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Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education(KCSE 2013) Biology Paper 3

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    1. The photograph shows the inner surface of the upper left side of the rib cage.

      biology practicals kcse 2013

      1. Name the bone covered by the fatty tissue labeled K. (1 mark)
      2. Explain the role of part labelled M in the inhalation. (5 marks)

    2. The photograph below shows a mammalian vertebra.

      mammalian vertebra

      1. State the view of the vertebra presented. (1 mark)
      2. Name and state one function of the part labeled T.
      3. How are the parts labelled S and V adapted to their functions? (4 marks)

    3. The actual width of the vertebra below in cm is shown by a section of the ruler in the photograph.

      biology practicals kcse 2013

      1. Determine the width of the vertebra on the photograph. (1 mark)
      2. Calculate the magnification of this image. (2 marks)
      3. Determine the actual length of the vertebra from point A to B. Show your working. (2 marks)

  1. You are provided with a food sample labelled solution C. Using the reagents provided, carry out tests to identify the food substances present in the sample.

    biology practicals kcse 2013

  2. Below are photographs showing some observable features of leaves.

    biology practicals kcse 2013

    Using the features in the order given below, construct a dichotomous key that can be used to identify the specimen.
    • simple and compound leaves;
    • leaf venation;
    • leaf margin;
    • arrangement of leaves on the stem;
    • pinnate or trifoliate nature of leaves. (10 marks)
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