areas and sells the same to other wholesaler in urban areas.
    4. A wholesaler who trades in a wide variety of human medicine.

  2. Outline four factors that should be considered before buying office equipment . (4 marks)

  3. Outline four malpractices by trader against which consumers may need protection by the government.

  4. State three features of an insurable interest. (3 marks)

  5. Outline four ways of reducing the level of unemployment in Kenya. (4 marks)

  6. State four services offered by a commercial bank to its consumers. (4 marks)

  7. List four sources of public finance. (4 marks)

  8. Outline four reasons why countries may trade with each other. (4 marks)

  9. State four reasons why economic development is desirable to a country. (4 marks)

  10. Indicate the reward associated with each of the factors of production in the table below.(4 marks)

    production reward kcse 2011

  11. Outline four circumstances under which a co-operative society may be dissolved. (4 marks)

  12. Highlight four features of a bonded warehouse. (4 marks)

  13. Outline four factors that may be considered when measuring the size of a firm. (4 marks)

  14. The following transactions were extracted from the books of Sarah traders for the month of March 2006.
    March 10: purchased goods on credit worth ksh 200000 from Salim traders
    March 25 ,sold goods on credit worth KSH ,420000 to Shah trades
    Record the above transactions in the ledger accounts below: (4 marks)

    ledger accounts kcse 2011

  15. On 2nd November 2006 ,Oromo received an invoice for Ksh 12000. Terms of payment were trade discount 5% and cash discount 10% ,if payment is made within 30 days. Determine the amount paid if payment was made on 28th November 2006. (4 marks)

  16. The following balances were extracted from the books of Nafula Traders as at 31st December 2005

    return on capital kcse 2016

  17. The information given below was extracted from the books of Amina traders on 31st December 2006

    trading account kcse 2010

    Using the information given above prepare Amina Trading Account. (4 marks)

  18. State four benefits that a farmer may get by transporting produce to the market by road. (4 marks)

  19. The table given below represents the supply schedule of sukuma wiki (kales) for eight weeks in the month of January and February 2009

    business trend kcse 2010

    Outline four causes of the trend in the table .(4 marks)

  20. Outline four ways in which households contribute to national income in a county. (4 marks)

  21. Outline four circumstances in which a trader may use oral communication. (4 marks)

  22. Outline four reasons why a firm may remain small, (4 marks)
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